Cancer of the Prostate and Kidney pp Cite as. Carcinoma of the prostate is a slowly progressive disease which may be managed in many different ways. Treatment alternatives include no treatment, surgery, irradiation, endocrine therapy and cytotoxic chemotherapy. Diagnosis is easily achieved by rectal examination and biopsy, and scanning techniques are readily available for accurate clinical staging. The common osteosclerotic metastases are not, however, easily assessed for progression or regression and other marker lesions suitable for accurate measurement do not often occur, even in advanced progressive disease. Therefore a good biological tumour marker would be invaluable to aid the clinician monitor disease progression and the response to treatment and to assess new hormonal and chemotherapeutic regimes in phase II clinical trials.

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Juan P. Brito 1,2,a , Juan P. Kargi 5,a. Rochester, EE. Miami, EE. In the regions with no iodine deficiency, it is more frequent in women and oftentimes has a familial association. The symptoms and signs of hypothyroidism are systemic and depend on the duration and intensity of the thyroid hormone deficiency. Neuromuscular manifestations are seldom the only symptoms and signs present. Antecedentes: tiroiditis de Hashimoto en la madre. En el examen de ingreso, los signos vitales eran normales.

Dentro de las principales manifestaciones musculares de la enfermedad se encuentran: las paresias de diverso grado, fatigabilidad, dolor, rigidez muscular y calambres, como los presentados por esta paciente. Cabe resaltar que elevaciones no mayores a diez veces el valor normal de CPK y no asociados a rabdomiolisis suelen ser vistos frecuentemente en hipotiroidismo. Fuentes de financiamiento: autofinanciado. Serum thyrotrophin and circulating thyroglobulin and thyroid microsomal antibodies in a Finnish population.

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Cifras Normales de Aldolasa Sérica en Nuestro Medio



Calambres musculares.


ISO 17872 PDF

Manual Tecnico de La AABB 2012


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