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Hello, and welcome to Get Yourself Optimized. Today, we have Bart Baggett with us. Bart is a really cool guy but let me tell you a bit more about him. He is a time author. He is also a TEDx speaker. Thank you for joining us today. I want to geek out on handwriting analysis, on hypnosis, on neuro-audio therapy, and a bunch of stuff that will help people to really optimize their lives.

Like, I just found, I stumbled across a guy, who was an expert in both hypnosis and this thing called handwriting analysis, which I thought was just a load of crap. This is ridiculous!

You know, this guy really had such personal experience and such a following that I thought, wait a second! If these tools can help me boost my self-esteem—you know, I was years old, if they can help me talk to girls and they can help me make better grades, maybe I should listen.

What am I in for? It really is that simple. So, over the last 30 years, they have things like mind machines, which is, basically, lights and sounds to take you into that altered state. I think self-hypnosis is just a matter of not spending the hundred bucks an hour on a therapist, or not having somebody talk to you and really controlling the input, so if you can do it by yourself then you can just lean back and meditate.

Self-hypnosis is really just a fancier version of meditation with you guiding the input versus a stranger. I actually created an audio about five minutes long. Let me address that. If we talk religion or how the world was formed, you can find these core beliefs and you can argue them. The second thing that you did really brilliant is that you stumbled upon classical music but specifically, baroque music has the same cadence as the alpha brain state. The whole thing in this two-day seminar was this guy who was basing everything on this research where they played rock music to an atrium full of plants and now plants, of course, are not sentient beings and you could argue that but they played rock-and-roll music to plants for eight hours a day and they played baroque-specific classical music to plants for eight hours a day as well and guess which one thrived and which one wilted?

Really, really thriving. I have to give credit where credit is due. It was actually a recommendation from Ephraim Olschewski, who was a guest in another episode of The Optimized Geek, and that was a really cool insight that he offered me.

You mentioned a couple of things and we got to dig into a bit more like binaural beats, timeline therapy, and NLP. If you could explain binaural beats and what the idea behind that is and why it works if it works? You tell us. They blink and so they, basically, pace just like the dog at the track is paced by the little dog running all the horses. You get paced by music.

Yeah, very cool. There are some apps, I think, for the iPhone and so forth for binaural beats. Is there any that you recommend? I think timeline therapy came out of neuro-linguistic programming. He had to learn how to get the results from his client without anything fancy so he literally talked like this. You know, bed-wetters, paranoid people, and schizophrenics—all from his language. All these different therapeutic stuff, which takes an exquisite level of therapy to help someone over a phobia.

So if I can ask you—I just want you to point your finger straight up and you can do this at home. So, literally, behind you. What about the interviews next week? Is that behind you or in front of you? You go into the future in your timeline, which, for your case, is in front of you, and you see, you feel, and you touch.

So, what would be some of the other aspects of NLP or neural-linguistic programming that are particularly impactful for folks besides a timeline? Yes, so many people use NLP every day. All good salesman know this. And if you had both of those, what else would be important for you to get up and be excited about a career?

To feel empowered, powerful, excited, and enthused. So, enthused, empowered, and making a difference. I would spit those words back at you. Is it going to make a difference? Does it match my values? Does that make a lot of sense? Yeah, for sure! Thank you for that free stuff for our listeners.

So, you mentioned pacing and leading. You mentioned mirroring. How do those fit into, because those are key NLP techniques, how do those fit in as well? Well, they fit into sort of sales and persuasion, probably the most obvious, like 20 years ago, when the seduction movement started, the people who led that movement were all about using these therapeutic techniques to seduce people—seduce men, seduce women, and basically, manipulate people.

Once you learn this, you sort of realize that the whole world is a bunch of manipulators trying to get your money and your time. What if I can hypnotize to get up and go exercise or stop smoking or lose weight?

Listen to it every day. I changed my personality. One of those popular uses we found recently is, hiring. Great, so this is a great screening technique for hiring and onboarding new staff. Is it being proactive? Is it honesty? Do you have anything kind of similar to that?

You know, for example, a cop, honesty is not the most important in a cop. That is such a crucial distinction—thank you for that. So, handwriting analysis for self-help therapy—what would be some crucial things for people to know about for handwriting analysis? Are they going to need to become handwriting experts on themselves to study their own writing?

Do they send that out to an expert and get that analyzed and then do something with that? This is pretty cool. Oh my God! Those are two things: pay professional for couple hundred bucks or less and get that analysis and written report or go to handwritingwizard.

Where that resonates for them and they want to try that out? Sure, Neuro Audio Therapy is sort of my version of meditation and guided hypnosis. I think the closest you can compare it to is the audios by John Astaroth, which combines some binaural beats and different stereo voices. Very nice, and so you wrote a book about this—the process of The Magic Question, could you dig a lot deeper into that?

What about love? How can I double my income? And let me help you reframe it to a question so you can understand it. I like weightlifting. And so, if you put that on your mirror every morning, all your brain thinks of is, it has to answer the question.

As you take anything you want, you reframe it to a question and then your brain finds answer. They just see it as this voice has always been there. Back in , they would put you in insane asylum for admitting that you had a voice in your head but now, we know. I think what I did is, I made it so simple. Yup, absolutely! Well, so this has been an amazing episode.

Well, thank you. You are a gentleman and this has been really eye-opening, I think, for a lot of our listeners and inspiring too.

So, any final parting words that you want to share, Bart? Oh, thank you! All right, so thanks again, Bart, for imparting such great wisdom and thank you, listeners, for giving us your time and attention during this episode.

Catch you on the next episode! For hypnosis to work, you first need to decide what is most important for you to achieve at this time. Whether you are using self hypnosis or guided hypnotherapy, the ultimate decision to accept the information is up to you.

Bart Baggett is a forensic handwriting expert, professional speaker, and author. I think handwriting is really cool to dissect.


Bart Baggett

Hello, and welcome to Get Yourself Optimized. Today, we have Bart Baggett with us. Bart is a really cool guy but let me tell you a bit more about him. He is a time author.


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Handwriting Analysis 101: A Complete Basic Book to Scientific Handwriting Analysis & Graphology

He is a court qualified forensic handwriting expert in the field of forensic document examination and has testified in over 85 US courtrooms at the local and federal level. He is the founder of Handwriting University, an international training center with graduates in 23 countries. It promotes courses on improving children's penmanship for better grades, cognitive psychology, and personal improvement. Forensic Document Examiner is a specialized field which helps courts and judges determine the identify of the author handwriting sample or the authenticity of a document. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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