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Color Inkjet Printer. Precautionary notations throughout the text are categorized relative to 1 Personal injury and 2 damage to equipment. Signals a precaution which, if ignored, could result in serious or fatal personal injury. Signals a precaution which, if ignored, could result in damage to equipment. About This Manual. This manual describes basic functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance and repair procedures of the printer.

The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair technicians, and attention should be given to the precautions on the preceding page. Manual Configuration. This manual consists of six chapters and Appendix. Provides the following additional information for reference:.

Symbols Used in this Manual. Various symbols are used throughout this manual either to provide additional information on a specific to pic or to warn of possible danger present during a procedure or an action. Indicates an operating or maintenance procedure, practice, or condition that, if not strictly observed, could result in damage to, or destruction of, equipment.

May indicate an operating or maintenance procedure, practice or condition that is necessary to accomplis h a task efficiently. It may also provide additional information that is related to a specific subject, or comment on the results achieved through a previous action. Indicates an operating or maintenance procedure, practice or condition that, if not strictly observed, could result in injury or loss of life.

Indicates that a particular task must be carried out according to a certain standard after disassembly and be fore re-assembly, otherwise the quality of the components in question may be adversely affected. Revision Status. Date of Issue. August 27, First Release. December 10, Revised Contents. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Description has been added in 4. Made change in 4. Made change for reassembly in 4.

Reassembly of 4. Caution of 4. Made change for caution in 4. Procedure and Checkpoint of 4. Procedure of 4. Description has been added for reassembly in 4. Chapter 5 Full-fledged revision. Check point of 5. Made change in 5. Chapter 6. Lubrication point of 6. February 27, Chapter 5. Revision C. Scanning Range. Control Panel. Control Panel Functions. Specification for Each Function. Stand-alone Copy Function Copy Mode. Other Functions. Motor and Sensor Troubleshooting.

Removing the Circuit Board. Disassembling the Printer Mech anism. Disassembling Scanner Unit. AID inspection. PFP Correction. Removing the Housing. Common features. High quality copy using the printing and scanning functions.

Offers 13 preset copy layouts. USB interfaces. Continuous scanning using an ADF. Differences between the models.

TX80 0FW. LCD display size. Panel operation. Touch panel. FAX function. Network interfaces. Paper support and stacker ar e closed. Rubber feet are included. Table Printer Specifications. Print method. On-demand ink jet. Nozzle configuration.

Print direction. Bi-directional minimum distance printing, Unidirectional printing. Horizontal x Vertical dpi. Print resolution. Control code. Input buffer size. Paper feed method. Paper path.

Front feed, front out. Paper feed rates. D ms at PF interval. Programmable in 0. Product No. T S. TN S. TN 2S. T 2S. Light Cyan. Light Magenta. Shelf life. Two years from production date if unopened , six months after opening package. Storage Temperature. When stored in individual boxes. When installed in main unit.


Epson Stylus Photo PX700W Series Basic Operation Manual

Quick Links. Basic Operation Guide - for use without a computer -. Table of Contents. Page 5: Important Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions Make sure the power cord Place the printer near a wall Use only the power cord that Use only the type of power Do not let the power cord Do not open the scanner unit meets all relevant local safety outlet where the power cord comes with the printer. Press any button except P On to return the screen to its previous state. Raise manually.


Epson Px700w Service Manual Stylus Photo



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