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A cylindrical specimen of soil, 50mm diameter and mm long is subjected to an axial compressive force of 5 kN. Find: The normal stress n0 and shear stress , acting on the plane inclined at 30o to the radial directions The maximum shear stress The inclination of plane where the shear stress is equal to one-half max. Shear stress zy acts tangentially along the edge. Generally, the first subscript letter represents the plane to which the force act and the second one is the direction.

Compressive normal stress is positive and tensile normal stress is negative. Anticlockwise shear stress is positive and clockwise shear stress is negative. A flat plate of soil with uniform thickness 20mm is cut into the shape of a square with mm long squared edges.

The test is performed by increasing the magnitude of 1 and 2 simultaneously, but keeping 1 always four times of 2. If failure of the soil occurs when the shear stress on any plane exceeds 1 MPa, what would be the values of the 1 and 2 at the moment of failure? Would the values of 1 and 2 at failure be changed if: the rock had a tensile strength of 0.

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