Alteon ADC solution delivers a set of physical appliances, virtual appliances and cloud-based form factors, all sharing the same set of functionality and modules, offering the widest throughput range in the industry, from Mbps to Gbps. On top of all other Layer application delivery functions, performance optimization and security functionality, the Alteon D-line products deliver enhanced traffic encryption processing performance, which is available both through its optimized software and the latest hardware acceleration cards. Alteon virtual appliances and cloud appliances are exactly the same, providing identical functionality as the physical Alteon appliances and industry-leading performance and traffic encryption capacities. All Alteon appliances, starting at the entry level, support virtualization with high density virtual ADC instances per device to enable any size organization to benefit from the cost saving associated with virtualization and ADC consolidation.

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Please Note:. Recommended Warranty. Add to cart. Have specific questions about this product? Curious about shipping options or volume pricing? Contact our team today Contact us. Description Radware's Alteon ADC solution provides advanced and comprehensive application delivery capabilities needed to effectively meet challenges of application deployment and application delivery in today's data centers.

Equipped with advanced application acceleration capabilities, a global server load balancing solution and a comprehensive layer 7 modification tool, Alteon ADC is well positioned as the leading ADC in the industry. Radware's Alteon ADC solution delivers a complete set of services to ensure the availability, performance and security of the mission critical applications in the data center.

Application aware traffic redirection capabilities including content switching, session persistency and advanced servers health monitoring combined with denial-of-service mitigation and SYN flood protection guarantee the application availability under any circumstances. To ensure complete business continuity, Alteon ADC also offers a multi-site global server load balancing solution.

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Radware Alteon Application Switch 5224 - load balancing device

Contact Us Now. We're ready to help, whether you need support, additional services, or answers to your questions about our products and solutions. Need to grow the business, retain customers and increase footprint. Need to protect against advanced security threats to minimize risk and support future innovation.


Alteon Models and Technical Specifications

Radware's Alteon Application Delivery Controller ADC is powered by state-of-the-art, custom-designed hardware platforms and offers the widest throughput range in the industry, from Mbps to 80Gbps. Thanks to Radware's OnDemand strategy, each Alteon platform covers multiple throughput levels and the entire throughput spectrum is covered with a minimal set of platforms. This helps organizations standardize their hardware solutions and reduce OPEX of spare parts and inventory. In addition, the Alteon ADC solution offers performance leadership at every throughput level with its unique software architecture and powerful platforms hardware. Only Radware's Alteon ADC virtualization solution starts at 1Gbps and ranges up to 80Gbps, enabling consolidation and virtualization of any application in the organization. Connect with us through the following networks.


Radware Alteon NG 5224

Call a Specialist Today! Alteon NG, Radware's next-generation application delivery controller ADC , is the industry's only solution designed from the ground up to ensure predictable application SLA at all times. In today's business landscape, IT is required to deliver consistent availability and performance-optimized user experiences for application end-users. On-going trends, such as virtualization, consolidation and cloud-shared platforms are complicating these delivery requirements - the same resources are now shared by different applications and exposing organizations to SLA breaches.


Radware Alteon 5224 ADC Platform


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