Daikin Altherma at a glance Daikin Altherma is a total domestic heating and hot water system based on air source heat pump technology. It represents a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a fossil fuel boiler, with a cooling option. The inherent energy efficiency characteristics of Daikin Altherma make it an ideal solution to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Traditional heating systems and boilers use fossil fuels, making them an expensive and not sustainable option for the environment. Nobody wants to waste their money.

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Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Daikin retail brochure 1. Efficiency and comfort for the retail environment From the inviting warmth of over-door air curtains, to the welcome of air conditioned stores on summer days Creating the ideal retail environment is a sophisticated business… …one that involves offering a perfectly comfortable climate Modular solutions such as self cleaning cassettes and from the moment your customers step into the store.

We compact refrigeration systems deliver impressive cost and understand that you need to maintain an atmosphere energy savings. On a wider scale, revolutionary heat recovery that encourages customers to linger and browse, all while solutions offer a fully integrated approach to heating, cooling, minimising operating costs and managing your ventilation and hot water across multiple zones.

For the ultimate in system performance and technical support, Daikin UK offers a range of highly efficient and versatile solutions to meet the needs of the retail environment.

Reducing your costs In the current commercial environment, we understand that retailers are under pressure to reduce both store development costs and also energy costs. Affordable, energy efficient equipment is vital to minimise lifetime costs and ensure suitable payback periods on any capital investment. Competitive prices are, of course, crucial to any retail operation and Daikin UK ensures that our prices — and, more importantly, the lifetime costs of our systems — are as low as possible for our customers.

But cost is not what defines Daikin as the best solution for your business. It is the assurance of world-leading technologies, environment-conscious design and absolute reliability, matched by a commitment to service and support at every stage, which you can depend on from Daikin UK. Controlling energy and environmental impact Recent legislation such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme means that larger retailers need to improve energy efficiency dramatically.

As community-based businesses and large-scale users of energy, Seasonal energy efficiency minimising the carbon footprint of stores is vital, not only to fulfil The Energy Related Products Directive has set new EcoDesign your corporate responsibilities, but also to maintain a positive requirements, which are in effect from January This sets reputation for the business.

The retail sector could cut its total spend on heating and cooling by a systems of less than 12kW, meaning that low efficiency products are banned from the market in and the efficiency thresholds for allowed products will again be raised in For retailers with typical air conditioning systems, energy consumption and year, taking into account the local climate zone and efficiencies at partial load capacity.

This provides a more realistic view of energy efficiency in real life conditions. Efficiency and control in-store 4 6. Overcoming the R22 ban Refurbishment of air conditioning systems is a greater priority since the ban in January on the use of new R22 refrigerant.

By , all recycled sources of R22 will be banned, so older R22 systems are operating on borrowed time. R22 refrigerant is an ozone depleting gas, which was used in Simply retrofitting with an alternative refrigerant could reduce many air conditioning systems installed over the last 25 years. As a result, R22 is quickly work and wiring to work more efficiently and effectively with a expected to become in short supply and therefore different refrigerant.

This dramatically reduces the installation more expensive. However, if this does not fit your budget, there are other ways to overcome the R22 ban, while also reducing the global warming potential of your air conditioning system and even improving its performance. It is also important to ensure that a full service and warranty package is in place to cover the improved system. Efficiency and control in-store 6 8. Versatility and control on every level Small to medium sized stores are increasingly sophisticated in their requirements for climate control.

In the fashion sector especially, versatility and control are key This means that every area of the store — from the storage room to creating the comfortable conditions within trading areas and back offices to different zones of the shop floor — can be set and changing rooms that will keep customers shopping.

The Daikin Sky Air range offers many CMSQ is an inverter controlled heat pump system, so it ensures the highest comfort levels, while minimising annual electricity consumption and overall running costs. Room temperature is controlled automatically by varying the For stores with multiple areas that require superior flexibility and control, without simultaneous heating and cooling, a Commercial Multi-System CMSQ is ideal.

The CMSQ series is versatile enough for two storey areas, allowing up to four indoor units to be installed, each of a different type and capacity if required, which can then be controlled individually via remote control. Form and function redefined Within small boutique stores, space is at even more of a premium and image is everything, so the air conditioning solution selected needs to be small yet perfectly formed.

