Home Books Contact Discussion Blog. Welcome to The Podcast Each week l take a new look at daily issues and problems we encounter. When looked at from the Zen point of view, problems turn into Koans and we find an entirely new way to approach them. This approach puts an end to the usual struggle, conflict and frustration. It opens new doors, offers unique, life giving ways of interacting with people and situations.

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Sold by: Amazon. Shoshanna extends an empty and richly filled hand, offering both the sublime and the practical, Publishers Weekly once noted of Brenda Shoshanna, Ph. Now Shoshanna unites the sublime and the practical once again, this time to show us how to rid ourselves of anger and become immune to its toxic effects in a new day program called The Anger Diet. Road rage, school shootings, workplace violence, domestic abuse, drug addiction, and even the national obesity epidemic are manifestations of an overarching problem gripping our society: anger.

Other books about anger are on the market, but this is the first and only diet from anger: a practical, step-by-step day program designed to help readers cleanse their lives of the toxic effects of anger. As Dr. Shoshanna points out, It is one thing to have an intellectual understanding of what is harmful. It is something else to know how to actually get rid of anger in your life. The Anger Diet is the book that bridges the gap between intellectual understanding and practical action.

The practical actions correspond to the 24 forms of anger, many of which are hidden; each form is identified and addressed in its own chapter. Each day readers are asked to give up one form of anger and are given a replacement for it.

One chapter per day, one day at a time, readers will learn how to loosen anger's hold on their lives and gain greater happiness, health, and peace. Skip to main content Brenda Shoshanna.

Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. Psychologist, author, speaker and long term Zen practitioner. Dr Brenda Shoshanna's work is dedicated to integrating Eastern and Western principles and practice and showing how to make them real in your every day life. Her work opens your mind, lifts your spirit and makes everyday worthwhile. She is the author of numerous books in the spirituality, zen, mindfulness, psychology and relationship genres.

Shoshanna's books combine spiritual wisdom with psychological insight and practical advice. Her books have been translated into 18 languages, and she appears frequently on national television, in national print, and in major venues online.

Brenda has spoken and taught at many universities and has offered over talks and workshops nationally on all aspects of psychology, spirituality and living life to the full. She also hosted her own radio show on the Gary Null network, which offered her a weekly platform to address a wide range of issues dealing with spirituality and self-help. Please visit her website at www. You can also find her podcasts and audiobooks at: www. Are you an author?

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Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Books By Brenda Shoshanna. Koans like,"Find Your Precious Jewel," remind us to stop looking outside for what can onlybe found within. And, "Drink A Cup of Green Tea", restores us to beautifulsimplicity and clarity, which ignites our spirit of aliveness. I've read itfrom the first page to the last, love it and highly recommend it. In Zen Play, she provides a compelling newapproach to traditional koan study--one that offers the reader the opportunityto turn his or her whole life into a koan.

Written in a simple yet evocativestyle and filled with timeless wisdom, Zen Play is a work that will appeal to bothnewcomers to Zen thought as well as those seeking to deepen their understandingof koan practice. Russo, Ph. Professorof Philosophy, Molloy College "The need to help others transform their suffering doesn't come to everyone.

Brenda Shoshanna has proven it time and again, with compassion and clarity, walkingwith so many. Those searching for the "Way" will find there is no such thing.

But much more, Brenda's book is delightful. Those suffering from "frozen attention" will laugh at ourselves. Robert Kennedy, Roshi. Founder, Morningstar Zen. Life presents inscrutable challenges daily that are impossible to figure out. In the world of Zen, these ancient dilemmas and questions were called koans. They cannot be answered in the usual way.

And yet a response must be made! Your very life depends on it. It shows how daily dilemmas are none other than koans that life is presenting to you now. In the book you will discover the Zen way of working with koans, and how to approach your challenges that way as well. As you stop trying to figure things out and jump into Zen Play you will gain access to the enormous riches, wisdom and joy within. Then what you have previously viewed as a problem will become an adventure, bringing aliveness and strength.

Along with anecdotes and discussion, there are specific guidelines and enjoyable exercises which allows you to apply the material directly to your everyday life. Written by a psychologist, and long term Zen practitioner Zen Play presents a new path, offering the power of simple moments. Other Formats: Paperback. Other Formats: Audible Audiobook , Paperback.

See purchase options. Zen and the Art of Falling in Love Feb 11, Perennially popular topics Zen and romance come together in this unique guide that reveals how to fall in love and stay that way. We are meant to be in love. Love energizes our daily existence, heals the body and mind and makes every moment precious. So why aren't we in love all the time? In Zen and the Art of Falling in Love , psychologist, relationship expert and Zen practitioner Brenda Shoshanna shows readers how to rejuvenate their romantic lives by combining a psychological understanding of relationships with the way of Zen practice.

The lessons provided by such practices as Taking Your Shoes Off Becoming Available , Sitting on the Cushion Meeting Yourself , Cleaning House Emptying Yourself and Receiving the Stick Dealing with Blows can offer new insight into the common problems of miscommunication, lies, betrayal, jealousy, insecurity, loss, and disappointment.

Using the lessons of Zen practice, you can open your life to love, fall in love—and stay in love. Other Formats: Hardcover , Paperback. Fearless: 7 Principles of Peace of Mind Mar 9, Shoshanna's words are wonderful! It holds us hostage to pain…but Dr. Brenda Shoshanna has the techniques to set us free. With Fearless, Dr. Shoshanna—a radio host, author of The Anger Diet: 30 Days to Stress-Free Living and a practicing psychologist for almost 30 years—has created a unique guide to understanding how fear works.

Combining the teachings of East and West, and including real-life anecdotes and practical exercises, it provides the psychological, spiritual, and practical guidance for attaining a life of growth, fulfillment, creativity, and well-being.

No matter what your fears are: fear of success; love; loss; or confrontation, Dr. Shoshanna shows how to convert this constant sense of dread into peace of mind.

This book can change the way you view yourself and others. It will help you give up grudges, stop blaming others and playing the victim. Beautifully written, funny, warm and filled with unusual, wonderful exercises. A real miracle. Shoshanna exhibits the unique ability to explain even the most difficult ideas in understandable terms. This book is a must for anyone seeking the secrets for attaining a balanced life and true peace of mind.

Other Formats: Audible Audiobook. Who is The Healer? How Does Healing Happen? So often we want to be of help, but find ourselves uncertain about how to proceed, especially during a time of need.

What is really needed of us then? How can we offer it? Martin Buber tells us that what is needed most urgently during a crisis is "a Presence through which we know that nevertheless there is meaning. The book is based upon years of working with patients, hospital staff, ministers and chaplains.

It offers a different look at how healing happens, and what is required for true connection and conversation to take place.

Combing the principles and practices of Eastern and Western psychology and philosophy, the work provides unique insights on how to be truly present for both yourself and others during a time of need. Along with discussion of many issues, the book includes simple, creative exercises and practices which allow the reader to integrate the information and utilize it in their everyday lives. As they do so, it becomes easy to see what is truly needed of us, and how to offer it. Shoshanna's words are wonderful," Marrianne Williamson, Brenda's work is so simple and clear.


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