Quick Links. Download this manual. Months of market research and focus groups helped develop an ergonomically. Please note that not all modes will be available in all models.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Months of market research and focus groups helped develop an ergonomically. Please note that not all modes will be available in all models. Locate the battery cover on the back of the remote control. Pull down the lever on the battery door to open battery compartment. The red LED indicator will blink once. If you wait longer than 10 minutes. There are two methods available to program your new remote control.

The first method is "Manual Programming;". Locate the four-digit codes for your device and brand in the code listing included with this manual. You will notice. This is the result of many.

Once you have located the codes that you will be using,. Please follow the steps below for best results. Enter the first four-digit code for the device you are trying to program. The LED will blink once on each digit.

If the device turns off, you have. If the device does not turn off, return to step 2 and use the next four-digit code. Repeat the steps above to program the next device. If the device code for a particular brand is unknown, you will be able to cycle the remote through the available codes.

The keys which are available to be sampled provided they are applicable to that mode are: 0, 1, 2, 3,. Invalid key presses will be ignored while in the programming. Follow the steps below to cycle through each available device code and sample its functions. Enter the digits 9, 9, 1. The red LED will blink twice. Press the first function you want to test, i. If the device does not turn off, press the "mode key". Repeat the procedure above until locating the correct code or until.

The red LED will blink twice, locking. Note: The available functions within a code may be sampled as many times as desired until advancing to the next. For the selected mode, the search will begin with the most. The search function has an end of cycle designator LED will blink three times to indicate when a cycle has. The unit will begin to cycle through the available codes again.

The LED will light each time. If no key is pressed within 10 seconds, the remote will exit the setup mode and return. The unit will blink two times after successful. To find the four-digit device code that you have programmed in the remote, follow the procedure outlined below.

This is used to get feedback on the device code selected. The number of blinks that occur after pressing the. There is a 0. There is also a 0. Enter the digits 9, 9, 0. The red LED indicator will blink twice. Press numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4, observing the. Write down the number for future use.

Note: The digit "0" will not blink. Follow the steps below to get acquainted with your remote. Press the key of the function you wish to perform.

See Key Function Diagram for a complete listing of key. Key Function Diagram:. SCAN — Automatically changes channels. PLAY — Press this key to start or resume. STOP — Press this key to stop the playback,.

LAST — Also known as "channel recall. Note: As an added safety feature, you must. MUTE — Press this key to mute the sound.

Functional Key Chart. NOTES: 1. Volume and Mute will punch through to TV by default. When the volume is unlocked,. INFO — Press this key to access the on-. MENU — Press this key to access the. Note: The ID in the destination mode now is the. EXIT — Press this key to exit the on-screen. Note: This feature does not apply to any device. MUTE on the remote can be configured in one of.

The controls can control each individual device. Note: The remote ships from the factory with the. To "unlock" the volume controls case 2 above :. Enter the digits 9, 9, 3. The red LED light will. To "lock" the volume controls to a particular device. To "unlock" the volume controls for a particular.

Channel Scan searches by using two methods: sending the Channel Up command if found , and by sending the. For example, if the TV has been reassigned. If a mode which does not allow. Channel Scan has been reassigned, i. Additional key presses within 10 seconds will increase the timer value in minute increments,. Fifth and subsequent key presses will be ignored and the timer will remain at Each key press is acknowledged by a series of blinks indicating how many increments have been programmed.

For example: one blink for the first press, two blinks for the second press, etc. The visible LED will blink approximately once.

When running, the sleep timer is automatically canceled if. Pressing the sleep key itself initializes the timer sequence to 15 minutes.

When the timer expires, the remote sends the target device's power function, or power off when separate power. If your device has a sleep timer function, you may still enable the built-in sleep timer by following the steps outlined. Enter the digits 9, 7, 0. Press the SLEEP key once for 15 minutes, twice for 30 minutes, three times for 45 minutes and four times.

Resetting Sleep Timer to Factory Default. The red LED indicator will blink four times, indicating that the sleep timer has been. Sleep Timer. While in the low voltage condition, the unit will not operate.

This is to protect RAM and user. When new batteries are installed, full operation will be restored. The typical duration is 10 minutes. The remote will stop transmitting IR to conserve power upon any key depressed for longer than 30 seconds. Recoton Corporation "Company" warrants to the original retail purchaser of this product that should the product or any part thereof.

To obtain replacement within the terms of this warranty, the product should be delivered, transportation prepaid, to the Dealer where.


Jensen JR300 Original Replacement Remote Control

Be the first to write a review. Free shipping. JR Universal 3. Condition: Good with some slight scuffs.


JENSEN JR300 JR400 JR500OM Operating Manual


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