Bookly Micro. The 24C32 and 24C64 are electrically. The 24C Each device is organized into 32 byte pages for.

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Obsolete Device. Standard Endurance Block. The Microchip Technology Inc. This device has. The 24C32 features an input cache for fast write loads.

Functional address lines allow. Advanced CMOS technol-. The 24C32 is available in. SOIC package. I 2 C is a trademark of Philips Corporation. Smart Serial is a trademark of Microchip Technology Inc. A0 A1 A2. DSH-page 1.

All inputs and outputs w. Storage temperature Ambient temp. Soldering temperature of leads 10 seconds ESD protection on all pins This is a stress rat-. Exposure to maximum rating. TABLE User Configurable Chip Selects. Serial Clock. No Internal Connection. Industrial I :. Max Units. High level input voltage. Low level input voltage. Low level output voltage. Input leakage current. Output leakage current. Pin capacitance.

Operating current. I CC Read. Standby current. I CCS. V Note. V HYS. DSH-page 2. Download 24C32 Datasheet. This device has been developed for advanced, low power applications such as personal communications or data acquisition.

The 24C32 features an input cache for fast write loads with a capacity of eight 8-byte pages, or 64 bytes. It also features a fixed 4K-bit block of ultra-high endur- ance memory for data that changes frequently.

The 24C32 is capable of both random and sequential reads up to the 32K boundary. Functional address lines allow up to eight 24C32 devices on the same bus, for up to K bits address space. Advanced CMOS technol- ogy makes this device ideal for low-power non-volatile code and data applications. This is a stress rat- ing only and functional operation of the device at those or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational listings of this specification is not implied.

Exposure to maximum rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.


24C32 Datasheet PDF



24C32 Datasheet


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