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It has been noted that the utrons act as coils. That makes the self-regenerating circuitry possible in a Bedini schoolgirl configuration. Central accumulator is an essential part of making a machine that captures photons. Photons are captured to harvest clean energy, though it is hard to do, especially without the help of great engineers and mighty machines. I hope that accumulators would get more attention because they are the centerpiece of the machineries built to capture the said photons.

Anyway, I totally agree that people should not ignore the risks of harvesting clean energy. Engineers should always be on alert to avoid problems to arise. I don't know if Carr realized that the utrons were really gyroscopes. It's hard to say. He never mentioned it in any writings of his. That is the primary key to the whole gravity craft other than the magneto-electrostatic aspect of it. He DID mention a few things along those lines; but I must confess, even with a concept of spin and rotation, it just never dawned on me about its simple gyroscopic nature.

Dare I say.. It should be called the "Central Reactor. It's a R. Have you done any experimentation? If not, when will you do experimentation? I sent you a bunch of replies. I just posted new comments though. But this is a notification to all the replies I sent you, and updates to this article.

I have shared a commutator design I used around a driveshaft that was nonconventional to just get the idea. I have built a commutator to wire two generators into one, in a special configuration, and I'll include those photos in a book.

Actually, I may put those pictures up here some day. But you got me intrigued. Have you seen my Tesla Engineering Physics page? Regarding linking theories up, that's a very strange way how you express that thought. I realize you don't understand. Other people have done experimentation and validation. We learn from those who did it before us. If you don't understand it, you can't build it. I would ask you the same.

Do you understand the "Theory of Flight" as it is pertains here? Do you know why the utrons spin, rotate, and gyrate? Do you know how to make a self-regenerating circuit? Theory of Gravity, and Theory of John Bedini. If you don't understand theory, you won't know how to build a commutator.

Any monkey can follow instructions. But who can think for themselves to solve problems creatively so that you realize all you have to do is reverse poles over here, and run that group to that half-rotation contact plate on the commutator over there I have done a lot of experimentation, for 16 years.

That is why I can say these things, and the words be filled with meaning. I will do more experimentation when I am ready, and when I feel the world is more ready. If all OTC-X1 engineers are like you, then how can you even believe in yourself as such? These theories are for the purpose of experimentation and construction, Engineer. You know what Engineering Physics is?

Well, now you know. The purpose of engineering physics is to build things! Substance to you is something you hold in your hands and feel and touch blindly. It is something you can give and you can trade.

But so are Ideas. So, the idea is also part of the substance of reality. You caught me off guard at a bad time. This is the response I should have made from the beginning. This webpage is filled with recent breakthroughs that have also been tested and verified, involving utrons, self-regenerating circuits, and aspects of gravitational theory.

If you don't understand why the universe works my friend, this is magic to you. But it isn't for the faint of heart, or of a narrow perception. If you can't see through the dragon's eye, then maybe you aren't ready to believe in yourself, or face the reality of profound change in the world, in that to understand it, one must First thing I would have said upon seeing this page is "what's the spark gap for? Vibration and frequency plays a big role in that one, more than the OTC-X1.

There is still a piece missing from that. But learning about the OTC-X1, I can think in terms more of frequencies of time, or temporal resonance rather where time can be sped up or slowed more, to put it in layman terms. Time is very interesting. It has an axis of nothingness. It gyrates with magneto-electrostatic charge, also. David Hamel talked about lightning coming out of the cones.

But his vision of the cones didn't match up to a logical reality. I modified it, because I recognized it. If the OTC-X1 works, then so can that vibration engine vertical core. I recognize you have doubts and fears.

That's why this website exists, for your benefit. If you like it, learn from it. If I had the ability right now to work on this, and to build it, I would. My path is a little different. I seek the same thing you seek, validation that we can really fly around in a OTC-X1 series electro-gravity craft.

That is the description of the OTC-X1. Carr said it's electro-gravity. That's why there's a spark gap in my design here. Other people have built stuff, tested, verified. Other people have discovered stuff. TEsted, verified. I've discovered stuff, too, as well as tested and verified other people's stuff. That's the stuff that we know.

I have also included that stuff, the stuff that we know. Maybe that holds more value to you. All the rest of the stuff is pertaining to duplicating the OTC-X1.

Can I say that without being disrespectful? I like your quote by Nikola Tesla. I couldn't agree more. Yes, I've done quite a bit of experimentation, and a LOT of research. I would so much love to be actually getting my hands dirty and doing further experimentation with the OTC-X1, but my funding has totally run dry.

A lot of what's going on here in this article is based on experimental evidence, and too the articles below this one are based on actual findings and observations from tests involving components of the OTC-X1, and based on historical account from Otis T.

Carr's writings, as well as Ralph Ring's testimonies. I've duplicated several aspects of Tesla's work, discovered wireless transfer of power with just some basic coils and equipment. I've duplicated his one-wire connections as well, and have a good grasp on that. I've saving a lot of those details for a book though, because that's what I've been working on the past 16 years, and want to publish all my findings.

A lot of the details and specifics are left out of this website because of that. Publishing books, which also includes an entire book of its own on metaphysics, is what I hope will provide funding so I can get back in the lab and start doing work with the OTC-X1. Many other people have also done work in the field of gravity propulsion, and there is plenty of evidence of verification, as well as other people's work that all contribute to what we can understand and use to grow.

They have theories on negative energy, inflation of space, and black holes, but the biggest thorn has been the claims of Special Relativity which is where people say because of THAT we can't do things like fly to other stars.

IEC 60076-3 PDF

Otis TCarr The Utron Electrical Accumulator ~ Articles

Ralph Ring, Otis T. Find this Pin and more on alt energy by Dane KNoblauch. Flying Saucer. Go Fund Me. How To Plan. Find this Pin and more on random i am by Tom Adams.


Flying Saucer

To hear him tell it, Otis T. Not only that but Tesla, the great electricity genius and Thomas Edison contemporary, had confided some of his deepest secrets to Carr when the latter worked as a young hotel clerk in New York City in the s. He founded OTC Enterprises, hired a fast-talking business manager named Norman Colton, and set out to secure funding for a "fourth dimensional space vehicle" powered by a "revolutionary Utron Electric Accumulator. Carr and Colton secured hundreds of thousands of dollars from wealthy investors and contactee-oriented saucer fans, including Warren Goetz, who claimed to be an actual space person, having materialized as a baby in his Earth mother's arms while a saucer hovered overhead. Another associate, Margaret Storm, wrote a biography of Tesla, who turns out to have been a Venusian.


Ralph Ring, Otis T.Carr: The Utron Electrical Accumulator ...

Charging currents, up to 20 amperes. Discharging currents, up to 30 amperes. Current capacity of each accumulator ampere-hours, at a ampere rate. Energy capacity, volt ampere-hours or watt-hours. It is composed of an alloy of lead 95 per cent. The square holes or interstices are filled with litharge and red lead for the negative and positive plates respectively. The cohesion of molecular shells is brought about by inertial systems in the gravity field, manifesting in the two poles of natural magnetism and electromagnetism.



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