Login via Institution. Author: Maarten Kossmann. The Arabic Influence on Northern Berber provides an overview of the effects of language contact on a wide array of Berber languages spoken in the Maghrib. These languages have undergone important changes in their lexicon, phonology, morphology, and syntax as a result of over a thousand years of Arabic influence. The social situation of Berber-Arabic language contact is similar all over the region: Berber speakers introducing Arabic features into their language, with only little language shift going on.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Unfollow Follow Unblock. Other Affiliations:. View on ugarit-verlag. Save to Library. More Info: A grammar sketch based on the materials published by Jacques Lanfry in the s and s. View on koeppe.

The Arabic Influence on Northern Berber more. View on brill. A Grammar of Ayer Tuareg Niger more. Berber Loanwords in Hausa more.

De Menseneetster, Berbersprookjes uit Noord-Marokko more. Publisher: Amsterdam: Bulaaq Publication Date: Berber studies , Oral literature , and Folk and Fairy Tales. Esquisse grammaticale du rifain oriental more. View on peeters-leuven. Helsinki: Academia Scientiarum Fennica. View on folklorefellows. Comparative Linguistics , Berber studies , and Berber linguistics. View on openaccess. Het Stadsdialect van Tilburg with Dirk Boutkan more. Publisher: Amsterdam: P. Meertens-Instituut Publication Date: The Amazigh word for fire more.

Berber studies , Berber Languages , and Afroasiatic linguistics. Zenaga reflexes of Berber final weak verbs more. The situation in Zenaga of Mauritania looks very different. In this article, the Zenaga In this article, the Zenaga reflexes of the non- Mauritanian weak verbs are compared by studying all relevant cognates.

As a result, it proves possible to establish to what extent the main weak verb classes of non- Mauritanian Berber are reflected in Zenaga, and to what extent certain irregularities can be understood from Zenaga-internal developments. Doi: This is a pre-typesetting version dating from early The version that was eventually pubished is very similar in contents, but has been updated to a large extent when it comes to the references. For reference purposes, please consult Moroccan Berber Songs about the Refugee Trail more.

Among the many people that are involved in the refugee trail towards the European Union via Turkey and the Balkans, a large group originates from the northern part of Morocco, the Rif. The article presents a bilingual edition of five The article presents a bilingual edition of five songs that have this wave of immigration out of Morocco as their subject.

The songs are produced in Nador Morocco and sung in Tarifiyt Berber. Parlers et pratiques sociales et culturelles. Zaragoza: Prensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza.

A reconstruction of the system of verb aspects in proto-Berbero-Semitic more. We suggest that these forms are historically related and sketch a line of development from the reconstructed meanings to their attested uses. View on cambridge. Berber subclassification preliminary version more.

This is a preliminary version of the still unpublished chapter dating from , and thus disregarding all literature of the last few years. Historical Linguistics , Comparative Linguistics , Libyco-Berber Linguistics , Berber studies , Berber , and 2 more Berber historical linguistics and Afroasiatic linguistics Berber historical linguistics and Afroasiatic linguistics.

Personal pronouns in the Ayt Seghrushen Berber variety of the province of Taza more. Location: In: Abdelaziz Allati ed. Publication Date: Pronouns , Berber studies , and Berber Languages.

On word order in Figuig Berber narratives: The uses of pre- and postverbal lexical subjects more. Rwina more. This short note studies the verbal collocations of the Moroccan word rwina in modern Dutch. While the most common collocation is with "zetten" 'to put', many other verbs can be used. Publication Date: Publication Name: Aries netwerk. Een constructicon.

Leiden, One regularly finds One regularly finds constructions where Arabic and Berber elements are combined. Arabic Varieties far and Wide. On the origin of the negative aspectual stems in Berber more. The present aiticle studies a number of questions pertaining to Berber negation. On the On the basis of an analysis of special negative relative forms, such as still attested in a number of Berber languages, it is proposed that the original negative construction consisted of an inflected verb expressing negation, followed by a verbal noun providing lexical information.

The inflected verb grammaticized into the preverbal particle, while the verbal noun was reinterpreted as a 6nite verb. The negative stems are therefore considered to reflect nominal formations. The interplay of style, information structure and definiteness: Double indirect objects in Figuig Berber narratives more. Journal Name: Corpus No 14, p. Deixis in Figuig Berber narrative texts more. Journal Name: Folia Orientalia 52, Deixis , Berber studies , Narrative style , Berber linguistics , Linguistique berbere , and Afroasiatic linguistics.

The use of the ventive marker dd in Figuig Berber narratives more. View on njas. A Tasawaq Northern Songhay, Niger text with grammatical notes more. View on journals. The ancient Berber word for 'egg' more. Etymology , Berber studies , Berber historical linguistics , Berber Linguistic , and Afroasiatic linguistics. On substratum: The history of the focus marker d in Jijel Arabic Algeria more. Languages in Question. Volume 2. Language Contact and Language Change in Africa.

Louvain-la-Neuve: Peeters, p. View on degruyter. Pharyngealization and the vowel system of Tasawaq Northern Songhay more. Comparative Linguistics , Songhay , and Pharyngealization.

Publisher: E. Studies in the use of a writing system. Berber-Arabic code-switching in Imouzzar du Kandar Morocco more. More Info: Pre-publication version. The publication has different page numbering. Some new etymologies for glottal-stop initial words in Zenaga more.

The names of King Antef's dogs more. Parallel System Borrowing: Parallel morphological systems due to the borrowing of paradigms more.


The Arabic Influence on Northern Berber



Maarten Kossmann




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