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It's simple. It's deep. It works. There are a number of clubs around the UK and the world that teach 4D Combat. The instructors have been taught by Bob Breen. Find Out More. What is 4D Combat? All Videos. Kali stick fighting drills. Know your distance Here we're starting to develop the skills to practice the three count box.

One of the basics that you can adapt or use as is with a tweak or two for fighting. Knowing when you're in range of a strike and when you're out of distance is a key element for any fighter. Don't just do drills waggling your stick in the air. Art, poetry or functional fighting; why not do it right. JKD Tribe seminar: hubud and locks In this video, I show how to become a master of locking using Filipino Hubud a sensitivity drill as a way of linking them and knowing where you are and where the nearest lock is and what's coming next.

Like a scaffold on which all techniques live. Hubud gives you a way of finding them. As one instructor said to me when I praised his locking knowledge. It's important in martial arts not to just know phrases, which are fixed in nature but to learn it as a language so you speak it fluently.

Many mistake one for the other. Start with learning it just on one side. Then do it on the other arm. You may find this harder. Then do the change between the two. Therefore it's joined up. Once you learn a few more changes you'll be seeing the future moves opening up for you before they happen. Be one step ahead all the time. Load More. Affiliated Clubs. List Of Affiliated Clubs. Become An Affiliated Club. Recent News. May JKD Kali: Combat fluency. Mar How far can you go? Staying just where you are.

Nov 28, Bob Breen Legacy Video Bundle special offer. Nov 27, Oct 31, Video testimonial from Adrian. View All News. Follow Bob.


Bob Breen 4D Sparring Seminar

Bob Breen is an author and professional martial artist who began martial arts training in He has trained under a significant number of senior martial arts experts and respected figures in the martial arts world. He has published 10 books since Having begun martial arts training in after what he described was an early life involving frequent fights brought about by circumstances rather than intent, Bob began studying Wado Ryu under Tatsuo Suzuki [2] in the early part of


Sparring : Strategy, Tactics, Technique


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