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If there is any doubt regard in g the in formation conta in ed in this translation, the German word in g shall apply. The German version was. Copies may be ordered through the Wolters Kluwer. All questions regard in g this English translation should please be directed to:. Tak in g in to account the mean in g and usage of auxiliary verbs in the German language, in this translation the follow in g. It is a requirement of the KTA that these exceptions - other than.

However, the exceptions used,. Commission KTA have the task of specify in g those safety. Act -AtG - in order to atta in the protection goals specified. A refuel in g mach in e for light water reactors is that equipment. The lift in g capacity is the sum of maximum erection load or. Load suspend in g devices are load carry in g means, load carry in g.

They are def in ed. Load shift in g is an event where due to failure of one component. Elevators in conta in ment vessels shall, in addition to the general. Refuel in g mach in es for light water reactors shall, in addition to. Lift in g equipment to Sections 4. Cranes, refuel in g mach in es Structural design Lockable control system.

Power plant identification system, alternatively also plant identification system AKZ. Indication of in terlocked condition by colour, mechanical.

Unambiguous in dication of in terlock condition even in. Load-dependent travel limiter with in dication of state at. By control techniques Automatic operation Monitor in g via in ventory management.

Unambiguous assignment of actuat in g direction and control state. Examples for ergonomic design of lift in g equipment to Sections 4. As regards the. The number of stress cycles shall be determ in ed. When us in g systems to ascerta in the brak in g effect without test. The analytic pro of s shall be performed in accordance with. A meter for monitor in g. When us in g a meter that only counts the runn in g time dur in g.

The value of the bear in g length of the key used in the. The required brak in g torque of each brake shall be. DIN , in which case the larger of the result in g rope. SEB 11 Suppl. Sheet 1, tak in g the structural circumstances. The analytical pro of s shall be performed in accordance with.

The orderly w in d in g of the rope shall be monitored or be. The follow in g data shall be specified for the dimension in g of.

DIN calculation pr in ciples for drive mechanisms in lift in g. This Section applies to load carry in g means, load carry in g. Structural safeguard in g measures shall be taken aga in st un in tentional. The shutdown of a drive shall in clude.

In lieu of the Performance Levels laid down in Table E-1 to. For the in -service tests of safety travel limiters of hoists and. The response of. The coils of hoist motors shall be. Upon acknowledgement of the alarm signal lower in g. For the putt in g of lift in g equipment in to operation the switch in g. A warn in g shall be triggered at the control po in ts if the brake.

In case of. Upon response of the operational travel limiter, movement in. For in -service in spections measures shall be taken to make. The activation of the in terlock shall trigger an alarm.

This switch shall rema in operative even at in activated control. The emergency- of f function shall be designed to DIN. The position of this switch- of f device shall make. As regards the determ in ation of the live load factor this dynamic. The brak in g distance of the safety brake for maximum possible. The acceptability of. The brak in g distance of the operational brake is understood to be. The brak in g. The design shall ensure that the loads aris in g from load shift in g.

The requirements of Sec. When realiz in g the. KTA , Section 4. Levels shall be determ in ed to Annex E, Section E 1 deviat in g. The loss of one outer. Where, in case of failure of this function, an. Figures E-2 and E In this case, one of the monitor in g.

The non-disengag in g of the safety brake shall be monitored. This Section applies to grabs and load guides of refuel in g. When realiz in g the functions required for safe operation of. In addition to the requirements of Sec. No movement of the hoist shall be possible before. A 1 Examples for classification of lift in g equipment in. A2 Examples for classification of lift in g equipment in.

A 3 Examples for procedural steps of classify in g lift in g equipment to KTA Lift in g equipment shall be classified in due consideration of the actual conditions in ter alia location of use, component geometry.

B 1 Load cases and analytical pro of s for cranes, w in ches, trolleys as well as loadsuspend in g devices under Sec. Load cases and analytical pro of s for cranes, w in ches, trolleys as well as load suspend in g devices under Sec. Analytical pro of us in g the f in ite element method. B of KTA F in ite Element. F in ite Element Method the requirements of Section B3 shall.

All torques shall be given a positive sign if, on the in put side of. B and the result in g forces, the stresses in the component. Examples for determ in in g load collectives are presented in [12]. Where an analytical pro of to [7] is performed, the location of. If the calculation is. The assumed. This also applies to.

DIN The maximum load l in e to DIN 11 for a. The diagram applies to paired p in ions. The design pr in ciples of the roller bear in g manufacturers shall. Table B Parameters for the determ in ation of the maximum. Table B Material properties for the calculation of p in ions to Niemann [2].


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