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Como ser rico y Extraordinario. Ninguna parte de este libro puede ser condensado o reproducido sin permiso. No part of this book could be condensed or reproduced.

Wallace D. During the next few months I procured all his books, and began to read with an open mind. Almost immediately, revelation after revelation contained in those beautiful pages, I understood things with clarity I had never achieved before. I realized that dozens of modern authors prescribe us Wallace's thoughts and ideas, but they do so in a recycled and contaminated way, through versions that miss the essence.

Wallace sought a complete human being, healthy, purposeful, living in harmony with family and peers, and rich enough to enjoy ALL that is good in life. Wallace saw a human being able to enjoy the things the Universal Source God has made available to all, if only we would follow basic rules that HE -over and over and over again throughout history, has tried to communicate via Messages and Messengers.

Rules that have been taken, hidden and manipulated by those unable to resist their obsession with power. The books are:. Throughout this collection you will notice that Wallace used many different terms to refer to God:. Universal Mind, Universal Life Spirit and others. These terms tend to scare some religious people who consider them New Age and ignorantly dismiss writings that could provide a new understanding — perhaps more accurate, to their spiritual lives.

When Wallace wrote years ago, New Age did not even exist. Wallace understood that humans had invented many names for God throughout the ages, insisting in killing those who dare to pronounce them differently.

The Wisdom of Wallace, his philosophy and his way of expressing it, are a universal treasure that could certainly contribute to getting us closer to the eternal truth.

The truth that there is SOMETHING beyond our understanding which we call many names, that is in all things and in all of us, whether we are rich or poor, religious or not religious.

Read the books with an open mind. Once you finish, and if you have read them with attention, meditating on its sentences full of wisdom, you will certainly be a better human being, in your way to wealth and to be extraordinary. Tampoco llamarlo Mente o Inteligencia Infinita. O la Fuente de Toda Vida.

Lea los libros con mente abierta. Book I. Getting what you want is success; and success is an effect, coming from the application of a cause. Success is essentially the same in all cases; the difference is in the things the successful people want, but not in the success. Success is essentially the same, whether it results in the attainment of health, wealth, development or position; success is attainment, without regard to the.

How to Get What You Want. And it is a law in nature that like causes always produce like effects; therefore, since success is the same in all cases, the cause of success must be the same in all cases. The cause of success is always in the person who succeeds; you will see that this must be true, because if the cause of success were in nature, outside the person, then all persons similarly situated would succeed.

The cause of success is not in the environment of the individual, because if it were, all persons within a given radius would be successful, and success would be wholly a matter of neighborhood; and we see that people whose environments are practically the same, and who live in the same neighborhood show us all degrees of success and failure; therefore, we know that the cause of success must be in the individual, and nowhere else.

It is, therefore, mathematically certain that you can succeed if you will find out the cause of success, and develop it to sufficient strength, and apply it properly to your work; for the application of a sufficient cause cannot fail to produce a given effect. If there is a failure anywhere, of any kind, it is because the cause was either not sufficient or was not properly applied.

The cause of success is some power within you; you have the power to develop any power to a limitless extent; for there is no end to mental growth; you can increase the strength of this power indefinitely, and so. Definition of Success. All you have to learn is what is the cause of success and how it must be applied.

The development of the special faculties to be used in your work is essential. We do not expect anyone to succeed as a musician without developing the musical faculty; and it would be absurd to expect a machinist to succeed without developing the mechanical faculty, a clergyman to succeed without developing spiritual understanding and the use of words, or a banker to succeed without developing the faculty of finance.

And in choosing a business, you should choose the one which will call for the use of your strongest faculties. If you have good mechanical ability, and are not spiritually minded and have no command of language, do not try to preach; and if you have the taste and talent to combine colors and fabrics into beautiful creation in millinery and dress, do not learn typewriting or stenography; get into a business which will use your strongest faculties, and develop these faculties all you can; and even this is not enough to insure success.

There are people with fine musical talent who fail as musicians; people with good mechanical ability who fail as carpenters, blacksmiths and machinists; people with deep spirituality and fluent use of language who fail as. The special faculties used in your work are the tools you use, but success does not depend alone on having good tools; it depends more on the power which uses and applies the tools.

Be sure that your tools are the best and kept in the best condition; you can cultivate any faculty to any desired extent. The application of the musical faculty causes success in music; that of the mechanical faculty causes success in mechanical pursuits; that of the financial faculty causes success in banking, and so on; and the something which applies these faculties, or causes them to be applied is the cause of success. The faculties are tools; the user of the tools is you, yourself; that in you which can cause you to use the tools in the right way, at the right time and in the right place is the cause of success.

What is this something in the person which causes him to use his faculties successfully? What it is and how to develop it will be fully explained in the next section; but before taking that up you should read this section over several times, so as to fix upon your mind the impregnable logic of the statement that you can succeed. You can -and if you study the foregoing argument well you will- be convinced that you can; and to become convinced that you can succeed is the first requisite to success.

