As well as several pieces of information was a transcript of an apparent interview with a reptilian entity named, as the files suggest, Lacerta. Become a publisher About Mission Careers Contact. Sign in. Home Local Classifieds. News Break App.

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As well as several pieces of information was a transcript of an apparent interview with a reptilian entity named, as the files suggest, Lacerta. Become a publisher About Mission Careers Contact. Sign in. Home Local Classifieds. News Break App. Courthouse News Service 2d. The more than 25, fragments of ancient manuscripts known as the Dead Sea Scrolls include pieces of multiple ancient texts, including the oldest known copies of books of the Hebrew Bible.

Discovered in the late s and s, some of the texts — numbering about — are believed to date back to as early as the second century B. This meteorite body is larger than the Empire State Building of America.

Here is what you need to know. According to the space agency, the diameter of the NN4 asteroid is between and meters, and it will dash past our planet at a distance of 5.

According to Pastor Paul Begley, The Bible states that the return of Jesus Christ in the end days will herald great changes across the face of the planet and though no man knows the day or the hour it will strike, many devout Christians continue to keep their eyes open for signs in the heavens and on the Earth.

An incident recorded in several strange Japanese texts tells of a mystery woman arriving seemingly out of nowhere in a strange, futuristic covered boat seen hovering helplessly on the water in the early s. The account has several varying details depending on the source, but essentially tells the exact same basic story. What is also interesting, is that a similar legend exists from over 1, years earlier. Might they be connected or is it simply proof that the nineteenth-century incident is a retelling of a much older account?

Top 10 Triumphs Of Western Civilization. The only thing that seems to knock a lethal pandemic from world headlines are riots and looting amid protests against police brutality. New York Post 1d. Scientists found the cleanest air on Earth. You might think that stepping out of your front door every morning and swallowing a couple of lungfuls of fresh morning air is just about as good as it can get — especially during the pandemic.

Guidance and wisdom for trying times — from an unlikely source. Reporter R. Porter is typically tasked with analyzing health and science issues, reporting on leaked government documents or interviewing world leaders. A Sacred Mountain: An interview with Tengger. The winter months brought nothing but potential, as their upcoming album Nomad was lined up for a summer release via Beyond Beyond is Beyond, following the acclaimed Spiritual 2 from last year. Wake Up World 1d. Do Psi Phenomena Exist?

A Debate Part One. Ralph Lewis reflected the view of most mainstream scientists that consciousness is entirely the product of individual physical brains. My view is that consciousness may be a fundamental property of the universe that transcends our individual brains. I also hold the view that psi phenomena such as telepathy and precognition are real. Lewis argues that if the assumptions of parapsychology were true, then practically all of science would have to be wrong.

I argue that psi is actually compatible with science. To the Commercial Heavens We Go! It would be too simple to regard the latest space venture, funded by Elon Musk, as entirely a matter of vast ego and deeply-pocked adventurism.

But it would be close. Behnken was himself keen on the idea of traveling into the heavens away from a messy, trouble-torn planet. Ancient genomic insights into the early peopling of the Caribbean. Now, a new study published in the journal Science sheds new light on how the islands were settled thousands of years ago.

Earth Jurisprudence — Law for an Animate Earth. This false dichotomy is the fault line that runs through modern governance. By objectifying non-human Nature as a commodity, our legal systems legitimise systemic destruction and exploitation of Mother Earth — our life support system — in service to an insatiable death-dealing industrial growth economy.

There are not as many of us as there used to be. Hundreds of unique, precious species of animal life vanished forever last century. This is what a mass extinction looks like, scientists warn, but that's not even the worst part. ETH — Scientists in Israel at Tel Aviv University have reportedly used a new technique to examine the parchment used to make the ancient Biblical documents hoping to provide clues where they are from. Christian Broadcasting Network 14h.

Scientific American 2d. The scenario might sound like the opening line of a science-themed comedy routine: a molecular biologist and a Bible scholar meet on a bus. Eight years after that encounter the two have developed a new technique using DNA sequencing that they say will enable them to match—or separate—minuscule fragments of the 2,year-old Dead Sea Scrolls.

Their research was published on Tuesday in Cell. Racism, Evolution, and Human Exceptionalism. Certainly, the knotting in the present situation in the United States is so complex — the pandemic, the lockdown, the economic catastrophe, the death of George Floyd, the protests, the riots and looting, now the curfews, what next?

Consciousness: how can I experience things that aren't 'real'? When I see red, it's the most religious experience. Seeing red just results from photons of a certain frequency hitting the retina of my eye, which cascades electrical and biochemical pulses through my brain, in the same way a PC runs.

But nothing happening in my eye or brain actually is the red colour I experience, nor are the photons or pulses. This is seemingly outside this world. Some say my brain is just fooling me, but I don't accept that as I actually experience the red.

But then, how can something out of this world be in our world? Andrew Kaye, 52, London. Smithsonian 1d. Scientists have long understood that chimpanzees lead complex social lives. The primates engage in warfare, have complicated social relationships and experience something akin to mourning.


The Lacerta Reptilian Interview – A Case Study

Lacerta is a reptilian interviewee in The Lacerta Files. Lacerta was allegedly interviewed in and then again in , while in Sweden, by a man living in an rural area. In The Lacerta Files she describes her appearance, background, and the culture of the reptilians who have lived on Earth for millions of years, as an evolved species of Saurian. She discusses Human origins and their past relationship with the reptilians. She also discloses extraterrestrial presence on Earth in the modern day.


Lacerta Files (Summary)






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