I config the internet connection only and set DHCP on it. My other computers are getting the internet from the Sonicwall. But I don't know how to block sites. How to configure emails from my webserver net4india? We have 10 user email IDs.

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Sonicwall 06C Page 50 Configuring High Availability. Virtual MAC. This greatly simplifies the process of. Only the switch to which the two appliances are. All outside devices will. The Heartbeat Interval co ntrols how often the two un its. The default is milliseconds; the.

Set the Failover T rigger Lev el to the number of. Set the Probe Interval to the inte rval in seconds betw een. This is us ed in logi cal. SonicW ALL recommends that you set the. The default is 20 seconds,. Y ou can set the. Monitor ing screen. Set the Probe Count to the number of consecutive probes. This is used in logical monito ring. The default. The Election Delay Time is the number of seconds.

HA pair before one of them t akes the primary role. Y ou do not need to click Synchronize Setting s at this. T o synchronize all settings on. Synchronize Setting s. The Idle unit will reboot. Click Synchron ize Firmware if you previously uploaded. Synchr onize Firmwa re is typically used. When finished with all High Availability configuration, click.

All settings will be synchronize d to the Idle unit. Configur ing HA Monitor ing. By enabling. The li nk is sensed at the p hysical. Failure to p eriodically communicate with the device.

If neither unit in the HA Pair can connect to the device, no. The Primary and Backup IP addresses configured on this page. Click the Configure icon for the X0 interface. T o enable link detection between the design ated HA. Enable Physical Interface Mon itoring checkbox. Page 52 Configuring High Availability. T ypically , this should. If prob ing is desired on.

Primary and Backup appliances will reg ularly ping this. If both can successfully ping the target,. If neither can successfully ping the. But, if o ne applianc e can p ing the target but the. X0 interface X1 for probing on the W AN to allow logical. Allowing the SonicOS firmware to. Virtual MAC address, which prevents possible conflict s. Click OK. T o configure monitoring on any of the other interfaces,. Wh en finishe d with all Hi gh Av ailability configuration, click.

All settings will be synchronized to the Idl e unit. Once you have configured the HA settings on the Primary. SonicW ALL security appliance, it will automatical ly syn chronize. Y ou do not need to click the Synchronize Setti ngs button.

However , if you later choose to do a manual synchronizatio n of. Y ou will see a. HA Peer Firewall has been updated notification at the bottom. Also note that the. This specifies that certificates, certificate revoca tion lists CRL ,. When local cert ificates are co pied to the.

Backup unit, the associated private keys are also copied. Because the connection between the Primary and Backup units. Tip: A compromise between the convenience of.

V erifying HA Fu nctionality. After a failover to the Backup. From your management workstatio n, test connectivity through. Note that unless virtual MAC is enabled, the Backup. If the. If you are using the Monitor Inte rfaces feature, experiment with. The secondary WAN port can be used as a backup if the. This section contains the following subsectio ns:. T ypical. Local Network LAN - wired local client. DMZ - optional wired resources. Perform the following steps to configure WAN Failover and.

Any interface. Load Balancing. If there are multiple possible secondary WAN interfaces,. Select a load balanc ing method. By default, the. Enter a number between 5 and , in th e Check. The default value is 5. The default value is 3 ,.

Enter a number between 1 and in the Reactivate. The default value. This is not an assured. If the W AN. Only sends traffic through the Secondary W AN. If the Primary WAN fails, then the. SonicW ALL security appliance reverts to this. This mode will automatically r eturn back. This is a simple load balancing. Spillover-Based Allows you to control when and if the Second ary.

Y ou can specify when the. SonicW ALL security appliance starts sending. S pecifies the percentages of traffic sent through. Optionally , enable Source and Dest inatio n IP. Address Binding : Enables you to maintain a.

Under the default p robe moni tori ng configuration, the.


Sonicwall 06C 802.11b/g/n Router User Manual SonicWALL TZ 210 Series Getting Started Guide

Sonicwall 06C Page 50 Configuring High Availability. Virtual MAC. This greatly simplifies the process of. Only the switch to which the two appliances are. All outside devices will. The Heartbeat Interval co ntrols how often the two un its.


SonicWall out of the box setup

Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. The next few pages provide a Quick Start to connecting your appliance. For a complete listing of contents, including more advanced network deployments, see the Table of Contents on page i of this guide.


SonicWALL TZ 210 Series Manuals



SonicWALL TZ 210 Wireless-N 01-SSC-8755 User Manual


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