The name of the module:. The contact details of the coordinator: the building L, room L, phone , mjakubow prz. The main aim of study: Understanding the theoretical basis of defining geometry of mechanical parts and assemblies in CAD. Basic requirements in category knowledge: Required knowledge of the basics of machine construction and technical drawing.

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Embed Size px x x x x Name of lec turer : Dr in. Tadeusz Szmigielski, dr in. Mariusz Michalski, mgr in. Pawe Schlafka. OURSE AIMS: The aim of the course is to acquire knowledge and skills in a broad sense to prepare for casting processes: conventional alloys, allowing the development of technical documentation to perform: patterns, core boxes, forms, etc.

Requirements for the production of cast parts. Rules for the drafting process of the production of castings. Implementation foundry processes in sand casting, depending on the alloy.

Implementation processes of casting in metal molds. Processes furnace smelting and processing molten metal. Pouring processes. Heat transfer in the metal-mold system. Solidification and cooling of castings.

Shrinkage phenomenon in castings. Rules fueling of castings. Stamping processes, treatment and finishing of castings. Quality control of castings. Casting defects. The certification criteria castings. The impact of foundry processes on the environment. The concept of the construction of the casting choice of technology - part of the cast or welded, cast or stamped part, cast and sintered part of the powders, cast or plastic. Rules of shaping cast machine parts.

The design of castings made of sand, metal, pressure, rotating in the forms. The design of castings produced by lost wax method models. Laboratory content: Sand mold design based on the model casting. Selection of the appropriate type of sand due to the required quality of the casting surface and the thickness of its walls.

Current control and core sand. The choice of the right kind of material to cast because of his traits. Hand molds with wet sand.

Melting and technological characterization of alloys for example AL-Si alloys; ATD method of qualitative assessment, stress testing and casting shrinkage. Getting cast in sand molds and casting quality assessment in terms of its potential drawbacks. Die-casting and special forms. Comparison of different methods of castings made. Organization of production of castings in sand a trip to the foundry.

The pass of the lecture is to get a positive assessment of the 5 written responses to questions regarding the subject of theoretical issues. Final evaluation of the course is to include the arithmetic mean of the ratings for the various forms of activities. STUDENT WORKLOAD: The student workload of hours, including work in the auditorium 73 48 hours, part in the consultation and the egxam 15 14 hours, individual work 50 75 hours, including preparing for classes and reports 35 45 hours, sources familiar with the literature 5 10 hours, preparing for an exam 10 20 hours.

Grny Z. Przygotowanie ciekego metalu, struktura i waciwoci odleww, WNT, Warszawa Perzyk M. WNT, Warszawa Katowice Lewandowski J. Akapit, Krakw Waszkiewicz S. Poradnik inyniera. Odlewnictwo, t. COURSE AIM: The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the general factors of the cutting process chip formation parameters, the impact of processing conditions on the forces and cutting temperature, wear and life of cutting tools , and the structures and operation teams of conventional and CNC machine tools to be used in their further education and future careers.

Kinematic and geometric characteristics of the cutting process. Cutting and machining layers for different types of machini. See Full Reader. Setting of Fellows gear-shaping machine to processing cylindrical gear. View Download 2 Category Documents. Tadeusz Szmigielski Name of lec turer : Dr in. Individual and team execution of laboratory exercises. Prerequisite for passing is pass, of all its forms.

Braszczyski J. Longa W. Skarbiski M. Gregoraszczuk M. AGH, Krakw Falcki Z. Chudzikiewicz R. Podrzucki Cz. LABER, dr in. Other castings catalogue Documents. Die Castings 3 Documents. Guide to the Fellows Gear Shaper Company? Aluminium Castings Bass Documents. Castings in Construction Documents. Castings Documents. Global Castings Business. Specialist castings summary1 Engineering. Royal Steel Castings Documents.


Proceedings of the 13th International Scientific Conference



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