Libro Azul le ofrece una lista de precios aplicable a los autos nuevos y usados, Utilice el libro azul Libro Azul Mexico. Bonito passat sportline,. Cabe destcar que el Libro Azul es de pago.

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Toyota Yaris Usados en Venta 4. Monitoriza Precio Contactar. En General 5. Don't let its miniature size fool you, Toyota added a lot of head room inside of this model! This model has just the basics with manual windows and locks, but if you are looking for storage then you've come to the right place. The Toyota Yaris Hatchback features lift up dashboard storage on both the drivers and passenger side.

The control panels and screens are all positioned in the center part of the console - unlike most every other vehicle on the road that has the speedometer etc. Just behind the steering wheel. I find the center positioning far superior to the steering wheel area viewing placement!

There are numerous cup holders too, so not even your rear seat passengers were forgotten. With about 37 mpg, the fuel efficiency is a pocket boo This little compact Yaris sure to please. With about 37 mpg, the fuel efficiency is a pocket book pleaser for sure. This little gem can easily hold four adults and still have a tad bit of room for another rear seat passenger or your favorite four legged companion. You and your guests will enjoy turning up the radio with built in CD player, so that you can sing along to your favorite tunes.

If body style is more your concern, this little Toyota Yaris is of a more compact, eco style. It's two door body line is rounded and sleek with very few embellishments. It's sloped windshield and short front end allow for optimal road viewing. It also has front and rear wipers and defrost to keep travelers safe and happy along with airbags also. The rear end of the Yaris is very short, not ideal for a fender bender!

My very young nephew needed to go out to the car to get something, so I handed him my car keys. He returned to the living room looking very, very confused.

He didn't understand why the doors wouldn't open when he pushed the key with his finger. This silly boy had never seen a car that didn't have powe This silly boy had never seen a car that didn't have power everything!

Compact Style and fuel efficiency. The tires on this size car do not seem to last as long as I would think. The paint also seems to chip rather easily. The car I bought had minor issues - like I had to replace a headlight light bulb and a brake-light light bulb, but no major ones, and overall was a very reliable and high-quality vehicle.

The factory recommended maintenance is only every five thousand miles, which is not a pushover, and the cost of maintenance is moderate even at the dealership.

You can get a minor service for below hundred dollars. Also, Toyota has the unified system for vehicle records - you can always see the whole history of the vehicle service as long as you perform it at one of the Toyota dealers. I have received good service at a dealership. And I even found one dealership Sierra Toyota , which does not push unnecessary service on you, and just do ev Toyota is a great company making great and reliable cars. And I even found one dealership Sierra Toyota , which does not push unnecessary service on you, and just do everything by the book.

The interior design is plastic and looks somewhat cheap, but Yaris is a low-budget car in the Toyota lineup, and reliability and mpg rating is more important to me anyway. In terms of reliability, this Yaris was a great car - over seven years of ownership and fifty thousand miles driven, I only had to take it in for repairs twice. Otherwise, the only care the car required was regular maintenance. Also, mpg rating is great - I'm averaging about 30mpg in the city while using air conditioning and maybe 25mpg without.

Also, extended warranty was very affordable - below a thousand dollars. The car is comfortable enough to sleep in it on the back seats, if you're on a long drive and get tired. Good mpg rating - 30mpg in the city, on the highway, take out about mpg, if using air conditioning 3. Small car - very easy to park 4. Good use of space inside. I'm buying a four-door next time 2. Mpg still high compared to Prius 3. Too small to transport cargo - definitely buy a four-door model.

I love the size of it and how easy it is to drive around in. I can easily parallel park, whip around corners, back into tight spaces, etc. I also love the turn radius on the car. It feels very easy to maneuver, and I feel like I have a lot of control when I drive it. The one main thing I do dislike about it would be that due to the light weight it has, when it's very windy, I can feel the car get moved around by the wind, which is slightly unnerving. However, once you get used to driving in the wind, it's fine.

Overall, I love my car. One amusing memory I had with this car was this past winter when it snowed heavily in Washington. Several of my coworkers and friends were unable to drive in the snow and had to call out of work. I was skeptical about whether my car would handle the snow okay, but I took a chance, and it was actually incredibly easy to drive in the snow!

I was one of the only people at work those two days of h I was one of the only people at work those two days of heavy snow, and people were impressed I made it out to work.

I think I have my car to thank because, since it was lightweight and easy to control, I was able to handle any sliding with ease and get myself back on track fairly well, making the commute less stressful. The top pros would be the ease of maneuvering the vehicle, the size, and the reliability of the parts Toyota is a good brand overall in my opinion. I also like that it has some special features given that mine is a limited edition LE version of the Yaris.

I like that it has a USB port to listen to my music on my iPod. The cons of the car are the lightweight nature, making it more susceptible to being picked up by the wind, and the color - it is silver. And in the mist, sometimes I have not been very visible by others drivers. I also dislike the way the windshield is made.

Not sure why, but I have had more cracks in my windshield happen to this car than any other car I have driven, which could be due to how it was made or the angle of the windshield. Toyota Yaris Tendencias de Precios.


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