EMH is certified accord. Overview of the program modules Explanation of how to use this manual Program installation

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EMH is certified accord. Overview of the program modules Explanation of how to use this manual Program installation Request Key Code Receiving the key code Communication requirements Menu- and symbol bar Program Description Menu File Menu Direct Menu Read out Menu Setting Field Installation check Menu Modem Menu Configuration Menu Info Questions and answers Load profile data Load profile import in Excel The file Musterlastprofil can now be.

Translating, reprinting, duplicating and also saving of this manual in data processors requires the exclusive permission from EMH. All of the trademarks named in this manual are the property of EMH or the respective title holder. The contents of this operation manual and the technical specifications can be extended, altered or deleted without prior notice.

The description of the product specifications in this manual do not represent part of a contract. All Rights reserved.

It is possible that your program version does not include some of the described program modules which are included here. The manual is generally structured as follows: Explanation of a menu option, e. MO Menu option Transfer Short description Transfers saved set-, parameter-, tariff-, and ripple control files Explanation of a register, e. Attention: After installation, the language of the basic program cannot be changed.

Once the language has been set, click on OK to continue. Installation and Release 7 8 Installation and Release The following window appears: We recommend that you accept the proposed program folder.

You may however also select a different path. If the selected program folder does not yet exist, e. To continue click on Yes, in order to go back to the previous window and to set a new path or program folder click on No. You can set a new program description or accept the proposal. Please consider, that with a deactivation, the program can only start via the Desktop Icon if present or directly from the index.

Installation and Release 9 10 Installation and Release In the following window you have the possibility to set if an icon should be inserted on the desktop.

With the help of the icon you can start the program directly without having to go via the start menu. In order to insert an icon, activate the checkbox. The Setup now shows you once again all settings which you have made concerning the installation.

If you would like to make more changes then you can go back to the previous installation steps by clicking on Now click on Install. At the end of the installation the following window appears: Click on Finish to end the installation. Otherwise the window is closed and the installation is ended. Installation and Release 11 12 Installation and Release Release Before the program can be executed or used it must be released by means of a product key and a key code.

In the following it is described how a program is released. The following window appears: Please enter the product-key which you received with the CD and then click on OK. Entry of the correct product-key is confirmed with the following announcement. Click on OK. The following announcement then appears. Please read the note and confirm with OK. The entry of the product-key is now ended. In order to request the key code for releasing the program a renewed start of the program is necessary.

The following window appears: The program offers you 2 possibilities to request the key code. You can select if you want to receive the key code by E-mail or Fax. The option Request key code per Mail is a more simple and quicker method to receive the key code. The option Request key code per FAX is usually selected when your computer does not have an internet connection. Request Key Code 1. Possibility: Request key code per E-mail Note: For this option internet connection is necessary.

Select the option Request key code per Mail. Now click on Request key code. A new window from your Standard-E-mail-Program opens automatically. The window already contains all information which is necessary for processing the key code requirements. You only need to send the E-mail. Shortly after this you will receive the key code to release the program. Then click on Request key code. The printer menu from your standard printer then opens, e. The fax pre-printed form is as follows: Please enter in the form the fax number where the key code should be faxed to.

You also have the possibility to receive the key code per E-mail. For this, enter the E-mail address in the form to where the key code should be sent. Installation and Release 15 16 Installation and Release Receiving the key code Once you have received the key code from EMH you can release the program.

For this, start the program either via the program icon on the desktop or via the start menu. The window opens which you already know from the key code request. If you received the key code by E-mail then you can copy the key code from the E-mail and insert it into the field. When you have entered the key code as above click on OK. If the key code is correct the following announcement appears: If the key is incorrect the following announcement appears: Enter the correct key code once again.

The release is now complete. You can start the program via the desktop icon if it exists or via the start menu. Communication requirements There are several possibilities to communicate with the meter. In the following, communication via both the optical communication adapter OKK and the electrical interface with a modem is described. At the meter, communication to the optical data interface D0 takes place.

Setting up of the local modem In order to communicate with the meter via the modem function some parameters need to be defined for the local modem and the meter modem in advance. For more information about this see page Note: For remote meter readout a standard commercial PC modem is used. On the basis of our many years of experience we recommend an external modem which is addressed with the Standard-Hayes-operations set.

The advantage of this modem is its audible loud speaker function and the LED status display. With the set up of a communication line you can observe the connection establishment visually by means of the LED and acoustically by means of the loud speaker.

A modern analog modem is able to call both analog meter modems and GSM meter modems and is also able to read out the meter. On the basis of our long term experience we would like to inform you of the following: Internal modem cards are technically equivalent however, if there are problems, the error search is more difficult. Admittedly ISDN-cards offer the possibility of an analog modem emulation via the so-called virtual COM -Ports however, in practice they often cause many problems.

Therefore it is not recommended to use an ISDN-card. Installation and Release 17 18 Program description Chapter 3: Program description Menu- and symbol bar Note: The program consists of individual program modules see page 5. If, in the following, menu options and functions are described which do not appear in your program then these program modules have not been released and are therefore not available.

If you are interested in further modules please contact us. In the upper part of the program window you can find the menu bar and below this the symbol bar. Via the symbol bar you can quickly access frequently used functions. If you go over the symbol with the mouse a function description appears. Transfers saved set-, parameter-, tariff- and ripple control files.


Operation Manual EMH-COM - Imbema Belgium

The smartmeter thing requires the serial port where the meter device is connected and optionally an refresh interval. All available OBIS codes which are read out from the device are created as channels. At every read out the channels are synchronized with the OBIS codes from the device. With this config you can specify the channel where this bit is located, the bit position and the bits value which shall be set. Please see the item example on how to use it. NOTE: your meter device needs to provide correct unit information to work properly.


Module Description

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Lingg & Janke – Electricity Meter – Transformer Meters – eHZ KNX interface


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