Package Dimensions unit:mm D [2SC] SANYO assumes no responsibility for equipment failures that result from using products at values that exceed, even momentarily, rated values such as maximum ratings, operating condition ranges,or other parameters listed in products specifications of any and all SANYO products described or contained herein. Ordering number:EN Ultrahigh-Definition Color Display. Horizontal Deflection Output Applications.

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No neck glow and the HV is goes up to about v and then cycles as do the clicks. Any help is appreciated. Thank you Jeff. Most likely Q, although I don't have a manual or chassis handy to check.

It's Q on the , though. Check around the flyback for a large 3-legged transistor mounted to either a metal wall or a large heat sink. It'll probably have a smaller transistor near it The answer is Q Thanks for playing and see you real soon the next time on Where's the H-O-T. Goooood night everybody.

I just purchased a used pac-man over the weekend and it came with one of these monitors. It is doing the same clicking as you described above. There is a hot piece on the board, labeled W The original owner said the monitor worked for about a year, then just quit.

Can you describe your repair at all? Attached is a picture of what I am seeing get very hot. It is labeled M on the top. I would love to have this be a simple fix as the monitor looks in very good condition.

The black box in your pic is a posistor which controls the degaussing coil. In my case C, a 33uf v 'lytic shorted and took out the HOT as well. Replaced both and it came back to life. I have this same chassis, with the same symptoms.. Anyone know where I can get a replacement for this part? I tried searching for the datasheet, but not much is coming up! Part reads: JD F47 The original owner said the monitor worked for about a year, then just quit.

That's funny because I just installed this monitor about a year ago as well The part seems to work, I now get the high pitched sound that you would normally hear from a functional monitor, but there is no neck glow, no picture, and i think the flyback is cooking because an odd smell is coming from the board.. I am thinking about replacing the flyback. Yes, the CRT heater voltage comes from the flyback.

Good luck finding a replacement flyback, though. I'm pretty sure they're not made any more. Ah, it all makes sense then..

I also found a small bulge on the flyback, as if it cooked a little bit. Bringing this thread back to life since I was working on the same monitor with the same issue.


Silicon NPN Power Transistors



2SC4769 Datasheet


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