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Chronicle drove out on Route 26 earlier this week after hearing from a number of readers about. In the photo at the bottom left. The other two photos were taken looking at an-. Charles Jordan photos. He told Coveno that he had. Colebrook Chronicle founded is published by Jordan. He brought his camera along and photographed the red barn that had. His above photos, including a. Fortunately, fast work by area firefighters kept the blaze from spreading to.

New Hampshire moving its first-in-the-nation primary up closer and closer, expect to see more. The Colebrook Chronicle Friday, October 14 , With many baking applications at. They visited. Master guitar wizards Scott MacMillan. North Woods Committee for the Arts. Right photo: Beatrice Haynes, at right, was participating at the Stratford Penny Sale as a customer and a volunteer.

She donated a. It has become a real North Country effort with help from the surrounding. The Penny Sale and Auction have taken place for over 30 years now. Britni White photos. The new theater, operated. Shannon was out on a sunny Monday giving the old caboose in Groveton a fresh coat of paint. The visit was part of the leadership development. If you are interested in. From the left, Bill. Island Sound to the headwaters in Pittsburg. Seen here dropping off their take at the Pittsburg.

At the end of the group discussion, seeds were. The event, sponsored by Be The. L3C, featured a craft fair, a harvest meal and an acoustic guitar duo by Kyle Haley and Ryan Frizzell for patrons to en joy. Vermont trio Skellig entertained at the Colebrook Country Club last Saturday evening to an appreciative. Committee for the Arts. See highlights of the concert and an interview with the band in the.

Bottom left: Quebec firefighters at the Memorial for Engine 54, four truck, Battalion 9. The memorial is next to their fire station. Right photo: In. The event raised awareness of Terry Fox and his cancer battle, and the students. Chronicle drove out on Route 26 earlier this week after hearing from a number of readers about The visibility of the new windmills going up in the Millsfield and Dixville area as seen from the road. Courtesy photo.

In the photo at the bottom left We counted six windmills running along the range. The other two photos were taken looking at an- we other mountain range a few miles further west, also visible from Route Britni White photo.

October 14, - Colebrook Chronicle. We have burg numerous phone calls received emails reporting other, and transactions that ap- similar to be taking place. Franklin City Council discussing the the benefits of the pro- to the state. Hundreds of as attended meetings, residents to percent of voters at close Meetings in each of the Town which were expected to towns the transmission line host to oppose the project, voted more attended eminent hundreds domain hearings at the house in Concord in an state to stop the project from effort that procedure to acquire using land.

Since last scrap it began becoming appar- April, that the Northern Pass ent was looking at proposing team taking it away from the project, smaller parcels of land multiple the Connecticut River, along the wilderness and camp into of larger land holders.

Millsfield property the wind towers The on is owned by John are was named just Malone—who week as the largest land this in the United States, holder surpassed media mogul having Turner. Ted noted, recent stories published As in the Chronicle reported several parcels which have on to subsidiaries of PSNH sold April—including land at since Canada-Pittsburg border, the the transmission line is where to enter, plus land proposed straddles the Columbia- which Notch line.

Many other Dixville land holders have signed large and sales agreements purchase received small deposits and the Northern Pass to hold from land for the transmission that Each of the agreements line.

The Bilodeaus ville said that they will not sell have Roger Sylvestre has not and whether he will sell indicated not. Northern Pass would be soon on my door! We also have been weeks that Nancy Dodge, who told at the end of Creampoke lives will not sell her property Road, the Northern Pass.

Those the have signed purchase and who agreements are doing so sales that the project has knowing been through the permit- not stage. The process in was project is far from over, and this up and down the residents whether they will live state, the Hydro-Quebec towers near not, are vowing to fight on.

If this is any then the property owners true, northern New Hampshire in absolutely refuse to sell who be the ones who in the end may this controversial powerline stop from being built. Win- was at the scene all day ter working with electri- Monday, and investigators. She cians the Chronicle that the fire told on the new structure, damage worse than it actually "looks is.

Colebrook Britni, is a graduate of Colebrook who Academy and a of Southern New graduate University, has re- Hampshire returned to the North cently after living in the Sea- Country area. The Littleton of the fire is under investigation.

Chronicle Video www. Hurley speculates to the cool wet spring that led that a rapid warm spell made it into for the bees to have tough time to collect pollen enough nectar from the apple, wild and and dandelion blossoms cherry they went by.

On the before hand, the bees did seem other do a good job pollinating Two to Orchard, which is Sparrows a great apple harvest seeing fall. USDA report explains that bees The not like to search for nectar do the high heat, so they end up in by their hives and feed- staying on the honey that would be ing for human consump- harvested tion.

Good for the gardeners but not for honey production. She began feeding long bees in September and is the a close eye on them to keeping survival. In the past ensure there has been a widespread decade epidemic of bee colonies off, known as colony collapse dying disorder. Honey has is around since ancient been and has many benefits times uses.

It Connecticut recently reported that he was staying at a half-way house was Milan near Berlin but that in was released almost two he ago. Noyes did not re- weeks to his apartment in West turn which he had Stewartstown, with Celina, her sister, shared and their mother, Lou- Kayla, Wendell and Louisia are isia. This has been living for the past two weeks in a motel in Canaan, Vt. Video images from WMUR.

He said that on the for night that he saw Celina, last and Louisia had gone up- he to bed and Celina was on stairs family computer. District p. He will be arraignesession in the Colebrook Dis- Court on Nov. He will be without in the Colebrook District arraigned Court on Nov. Crawford alcohol also charged with possession was of drugs. Both will be ar- in the Colebrook Districraigned Court on Nov.

Michael Columbia 41, of Colebrook , was Belouin, southbound and failed traveling yield for a vehicle operated to Thomas Parenteau, 61, of by as he was exiting Pittsburg, 3. Subsequently the Par- Rte.

The Belouithreatening vehicle was towed from scene. According One to N. Noyes Talks Continued on page 22 Continued from page 1 rainy weather in September and one vehicle was towed from the scene.

Charles Jordan photo. And if you continue to own property and beside the land you sell to them, expect to see that rapidly—who wants to build a second home or devalue house beside an ugly row of looming towers? He brought his camera along and photographed the red barn that had the theater for the Whitefield Playhouse on numerous occasions.

Fortunately, fast work by area firefighters kept the blaze from spreading to a new theater, which was built in and is situated nearby. Their suc- barn efforts to save our theatecessful building ensured that our will continue to to community the benefits of live profes- enjoy theater in the North sional Due to these fire fight- Country. I have kept in it by receiving daily updates touch from Valerie Herres infonorthcountrypowerline via gmail.

Several weeks ing I received a phone call from ago man explaining that he represented a a party who would be in purchasing an interested from me on my prop- easement located on Holden Hill in erty When I pressed Stewartstown. I not the information to Valerie sent told others whom I thought and be interested. They explained acres to me their reasons for and encouraged me to do selling same.

They also explained the part of the agreement was that them to visit other landown- for and try to convince them to ers I listened politely, ex- sell. I was tion a number to call if I given a meeting to discuss wanted they would offer me for what 1 14 acres. Can you giving what half a million imagine would do for me? Charles J.

Jordan The Colebrook Chronicle representatives of the Northern carrot was dangled gold-plated my face. Would I bite? The concerns of another landowner daughter had been offered a contract who Northern Pass was there by heard me.


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