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Read times. Fostex FA. Member Posts: I still like what I refer to as a classic TL A couple colleagues and myself worked on a nice TL design which was amazing at providing clean, tight and extended bass. Arni the main design guy for these later did a small TL design for the B and coupled with a T27 which was great This is more along the lines no pun intended of what I'm thinking for the FA.

Not sure how well it will work but worth a try IMHO. Regards, KM. Floobydust, I've been a TL fan since the 70's thanks to Bud 'Fried and a single driver fan for the past few years. Solid design, good workmanship, reasonable prices. I thought about FA but didn't want to give up efficiency, ultimate output, or 30 Hz in room response.

Yes, they beam at the top, but for single person listening aim them and old man ears they're a very good compromise. All, just an FYI Madisound now showing the FA back in stock.

First impressions? Like any small SD speaker, they need some play time to loosen up after being dormant for a few weeks, but that will happen today.

With the speakers just placed wood-to-wood on the stands and the stands just floating on the carpet, the mids were really recessed and there was excessive treble and bass, but a little repositioning, and a set of 4 Herbie's fat black dots under each made a dramatic difference -- enough so that I could sink in for an hour or so of listening last night. Well, Allison Krauss never sounded quite so alive and real, and the detail in her voice and the other instruments started filling very nicely -- so much so that as things are now I have to say that these are already the most detailed without being in-your-face about it that I've ever heard, and on par with some of the best, cost-no-object speakers I've heard, and dangerously close to electrostats.

What Chris and Dave have been saying about these being pretty unforgiving and exposing all warts downstream from them is absolutely true, and I think in the long run these are really going to need a good SE tube amp -- probably B based, to really make them sing to me in the way I like.

Too early to jump to any real conclusions along those lines though. Today I'm going to experiment a lot more with positioning and will probably end up spiking the stands to the concrete floor under the carpet -- generally not a great idea, but I think with the solid maple stands and the Herbie's dots, that it should be ok. I also want to say that the design is gorgeous and Chris' execution is astounding. Just beautifully built and finished cabinets down to the last detail.

This project was a long time coming but all indications are that it was well worth the wait. I'm pleased as can be, and right now my feeling is that these are really going to do it for me for the long haul. In the end I suspect I'll be running these high passed with some bottom end reinforcement, but that would only be to extract maximum dynamics out of the SET amp as the bass is really amazingly good as it is.

I also just need to comment on the EnABLing -- it is extremely obvious what this treatment has done, and indeed, the "hall of mirrors" acoustic effect has disappeared -- these play extraordinarily clear and clean, and again, very similar in a lot of ways to electrostats. The treatment was done to both the drivers and the boxes, so I can't say for sure which has more effect, but together this was really something special and not quite like anything I've experienced with any other speaker.

And, I don't say that lightly. Dave and Chris -- you guys certainly seem to have hit one out of the park with this design and build, congratulations! Bud, the treatments are absolutely unmistakably noticeable and fantastic, and Kevin, many thanks to you for getting me started down this road! No, I don't have any yet, and it will probably be a while before I do. There is one posted on diyaudio but I don't have the link handy, or remember which thread it is in, but I think it was mentioned somewhere in this thread.

If not, maybe Chris or Dave can post it. I will get some pics of this entire setup once it starts to come together a bit more -- right now it's kind of a hodge-podge of pieces with nothing really in it's permanent location yet.

Jim: I'm glad to hear you're hearing more or less what I was during my unfortunately limited time with them. Based on a fair bit of experience with the FE in the smaller Fonken, I'd assess the enclosure treatment as a relatively minor contribution to the enhanced performance of this particular design. A greater degree of improvement might be noticed in other enclosure types with more pronounced baffle diffraction effects.

Based on the pics Dave posted, it would appear Bud covered the die-cast mounting flange of the driver with something black and then put enabling dots on it. The cone also seems to exhibit a "sheen" now. Was there something applied to the cone surface as well or perhaps lighting?

What s internal volume of these enclosures? Quote from: floobydust on 25 Oct , pm. This resulted in the driver being flush with the cork surface. I'm now thinking about doing a layer of felt over the entire front and butt it up the raised ring on the driver itself Did you manage to get a pair of FA yet? Quote from: floobydust on 26 Oct , am. Another update: Kevin, you're going to love these!

