Named after the chic summer haunt of well-heeled New Yorkers, the Hamptons Diet dishes up advice that turns out to be a low-carb regimen with a few new twists—including the addition of macadamia nut oil. Author Fred Pescatore, MD, former medical director of the Atkins Diet Center, calls this substance a "secret ingredient" for weight loss. Apparently, he bases that belief on a recent study that found moderate-fat diets high in monounsaturated fat are more effective and easier to follow than many other plans. Macadamia nut oil, the author asserts, is special because it contains more of these weight-loss-helping monos than any other oil.

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Click the button below to download your free seafood cooking guide and recipes e-booklet. Your Account Register Contact Us. Please enter a valid email address. Got it, thanks! A healthy new approach to low-carb eating by Fred Pescatore, M. Since the 's, increasing levels of food processing have depleted our food supply of its natural goodness. Research tells us that a traditional low-carb, whole foods diet stimulates a process called thermogenesis, which yields a 10 percent boost in your resting metabolic calorie-burning rate.

It is now possible to lose up to 6 pounds per week in the initial stages of the weight loss program safely, and without entering ketosis or feeling deprived. I also advocate eating locally grown foods in season whenever possible, to support small farms and preserve open land.

By favoring natural, unprocessed, locally produced foods, we will grow closer to the natural rhythms of life, become healthier, and allow our bodies to heal themselves and lose weight quickly and safely.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Loves The Hamptons Diet, But What Is It?

At its simplest, The Hamptons Diet encourages users to choose lean meats, healthy fats, and restrict carb levels. And like the Mediterranean Diet, it focuses on whole foods organic when possible that are minimally processed and lots of fish and low-carb veggies. There is also a big emphasis placed on omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats MUFA -- especially actually, almost exclusively macadamia nut oil. The thought behind this is that MUFAs can help both with metabolism and longterm weight loss.


Hampton’s Diet

The Hamptons diet is a low-carbohydrate, low-calorie diet that could be described as a cross between the Atkins diet and the Mediterranean diet. The originator of the Hamptons diet, Dr. Fred Pescatore, is the former associate medical director of the Atkins Center. The Hamptons diet is a relatively recent addition to the list of popular diets. Still concerned about his weight, he tried the Atkins diet and reportedly lost an additional 20 pounds.

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