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Descubra todo lo que Scribd tiene para ofrecer, incluyendo libros y audiolibros de importantes editoriales. The writer will describe the nursing care that should be carried out to meet Mrs Moohans hygiene needs. The nurse should initially discuss with Mrs Moohan her usual hygiene routine to assess her ability to meet her own hygiene needs.

The nurse may at this time endeavour to ascertain Mrs Moohan's preference to a bath or shower or if she has any religious beliefs which may affect her choice. The nurse may recommend a therapeutic bath of 37C as this would not only clean the patient but also could reduce her temperature.

Before commencing the bath Mrs Moohan would be offered the opportunity have a cool drink as she is at risk of becoming dehydrated due sweating. Mrs Moohan may wish to use the toilet before having her bath, as she is likely to have a larger fluid intake due to thirst caused by hyperthermia, making her micturate more frequently.

The nurse would ensure Mrs Moohans privacy is maintained by keeping the door closed when undressing and bathing. The environmental temperature should be warm, because shivering will cause a chill, which raises the patients temperature higher. When wet the skin can loose more heat through convection Potter and Perry The bath should be cleaned before use to prevent cross infection. As Mrs Moohan is frail she will require nursing assistance throughout Chandler If the nurse has to leave her momentarily a call bell should be placed within easy reach.

She may need the aid of a hoist or bath chair if she has difficulty getting into the bath. Mrs Moohan would be encouraged to do as much for herself as she is able as this promotes her self-esteem Roper et al The Nurse should talk to her patient to find out whether she uses soap, bubble bath and if she would like her hair washed.

When bathing Mrs Moohan the nurse has good opportunity to assess her skin condition, as she may be more at risk from developing pressure sores due to poor nutrition Brunner and Suddarth The nurse should ensure that all the equipment required is close at hand before starting. Certain areas may need special attention.

The nurse should take great care when washing Mrs Moohans hair, as it may be very thin and brittle due to her poor nutritional status Potter and Perry Her eyes should be cleaned with plain water and a clean cloth, if any discharge is present each eye should be cleansed using disposable swabs. Her ears should not be cleaned with cotton buds as they can damage the inner ear. Ensure glasses are clean and hearing aids switched on if worn.

Nails should be washed thoroughly to ensure all dirt is removed to prevent growth of microorganisms that cause infection. If the. Mrs Moohan will need to have her perineal area washed carefully as she is at greater risk from pressure sores due to malnutrition and reduced mobility caused by her frailty. Because she is febrile she is sweating and passing urine more than usual, this can cause a greater risk of infection or become odorous.

When getting dried Mrs Moohan should sit down, as she may be exhausted after her bath but should still be encouraged to participate as much as she is able.

Deodorant and talc should be available if used and assistance offered applying them. The nurse encourages Mrs Moohan to dress in her own choice of clothing, recommending loose, cotton clothing to help reduce her temperature. Mrs Moohan's hair should be brushed or combed and dried in a style that she likes. The nurse should assist Mrs Moohan to clean dentures or brush her teeth if she is unable to herself.

Her mouth could be very dry as she has a potential problem of dehydration so mouthwash should be offered. Ensure that Mrs Moohan's dentures are well fitting if she wears them, as this could be a cause of malnutrition Mallik this could also be true if she has dental caries or periodontal disease. The nurse should educate Mrs Moohan about the need to eat a light diet to fight the fever and also to improve her nutritional status and give her more strength, as poor nutrition increases the risk of infection Watson and Royle The nurse should record the procedure and any changes in Mrs Moohans care plan Heath and Taylor Comience la prueba gratis Cancele en cualquier momento.

Level 1 PersonalHygiene. Cargado por Andreea Mh. Compartir este documento Compartir o incrustar documentos Opciones para compartir Compartir en Facebook, abre una nueva ventana Facebook. Denunciar este documento. Descargar ahora. Carrusel Anterior Carrusel Siguiente. Hygienic Requirements of Food and Drink Establishments. Buscar dentro del documento. Level 1 Personal Hygiene Mrs Moohan is frail, malnourished and pyrexial. Documentos similares a Level 1 PersonalHygiene.

Asian Development Bank. Bernardo Rippe Di Dio. International Relief and Development. CAO Group, Inc. Aman Agarwal. Vamsi Sakhamuri. Bmalleswar Skvvg. Renette Uy. Amany Salama. Infection Control on Linen and Laundry Management. Rosafe E. Austin Yii. Rizwan Alam. Desireersws u Espejonqt. Ivan Jevremovic. Andreea Mh. Popular en Politics. Preet Chahal. San Pedro v. Andala; Bank of Commerce v.

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Level 1 PersonalHygiene






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