This seller has not set a shipping cost for Germany. Please contact them to ask about shipping. This Drum Pad is in "good" condition with some significant scratching in the front. Please see pictures for details.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Function Manual. Table of Contents. To get the most out of the many features and func- tions of this musical instrument, be sure to carefully read this manual and keep it on hand for future reference. Page 5: Safety Precautions This indication stipulates matters that have the risk of causing injury as well outlet. Contact your original retailer or an authorized CASIO Service as matters for which there is the likelihood of occurrence of physical damage only if the product is operated incorrectly while ignoring this indication.

Page 6 AC Adaptor 3. Always make sure you observe the following precautions. Connection of a non-specified device or equipment cre- AC Adaptor ates the risk of fire and electric shock. Misuse of the AC adaptor creates the risk of fire and electric shock. When using batteries, be sure to replace them or shift to one of the alternate Do not overexpose the instrument to direct sunlight, or place it near an air power sources whenever you notice any of the following symptoms. E-1 Using Rhythms E Important!

E-1 Selecting a Rhythm E Starting and Stopping Rhythm Play E Main Features E-2 Adjusting Accomp volume E Adjusting the Rhythm Tempo E Safety Precautions E Care of your Instrument The following shows the approximate battery life provided by different battery types.

Strike a pad to play the percussion sound assigned to it. The volume of the sound produced when you strike a drum pad depends on how much force you use, and the area of the drum pad that you strike.

Page Selecting A Drum Set Selecting a Drum Set Configuring a Custom Drum Set The percussion sounds that make up the drum set you select are assigned to Your Digital Drum comes with 76 high-quality percussion sounds that you the seven drum pads and two foot pedals. Page 19 Use either of the following techniques to assign the percussion sound you To select the custom drum set want to the pad you selected in step 3 Pad 7 in our example. Page Using Rhythms Using Rhythms This section explains how to select accompaniment rhythms and control About rhythm types their playback.

Looped rhythms rhythm numbers 00 to 79 keep playing in an endless loop until you stop them. Perform the following steps to change the tempo speed of the rhythm.

This They do not affect the volume of sounds you play on the drum pads, so you setting also affects demo play page E Page Other Settings Other Settings This section describes other settings you can use to make your Digital Drum play more enjoyable and realistic. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If this happens: It could mean this: So you should do this: See page No sound is produced when I strike a pad. The Digital Drum is not being supplied power. Check that batteries are loaded correctly, or that the Pages E,13 AC adaptor is connected properly and plugged into an electrical outlet.

Page Reference Reference This section contains percussion sound lists, specifications, and other useful reference information. Change Sound No. Rhythm Name Rhythm No. Page 31 A-EA Page 5 Page 32 This recycle mark indicates that the packaging conforms to the environmental protection legislation in Germany.

Print page 1 Print document 32 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Casio LD-80 Touch-Sensitive Digital Drums - Previously Owned

Guessing Casio however actually didn't program this thing, actually a re-release of Medeli MC or DD , still with Suzuki sounding instrument and drum samples like some found in Roland and Yamaha sound gear. General MIDI playback is supported. Possibly all GM patches are implemented but not documented in the manual. The Reverb and Chorus effects 8 each can also be changed with controllers 80 and 81 even though not to be confused with the 4 selectable panel reverb depth levels 0 for minimum not off , 3 for maximum, etc which sets the reverb level for each MIDI channel. Part of C. Cracknell's review from Amazon said: Worse than this is the fact that the machine has very poorly implimented MIDI capabilities. There's no excuse for this as the machine has a good enough control panel to have been able to access more MIDI features so adding them would not have increased the cost.


Casio LD-80 User Manual


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