To found a comparative policy outcome from these PRSPs, this paper categorized in to four parts. When the first part deals with the introduction, the second part is all about the review literature of the general national development plans of the nation. The third part also involves the documentary data analysis and related theoretical findings. At the end, the researcher has tried to conclude and to recommend necessary suggestions which can serv as input for the second transformation plans GTP1 of the nation based on the documentary data at the fourth part of this research. Quick jump to page content. Published Nov 14,

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Federal Courts Draft Proclamation Ethiopia. Minutes of Constitution Drafting Commission. Excise Tax Proclamation. Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism Crimes Proclamation. Investment Proclamation. Administrative Procedure Proclamation Ethiopia. Proclamation of State of Emergency Due to Covid Political Program of Ezema.

Draft Excise Proclamation Ethiopia. Draft State Enterprises Proclamation Ethiopia. Prosperity Party Program. Tools for Political Parties. Old Ethiopian Newspapers Berhanena Selam. Proclamation No. The New Labor Proclamation.

Draft Land Expropriation Law. Election Draft Proclamation. Draft Custom Amendment Proclamation. Communication Services Draft proclamation. Draft Advocates Proclamation. Proclamation no. Ethiopian Constitutional laws. Comprehensive Justice System Reform Program. A move towards restorative justice in Ethiopia.

Environmental Crimes in Ethiopia. Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce Researches. Scope of Labor Proclamation. Termination of Contract of Employment. Occupational Safety and Accidents. Period of Limitations. Power of Labor Board and Court. Severance Pay, Pension, Provident fund. Working Hours and Leaves.

Transfer, Assignment, Promotion. Ethiopian Constitutional laws Federal Laws By subject. Legal Codes Codes Cassation volumes Go to article Training Materials Go to article Anti-corruption law Case flow management part 1 Case flow management part 2 Civil procedure law Comercial law Contract law Court decorum Criminal investigation for prosecutors Criminal law Criminal procedure law Evidence law FDRE constitution part 1 Interpretation of laws Judgement writing Judicial ethics Judicial independence transparency and accountability Labor law part 1 Labor law part 2 Property law Rural and urban land law Rural land law Sentencing Succesion Tax law Tort law.

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Comparative Analysis for the SDPRP, PASDEP and GTP of the FDR of Ethiopia



Policy - Plan for Accelerated and Sustained Development to End Poverty (PASDEP)


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