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Ligamentos meniscocapsulares. Ligamentos intermeniscais. Ligamentos meniscofemorais. Correlation between type of discoid lateral menisci and tear pattern. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. Discoid lateral meniscus and the frequency of meniscal tears.

Skeletal Radiol. Anatomic variations of the shape of the menisci: a neonatal cadaver study. Arthroscopic treatment of symptomatic discoid meniscus in children: classification, technique, and results.

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Central hole tear of the discoid meniscus of the knee in magnetic resonance imaging: mimicking the buckethandle tear. MRI appearance of Wrisberg variant of discoid lateral meniscus. MR imaging of meniscal malformations of the knee mimicking displaced bucket-handle tear. Magnetic resonance imaging of anatomical variations in the knee. Part 2: miscellaneous. Anomalous insertion of the medial meniscus into the anterior cruciate ligament: the MR appearance.

Br J Radiol. An arthroscopic analysis of lateral meniscal variants and a comparison with MRI findings. Symptomatic ring-shaped medial meniscus. Clin Anat. Symptomatic ring-shaped lateral meniscus: magnetic resonance imaging and arthroscopy. Bhargava A, Ferrari DA. Posterior medial meniscus-femoral insertion into the anterior cruciate ligament. A case report. Observation of anomalous insertion of the medial meniscus on the anterior cruciate ligament. MR imaging of infrapatellar plica injury.

MR imaging of a meniscal ossicle. The "floating" meniscus: MRI in knee trauma and implications for surgery. Medial meniscocapsular separation: MR imaging criteria and diagnostic pitfalls.

Normal and abnormal medial meniscocapsular structures: MR imaging and sonography in cadavers. Menisco-meniscal ligaments of the human knee. Anat Anz. MR imaging of the anterior intermeniscal ligament: classification according to insertion sites. Eur Radiol. The anterior intermeniscal ligament of the knee. An anatomic study. Am J Sports Med.

Herman LJ, Beltran J. Pitfalls in MR imaging of the knee. Rev Imagem. Oblique meniscomeniscal ligament: another potential pitfall for a meniscal tear - anatomic description and appearance at MR imaging in three cases. Bucket-handle meniscal tears of the knee: sensitivity and specificity of MRI signs. Variations in meniscofemoral ligaments at anatomical study and MR imaging. MR imaging of the knee: pseudotear of the lateral meniscus caused by the meniscofemoral ligament.

Meniscofemoral ligaments: patterns of tears and pseudotears of the menisci using cadaveric and clinical material. Posterior horn lateral meniscal tears simulating meniscofemoral ligament attachment in the setting of ACL tear: MRI findings. Radiol Bras. Anterior horn of the lateral meniscus: another potential pitfall in MR imaging of the knee. Meniscoligamentous band between the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus and the anterior cruciate ligament: arthroscopic, anatomical and histological observations.

Surg Radiol Anat. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.


Menisco discoide laterale apparentemente integro: contributo casistico

There is a higher prevalence in Asians without any gender predilection 7. Lateral discoid meniscus is far more common than medial discoid meniscus, with the latter being rare. Although frequently asymptomatic, discoid menisci are prone to cystic degeneration with subsequent tear. Clinical presentation may, therefore, be either incidental or with pain, locking or a 'clunk'. Discoid menisci have decreased collagen fibers and loss of normal collagen orientation, which predisposes them to intrameniscal mucoid degeneration 7. Classification is based on the degree of peripheral attachments to the tibial plateau, and the shape of the meniscus itself:. Radiographs may well suggest the diagnosis with the widening of the lateral joint space and cupping of the lateral tibial plateau, which is normally flat or even slightly convex.


menisco discoide

Ligamentos meniscocapsulares. Ligamentos intermeniscais. Ligamentos meniscofemorais. Correlation between type of discoid lateral menisci and tear pattern.



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