Everfocus announces availability of Paragon x 16 channel digital video recorder. Go to Replacement product. Existing multiplexers can be connected via a switch output. Alarms are managed via external alarm inputs and outputs. The advantages of digital recording are obvious.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Digital video recorder administrators guide and operting instructions edr 72 pages. Everfocus digital video recorder operating instructions edr 61 pages. Page 4: Important Safeguards Important Safeguards Read InstructionAll the safety and operating instructions should be read before the init is operated Retain InstructionsThe safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. Heed Warnings— All warnings on the unit and in the operating instructions should be adhered to.

Follow Instructions— Page 1 1. Highly efficient compression technology and superior resolution of recorded images make the DVR stand out from the competition as the best choice for security surveillance. Page 8: Back Panel Connections These monitors can only display full screen as regular call monitor. Maximum units in RS network are Before Installation Please refer to the following diagram for the system connections.

Page Front Panel Keypads In Full screen mode this menu allows color adjustment for each v ideo channel, all channels are separately adjustable. The selected item will show in red color bar.

Use JOG to increase or decrease the value. Page Operation 5. Both HDD need equal setting. Normally the default setting of HDD is Master Note: After hard disk case is inserted into the hard disk tray, be sure to turn the tray key in lock position. Otherwise, HDD will not be detected. Page Menu Flow 6. Page Clock Setting Menu 6.

Page Daylight Saving Time 6. Page Timer Setting Menu 6. Timer records can be defined for 16 individual start and end times. DLY means daily record. Page Covert Setting Menu 6. Page Alarm Record Setting Menu 6. Page Motion Setting Menu 6. Page Record Setting Menu 6. Page Network Setting Menu 6. The system allows up to four users connected at same time with different access levels. Page Buzzer Setting Menu 6. Page Archive Setting Menu 6. Page Matrix Setting Menu 6.

Users may set up to 5 call monitors accordingly Dialog 1. Page Disk Menu 6. Functionality is limited compared to keyboard control with original protocol, available are PTZ and preset functions no ED setup menu. Notice: After the system is successfully updated, please reboot the system.

Press STOP key to stop recording. Page Permanent Recording 7. Page Playback 8. For real-time display of 50 IPS records stop recording before starting playback. Page Search Playback 8. The displayed number shows the active channel for the COPY function.

Turn the JOG Dial clockwise to choose your desired image. Page Copy To Movie File 9. Page Export Event Log List 9. Page Remote Control You can perform all the settings and operations by the remote controller. The effective distance is up to 10 meters without any obstacle.

The keypad functions are same as the front panel key button of the DVR. Please set the NetMask The icons on the lower corner of the screen are mainly for control and Configuration, those on the right corner are for status indication. If any icon is grayed, it means that the specific function is not accessible in the current mode. The followings are a brief description for each of the icons.

Page 55 Full screen view. Quad screen view. Nine split screen view. A pop-up menu to select camera to view will be shown by pressing right mouse button. Please consider the time delay in video network transmission at manual PTZ control! PTZ network control is not recommended for ISDN or analogue transmission lines due to slow video transmission rate and long video delay.

Page Password Protection Page 60? The format of message packet is as follows: Length Byte Prefix: 0x86, 0x87, or 0x Length Byte This Length Byte is also a prefix. Bit7 must be 1. Page 64 Receiver ID Receiver ID 1. Individual receiver ID Decimal 14bit binary value 2. Broadcast ID Decimal 14bit binary value Page 65 Page 66 O Alarm Out N. Page 68 EverFocus Electronics Corp. Head Office: 12F, No. This manual is also suitable for: Edsr Print page 1 Print document 68 pages. Cancel Delete.

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EverFocus EDSR-1600 User Manual



EverFocus EDSR-1600 Instruction Manual



EverFocus new 16, 9 & 6 channel Digital Video Recorders




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