Salud [online]. ISSN Objective : To identify anemia as a sign of malnutrition in children belonging to the home nutritional recovery program from San Juan de Dios Hospital in Santa Rosa de Osos, Antioquia. Materials and methods : A cross-sectional study which included 33 children years from the program was carried out. Anemic patients for other reasons were excluded. Full blood counts were done using values of hemoglobin, hematocrit, presence of anemia and its classification for analysis.

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Hospital Provincial. As the population progressively ages, hip fractures have become increasingly common and are associated with high morbidity and mortality and a pronounced decline in functional status.

Hip fractures frequently occur in elderly patients with a high rate of comorbidity and polymedication. Patients hospitalised with hip fractures often display signs of protein malnutrition and may develop medical complications requiring intrahospital care.

These factors, more than simply surgical ones, unfavourably influence the vital status and functional outcome of these patients. For this reason, it is necessary to improve the management of pre-existing conditions during hospitalisation, assess and treat malnutrition and prevent medical complications to achieve optimal outcomes for these patients.

With this objective, we believe that care should be provided by multidisciplinary teams in close partnership with internists. Functional outcome. Medical factors. An Med Interna Madrid ; Servicio de Medicina Interna I. Los varones suelen tener mayor comorbilidad 18, Tras este periodo de meses, el riesgo de mortalidad se iguala con las personas de similar edad y sexo que no se han fracturado la cadera. Los pacientes que no fallecen sufren un deterioro funcional importante.

Schurch, Tkatch, y Delmi y cols. Los factores que se asocian en los distintos estudios a una mayor mortalidad, se pueden ver resumidos en la tabla I. Mullen y cols. Kenzora y cols. El estudio de White y cols. Los pacientes con ictus previo, al contrario de lo que se pudiera pensar, no recuperan peor su nivel funcional previo.

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