The Something of Those who Succeed. The faculties of the human mind are the tools with which success is attained, and the right application. A few people succeed because they use their faculties successfully, and the majority, who have equally good faculties, fail. There is something in the person who succeeds which enables him to use his faculties successfully, and. It is hard to find a word which shall express it, and not be misleading.

This something is Poise; and poise is peace and power combined; but it is more than poise, for poise is a condition, and this something is an action as well as a condition. This something is Faith; but it is more than faith, as faith is commonly understood: As commonly understood, faith consists in the action of believing things which cannot be proved; and the something which causes success is more than that. It is Conscious Power in Action. Power-Consciousness is what you feel when you know that you can do a thing; and you know HOW to do the thing.

If I can cause you to KNOW that you can succeed, and to know that you know HOW to succeed, I have placed success within your grasp; for if you know that you can do a thing and know that you know how to do it, it is impossible that you should fail to do it, if you really try. When you are in full Power-Consciousness, you will approach the task in an absolutely successful frame of mind. Every thought will be a successful thought, every action a successful action; and if every thought and action is successful, the sum-total of all your actions cannot be failure.

What I have to do in these lessons, then, is to. Read again the preceding section; it proves by unanswerable logic that you CAN succeed. It shows that all that is in any mind is in your mind; the difference, if any, being in development. It is a fact in nature that the undeveloped is always capable of development; we see then that the cause of success is in you, and is capable of full development. Having read this you must believe that it is possible for you to succeed; but it is not enough for you to believe that you can; you must know that you can; and the sub-conscious mind must know it as well as the objective mind.

It is not even true that he can who knows he can, if only the objective mind is spoken of; for the sub-conscious mind will often completely set aside and overcome what is positively known by the objective mind. It is a true statement, however, that he can whose sub-conscious mind knows that he can; and it is especially true if his objective mind has been trained to do the work. People fail because they think, objectively, that they can do things, but do not know, sub- consciously, that they can do them.

It is more than likely that your sub-conscious mind is even now. The sub-conscious mind is the source from which power comes in the action of any faculty; and a doubt will cause this power to be withheld, and the action will be weak; therefore, your first step must be to impress your sub-conscious mind with that fact that you CAN.

This must be done by repeated suggestions. Practice the following mental exercise several times a day, and especially just before going to sleep; think quietly about the sub-conscious mentality, which permeates your whole body as water permeates a sponge; as you think of this mind, try to feel it; you will soon be able to become conscious of it. All that is possible to any one is possible to me. I AM successful.

I do succeed, for I am full of the Power of Success. This is the simple truth. You can; other people have, and you can do more than any one has ever done, for no one has ever yet used all the power that is capable of being used. It is within your power to make a greater success in your business than any one has ever made before you. Practice the above autosuggestion for a month with persistence, and you will begin to KNOW that you have within you that which CAN do what you want to do; and then you will be ready for the next section which will tell you how to proceed in doing what you want to do.

But remember that it is absolutely essential that you should first impress upon the sub- conscious mind the knowledge that you CAN. Having filled your mentality, conscious and sub- conscious, with the faith that you CAN get what you want, the next question is one of the methods. You know that you can do it if you proceed in the right way; but, which is the right way? This much is certain: to get more, you must make constructive use of what you have. You cannot use what you have not; therefore, your problem is how to make the most constructive use of what you already have.

Do not waste any time considering how you would use certain things if you had them; consider, simply, how to use what you have. It is also certain that you will progress more rapidly if you make the most perfect use of what you have. In fact, the degree of rapidity with which you attain what you want will depend upon the perfection with which you use what you have. Many people are at a standstill, or find things coming their way very slowly because they are making only partial use of present means, power and opportunities.

You may see this point more plainly by considering an analogy in nature. In the process of evolution, the squirrels developed their leaping power to its fullest extent; then a continuous effort to advance brought forth the flying squirrel, which has a membrane uniting the legs in such a way as to form a parachute and enable the animal to sail some distance beyond an ordinary leap. A little extension of the parachute jump of the flying squirrel produced the bat, which as membranous wings and can fly; and continuous flight produced the bird with feathered wings.

The transition from one plane to another was accomplished simply by perfecting and extending functions. If the squirrels had not kept leaping further and further, there would have been no flying squirrel, and no power of flight. Making constructive use of the leaping power produced flight. If you are only jumping half as far as you can, you will never fly. In nature we see that life advances from one plane to another by perfecting functions on the lower plane.

Whenever an organism contains more life than it can express by functioning perfectly on its own plane, it begins to perform the functions of the next higher or larger plane.

The first squirrel which began to develop the parachute membrane must have been a very perfect leaper. This is the fundamental principle of evolution, and of all attainment.



Como ser rico y Extraordinario. Ninguna parte de este libro puede ser condensado o reproducido sin permiso. No part of this book could be condensed or reproduced. Wallace D. During the next few months I procured all his books, and began to read with an open mind. Almost immediately, revelation after revelation contained in those beautiful pages, I understood things with clarity I had never achieved before. I realized that dozens of modern authors prescribe us Wallace's thoughts and ideas, but they do so in a recycled and contaminated way, through versions that miss the essence.


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