Today I added the Isabellina dac to the system and using a new Oppo as a transport and the changes were not subtle. Everything Chris and Dave have been saying about these in regards to their sensitivity to the downstream gear is absolutely true. I was playing them with the RWA I also originally thought these speakers would be good mostly for acoustic music, but today I played some large scale orchestral pieces and some full tilt rock, and no problems.

In fact, even with the fledgling dac the dynamics and frequency extremes were very nicely represented. I can't even imagine what all this is going to sound like when everything hits its stride. Up until now I was really thinking a sub is going to be necessary and now, well, I'm still going to want one, but the sense of urgency isn't really there any more. You should just get Chris to build you a pair -- he's good Everybody who sees them just oohs and aahs over them -- both how they look, and today when Linda heard them when she got home, she was couldn't say much more than "wow" -- a lot.

Tomorrow I'll put the Carina backk, and one of these days, when I get a sub, I'll be high-passing the Carina at Hz or so, and see how much more mileage I can get out of those 1. Glad to know that they are sounding so good I'm sure the enclosures are well beyond my simple ported enclosures based on the Fostex design and allow the FA to perform much better.

I also played a wide selection of music on my little guys as well Dave sent me some pre-release plans a while back, but it will be a while before I have a chance to build anything speakers or electronics as I'm currently living in Germany until sometime next year.

This does give me a bit of time to do some design work sans any prototyping and I've got some new stuff on the drawing board for Oh, one last thing Madisound is once again out of stock on the FA.

At this rate, they're going to run out of parts to make them with soon. Moral of the buying spree Kevin, Yes, they're probably as broken in as you can get giving how long they've been played, but my experience with fostex drivers is that a year of fairly consistent playing is necessary to get the surround to fully loosen up for the maximum resolution and finesse. They're quite good now, it's the long-term settling in that I'm talking about, and who knows, maybe these will be different.

On another disappointing front, the Carina is not really a good match for these. The sound is certainly sweet, but there is definitely not enough drive to get the speakers to sing the way they should. This puts me in a real difficult spot as you can imagine. Well, I'll let it play, try lots of different music, and ponder the situation while I'm away for a 3 day getaway this coming weekend. I shudder to think SMF 2. Cookies help us provide you a better browsing experience. By using our site, you consent to the use of cookies by us.

OK Learn more. I emailed Dave and got the prelim plans Makes the driver look tiny, but it's the results that count. Regards, KM I'm not so sure that or even a "new math" MLTL would be the best enclosure for these, but as always, it depends on what qualities you're looking for. Logged floobydust Jr. The raised ring around the driver has a pattern ring on the top and its mate on the inside edge.

The cone gets some gloss coat after the spots. We rebated the driver sufficiently so that we could fill the space between the ring and the extent of the driver with black felt. Regards, KM that was me, actually cheap PSA backed felt from the local craft store Michaels - easily removable from the die cast frame Logged floobydust Jr.


Fostex F120A

Read times. Fostex FA. Member Posts: I still like what I refer to as a classic TL A couple colleagues and myself worked on a nice TL design which was amazing at providing clean, tight and extended bass.


BD-Design - Only the best!

I have my 2 shitty temporary monitors in Hamster position sublimated with a par of LF sections from MiniMe. Here is what I found interesting. During the last 2 weeks I turned the big Macondo just 4. I turned Macondo an hour early and warmed it up. After the concert I shut the Melquiades down. I was shooting to listen the Neptune movement with it corals decay to darkness with full-bloomed Macondo and the fully-heated Milqs.



User Name Stay logged in? Blumenstein Orcas with the Fostex fe They hooked me on speed and dynamics, but were quite harsh and shouty even with my Bottlehead Stereomour 2a3-based SET. Without knowing any better I looked at the specs of the a, saw that some folks had used them with success including Blumenstein with his short-lived Makos , and decided to go for it. My listening room is only 10' wide, so my speakers are only a few inches away from the front wall.


Fostex F120A

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