Spatial distribution of organic tin compounds in coastal sediment and Phallusia nigra of the Todos os Santos Bay and northern coast of Bahia - Brazil. Organic tin compounds were investigated in the sediment of twenty-four stations located in the Todos os Santos Bay and the north coast of Bahia - Brazil. The concentration of these organic tin was also determined in a ascidium species of Phallusia nigra. Keywords: organotin; marine sediment; Phallusia nigra. Esse procedimento foi repetido duas vezes. As medidas foram feitas em duplicata, usando-se cerca de 2 a 5 mg de sedimento seco homogeneizado.

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Environmental contamination for organotin compounds. The occurrence and the effects of organotin compounds OTs have been studied since a long time, due to their widespread use and deleterious effects.

Some OTs are used as pesticides in crops, or as biocides in antifouling paints, applied in the ship hulls to avoid attachment and growth of tube worms, mussels and barnacles.

However, "nontarget" organisms may be exposed, resulting in the poisoning of biological system, originating mutations and sentencing species to extinction. In this work we reported a revision study on the history of OTs and the techniques developed for its assessment and control. Keywords: organotin compounds; environment; analytical techniques. Em , o consumo de OTs era estimado em cerca de toneladas por ano 3. Agentes complexantes. Patin, S. Wensem, J. Blunden, S. Luijten, J. Em Organotin Compounds ; Sawyer, A.

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