This is an attempt to make Sahaja Yoga books, old magazines, print quality photos of H. Shri Mataji, Her audio discourses, corresponding transcripts as well as various public program materials available at one place. For videos one may visit following sites:. Sahaja Digital Library Home.

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Print copies of the Songbook. Australian Sahaja Yoga Songbook - complete Sahaja Yoga Mantrabook Updated The update contains two new sets of names composed by Shri Mataji Herself as well as further additions and corrections.

Sahaja Yoga Joke Book. This is a series of books on Sahaja Yoga topics researched through Shri Mataji's lectures and other scriptures. Edition Three - The Ganesha Atharva Sheersha is one of the most powerful mantras we have and Shri Mataji has recommended knowing its meaning. The book explains the connections with Indian philosophy and Sahaja Yoga and explores hidden meanings in the text. Edition Three contains further insights and quotes from Shri Mataji and other scriptures with clearer formatting of the original book published in Sept Eight audio tracks of the G.

Uploaded The Three Worlds - an investigation into the three-fold nature of Creation. Shri Chakra - the significance of the Yantra of the Supreme Goddess. Bija Mantras. Navaratri - prayers, praises and hymns. Print copy: to order a print copy follw this link:. Navaratri - prayers, praises and hymns enlarged and updated.

SY Books page. Links on the SY Books page. New Page! Click on this link to access all the sacred books as Word files MS Word Sacred Books page. The Sahaja Bhajan Book - a collection of 78 bhajans, some well-known, some not, with the tunes given in musical notation and guitar chords.

A Selection of English translations of Sacred Books including Audio files. Web View Mobile View. SY Books available to download. Songbook You can now order print copies of the SY Songbook from Lulu. Useful for those wishing to sing less-used Bhajans.

With a page index but without diacritics or guitar chords. Also without the wonderful graphics of the original book to reduce the file size more than Mb! Click the link below to download. SY Songbook -complete. The Sahaja Bhajan Book.

Here are 78 Bhajans, some well-known, some not, with the tune given in musical notation with guitar chords often more complex than in the SY Songbook above. A useful resource for musicians to learn the tunes and chords.

It contains five songs not in the songbook. SY Bhajan Book-final. All the English songs up to E plus some older Italian, Spanish, German and Russian songs not in the newer songbooks. If you are looking for those early devotional SY songs or are a fan of Sahaj versions of 'Mull of Kintyre' or 'Michael row the boat ashore', they are all here!

English Songs from Swiss SB. Updated The update contains two new sets of names composed by Shri Mataji Herself as well as further additions and corrections.

The main differences are: 1. In the NV7 some names have been changed and repeats removed. The traditional Sahaja Yoga Sanskrit spellings have been retained, with diacritics to facilitate correct pronunciation.

Click below to download. SYMB A collection of jokes and humourous sayings by Shri Mataji and other Sahaja Yogis. All contributions welcome! Om Namaste Ganapataye This wonderful poem was recommended by Shri Mataji and She often referred to it in Her speeches.

At one time She recommended saying it every day - it seems to help develop the quality of Bhakti -'devotion', so important to our ascent. The names were used extensively by Her especially in the early days for havans and Her Names are taken from it.

This book gives the poem itself in transliterated Sanskrit and lists the names with some explanations, background material and commentary. Lalita Sahasranama Many aspects of creation come in threes - past, present and future, the three Gunas, three channels, three fundamental particles, to name but a few. U ploaded The Three Worlds It is considered to symbolise the Subtle System. The book is still in development, but this how far we've got! Shri Chakra Bija Mantras Shri Mataji gave us some pointers to the power and scope of Bija Mantras, and encouraged us to explore further; here is the results of some research into the subject.

A collection of the tradtional praises used during Navaratri, including the Devi Mahatmyam in English with the Sanskrit of the four great hymns. Navaratri A4. What's new Materials added in the last three months includes. Sacred Books page The Life of Guru Nanak - revised with larger font Sacred Books page The Sahaja Bhajan Book - a collection of 78 bhajans, some well-known, some not, with the tunes given in musical notation and guitar chords.

Visit these pages:. Print Sitemap There is no copyright on any of this material which is for the emancipation of humanity. However we request that material is not reprinted in a form to substantially alter its meaning or intended purpose.


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