It is suitable for Winner of the iF product design award and highly single or multiple room set-up with a maximum of nine indoor commended in the reddot design awards , Daikin Emura units all connected to one outdoor unit, which can be installed provides purified indoor air cooling, heating and dehumidifying either on the roof, terrace or outside wall. Mounted high on the wall for optimum air distribution, this smart air conditioning unit has an infrared remote control with a daily and weekly schedule timer facility, plus an intelligent eye movement sensor that can switch to an energy saving setting whenever a room is empty for 20 minutes.

Efficiency and control in-store 8 However a uniform temperature across requirements to enable its compressors to operate down to the store is often not the best solution. Micro Integrating multiple zones on one circuit, this efficient solution provides year round heating and cooling for small to large-sized retail environments. This industry-leading, environmentally conscious and highly energy efficient solution delivers efficiencies of up to nine or even These previously unheard-of efficiency levels far exceed the energy efficiency targets set out in Part L of the Building Efficiency and control in-store 10 Recovering the cost of open door trading Open door trading is important for many retailers, but with it comes the issue of cold drafts.

Entrance and exit points require effective separation between the external and internal climate, without simply blasting out hot air at huge cost to the store and the environment.

CRC Energy Efficiency scheme, now is the time for retailers to Such savings can offer a rapid payback period of just 1. An air curtain powered by an air source heat pump solution First impressions count uses just a third of the power required for an electrically heated air curtain, but is highly effective in reducing the amount of conditioned air leaving a building. Climate separation, with minimal carbon impact The Biddle air curtain is available in three styles to match with any requirement: free hanging, recessed cassette and recessed ducted.

The free hanging air curtains have removable end panels and can be joined together to appear as one continuous air curtain for wide doorway applications. Total flexibility for retail interiors Daikin offers a stylish range of indoor units for use with seasonally efficient Sky Air and VRV systems, including roundflow cassettes, floor standing, wall mounted and concealed units to blend in perfectly with any interior.

A wide selection of 23 and fittings. Auto-swing louvers ensure efficient air distribution different airflow patterns means that the unit can be installed, and can be fixed at any angle desired. Flexi type and floor standing units Flexi type units can be used in both ceiling suspended and low Concealed ceiling units level installations, such as beneath a window. Floor standing units Concealed ceiling units are an aesthetically pleasing and can be situated against a wall or recess, and offer a lightweight extremely quiet option for retail environments, as only air but sturdy design.

The tall and narrow FVQ-B floor standing unit suction and discharge grilles are visible. Efficiency and control in-store 12 Increasing efficiency on the shop floor Shop environments are tough on air conditioning systems. Self cleaning cassettes will provide the answer. Maintenance of air with cleaning filters once a year.

Maintenance is much easier too. Optimising an air attachment to a standard vacuum cleaner, all without disrupting conditioning system not only reduces carbon emissions and the shop floor.

This innovative technology is also available as a retrofit option for previous Roundflow models and offers a short payback period, given the major energy savings it delivers.

Selfcleaningcassettesdeliverpayback Self cleaning cassettes proved their worth during a 12 month trial Easier maintenance of self cleaning cassettes at Gala Coral in Wolverhampton. Daikin Roundflow costs and two tonnes of CO2 emissions, delivering a payback cassettes are now available with a unique self-cleaning filter, period of less than 12 months.

In-store monitoring and control System breakdowns can quickly make the temperature uncomfortable in-store. A fast response to any error is absolutely vital.

Daikin has solutions to meet all these requirements. It continuously checks the indoor units, including Biddle air curtains and Daikin VAM cleanliness of the system filters and heat exchangers, as well as Heat Exchangers.

This is before the equipment actually breaks down. In the unlikely event another valuable tool in the drive to minimise your CRC Energy of a problem occurring, your regional Daikin office or dedicated Efficiency Scheme liabilities.

The Daikin Network Service System DNSS is a remote Further energy savings can be made using the DNSS EcoSave monitoring system, which allows you to continuously optimise service which uses remote weather forecast information local the operational efficiency of your Daikin equipment in order to the specific site combined with data collected from the air to control energy consumption, reduce operational costs and conditioners, taking into account occupancy levels and details extend the lifespan of systems.

Judgements are then made using all this information and, if energy saving measures are possible, they will be made remotely. Efficiency and control in-store 14 Cooling your costs Refrigeration facilities are another key area of system design for the retail environment — and a major area of energy consumption.


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