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The se pages are taken from " The Complete. Other product or brand names may be registered. About this Quick Reference Guide ASE versions covered in this edition How to use this Quick Reference Guide Electronic version of code samples Developer Topics DBA Topics Advanced DBA Topics Miscellaneous Topics Create a new ASE server srvbuild[res]; syconfig; sybatch; dataserver -z -b.

ASE manuals for details. This parameter can also be set via. Logical operators are used in logical expressions such as in predicates and ifstatements ,. The message string. The master key and the dual master key must. Modifies the specified encryption key or key copy.

The remainder of the command. For system-defined. The clause. For procedures, ASE uses negative return values. The number of concurrent waitfor. Also note: system stored. The se cursors. The rest of this section applies only to language cursors or server cursors. In pre For full details. String with returns. System roles are always activated.

This is executed for all logins incl. The global login trigger is disabled with boot-time traceflag undocumented. Returns the login ID suid or login name for the specified login name or ID, respectively,. The inherited roles can be restricted with grant.

Changes the sort order for the current default character set. After restarting the ASE. Changes the default character set used by the server. When ASE is restarted, the. To store Unicode data in [var]char or text data, configure ASE with the utf8 character. Kills the specified session. The undocumented option with trace prints a stacktrace.

Modify certain run-time configuration settings. The se settings are not persistent i. Possible options are:. Do not contact Sybase Technical Support for assistance! The interfaces file is an essential part of the Sybase client-server environment.

To start a server, it must be able to find its own network address. When named or located differently, it must be. Best use the dsedit or dscp utilities to edit the interfaces file. Note that the interfaces. The options marked. In GNU-style equivalent e. The pre Note that the original page size is 11 by 22 cm 4. Rob Verschoor Sypron Publications. Other product or brand names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, without the prior written permission of the publisher. ASE versions On Windows, read sqlsrvr. With length This parameter can also be set via the config setting 'enable functionality group'.

All text after -- until the end of the line, is a comment. Quotes as string delimiters Character constants often referred to as 'strings' must be enclosed in either single or double quotes; the opening and closing quote must be identical.

When the delimiter quote appears twice, it evaluates to a single character in the string. Examples: 'abc' or "abc" - these strings are identical "'" - a string consisting of a single quote, enclosed in double quotes 'He said: "How are you?

This character will not be part of the actual string. For mathematical functions, such as abs and power , see p. Logical operators Logical operators are used in logical expressions such as in predicates and ifstatements , which evaluate to true or false except for some cases involving NULL values, where the result can be unknown.

The message string can be max. Otherwise, returns a bitmap indicating the reasons why this is not possible. Use in a query against sysindexes; see rowcnt for an example. For as default, see alter encryption key. Before the key can be used, set encryption passwd… must be executed. NB: a lost password cannot be recovered unless a recovery key copy has been created with alter encryption key…for recovery.

Without with passwd, the key is protected by the master key and dual master key, which must both exist; with with passwd, it is protected by this key password and the master key.

For password requirements, see create encryption key…with passwd above. The master key and the dual master key must have different owners. When using unattended startup mode with the master key startup file, this is not needed. No columns or keys must be encrypted with the key.

A key copy is identical to the original key, but is protected with a different password, and accessible only by the designated user. With for recovery, the key copy can be used for recovery purposes only; no encrypted data can be accessed through it. The designated user should be trustworthy, modify the password, and keep it in a safe place. For system-defined messages in master.. The clause with errordata list is for use with CT-Lib programs only. If the expression involves a query, this must evaluate to a single integer value.

For procedures, ASE uses negative return values to indicate certain types of errors; therefore, don't use these in your SQL code. When the AP clause is used, the parentheses ' ' and ' ' are mandatory. See the while statement for more information about this optional AP clause. Also note: system stored procedures can access other databases without changing the current database though the use command. The se cursors can not be created interactively using client applications like isql. With scroll, the cursor is scrollable i.

Trace- ASE versions To start, run: java sybase. Debug from the command line. By default, the result datatype is text, unless specified otherwise as an ASE datatype or as java.

This can be used like a logical expression, for example in a where clause, case expression, if statement etc. To negate the result, use not. Also, it simplifies ASE versions


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The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide ASE versions 12.0, 12.5.4 & 15.0.1



ISBN 13: 9789080611719



The Complete Sybase ASE Quick Reference Guide - Rob Verschoor


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