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It has very good mapping capabilities as you are provided with North America Maps as well as European Maps. Each map comes with million points of interest which you can also customize and set up over points if interest. It has bigger size which helps you to look at the larger area where you drive. Images Videos. Nuvi W. Video of Nuvi W. Name: Rating: Title: Comment:.

Name: From: To: Message:. Friday, June 5, Average Cost. It is part now famous 2x5 series which is designed to give users simple to use and affordable no bells and whistles GPS device. Acquisition Time. Touch Screen. Battery Life. Battery Type. Update Rate. Owners Manual Nuvi W Owners Manual provides you with the all nessesary information to start up your device, use it while on the road and take care of it while in storage. Related Items:. Nuvi Nuvi W vs. GO T.

ONE S. Nuvi T. Related Searches. Nuvi W Hacks. Garmin Nuvi WT. User Reviews:. Related Forum Messages:. I am looking for other GPS Maps. Maybe someone knows where to download them. Please let me know even if your Maps for Garmin are outdated. I will provide you with me email once I hear from you.

I am not sure exact price but from what I know it is cheap. By: sam. I bought it on-line and I my warranty has expired on it. I am not sure where to take it to since I did not purchased it at the phisical retail.

Is there a place where I can bring my Garmin and get it fixed? Broken Screen : I have the Garmin nuvi W. The glass is not broken, just the display.

Is there any way to replace or fix this? We are open to positive as well as negative reviews as long as they represent true story about Nuvi W. Garmin Nuvi wt featuring free life time traffic : I just heared that Garmin Nuvi wt with free life time traffic went on sale in several stores.

Does anybody know where I can purchase it? I am really in need to good GPS for my son and this seems to be the one I would like to give it as a gift.

This GPS model is a solid buy if you are looking for technologically advanced model. What are the goods and the bads of it? Can you forward some of your reviews?


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Garmin nuvi 255W(T) Manuals


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