Interaction of Se and Ga Se with Si Room-temperature deposition of Se on Si 7x7 results in an amorphous film. Subsequent annealing leads to Se evaporation without ordering or interdiffusion. Se deposition at degree sign C saturates at submonolayer coverage with no diffusion of Se into the substrate. There is no clear evidence of ordered sites for the Se. Additional Ga Se does not stick to the bilayer above degree sign C.

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Interaction of Se and Ga Se with Si Room-temperature deposition of Se on Si 7x7 results in an amorphous film. Subsequent annealing leads to Se evaporation without ordering or interdiffusion. Se deposition at degree sign C saturates at submonolayer coverage with no diffusion of Se into the substrate.

There is no clear evidence of ordered sites for the Se. Additional Ga Se does not stick to the bilayer above degree sign C. This stable surface is similar to the layer termination in bulk Ga Se. The single domain bilayer is oriented with the Ga- Se bond parallel to the substrate Si-Si bond. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. They are based on Pb Se quantum wells grown on Si substrates. With Pb1-xSrx Se as host material maximum operation temperatures of K are achieved, while with Pb1-xEux Se an operation temperature of K could not be overcome.

This may be explained by a band alignment transition from type I to type II with increasing temperature. Home; Journals; Sadhana. Articles written in Sadhana.

Volume 41 Issue 8 August pp Fixing the Zn Se core size and enlarging the Si shell would turn the NWs from intrinsic to p-type, then to metallic. However, Fixing the Si core and enlarging the Zn Se shell would not change the band gap significantly. The partial charge distribution diagram shows that the conduction band maximum CBM is confined in Si , while the valence band maximum VBM is mainly distributed around the interface.

Fachbereich Anorganische Chemie und Kernchemie. Photovoltaic effects of Si-CdSe n-n heterojunctions. Si-CdSe n-n heterojunction have been prepared by growing Cd Se thin film on Si surface with vacuum deposition method. The sign of photovoltage of this heterojunction was reversed at 1. The energy band profile of this heterojunction was deduced from its electrical and optical properties. This lattice mismatching abrupt heterojunction had a discontinuous energy band profile with the discontinuity of 0.

Bruhn, Benjamin, E-mail: b. Log-normal distributions are found to describe the interval length histograms at least as well as power-laws, while at the same time being more physically feasible and significantly easing the determination of the exponential cutoff in the ON-time distribution.

As expected from purely random processes, the correlation coefficients for events in silicon nanocrystals equal zero, whereas positive correlations between the pure and negative correlations between the mixed states in Cd Se quantum dots hint at a switching process between two distinct blinking regimes that are slower than the blinking itself.

The silicon substrate of designed equilateral triangle providing the silicon source is the key factor to form the core-shell nanowires, which is significant for fabrication of nanowire-core sheathed with a silica system.

Liu, Y. A topological insulator TI is an exotic material that has a bulk insulating gap and metallic surface states with unique spin-momentum locking characteristics. Despite its various important applications, large scale integration of TI into MOSFET technologies and its coherent transport study are still rarely explored.

The analysis herein suggests that the significant gate-tunable WAL is attributable to the transition from weak disorder into intermediate disorder regime when the Fermi level is shifted downward by increasing the negative back gate voltage. Our findings may pave the ways towards the development of TI-based MOSFET and are promising for the applications of electric-field controlled spintronic and magnetic device. Growth and quantum transport properties of vertical Bi2 Se 3 nanoplate films on Si substrates.

Controlling the growth direction planar vs. We report a simple method to fabricate continuous films of vertical Bi2 Se 3 nanoplates on Si substrate and investigate the quantum transport properties of such films.

In contrast to oriented planar Bi2 Se 3 nanoplate film, vertical Bi2 Se 3 nanoplate films are enclosed by facets, which possess high surface-to-bulk ratio that can enhance the quantum transport property of topological surface states. And by controlling the compactness of vertical Bi2 Se 3 nanoplates, we realized an effective tuning of the weak antilocalization WAL effect from topological surface states in Bi2 Se 3 films.

Our work paves a way for exploring the unique transport properties of this unconventional structure topological insulator film. Cualquier tiempo futuro tiene que ser mejor. Full Text Available Cuba tiene un importante movimiento caricaturista, conocido y laureado en los diversos lugares del mundo. Kumar, Sandeep, E-mail: sandeep phy.

In our calculations, we used the local density approximation LDA for the exchange correlation potential. Our calculations show that these alloys are nonmagnetic in nature. Porous Se Si O2 nanospheres treated paraquat-induced acute lung injury by resisting oxidative stress. Oxidative stress and inflammation are thought to be important mechanisms in PQ-induced acute lung injury ALI. Selenium Se can scavenge intracellular free radicals directly or indirectly.

Glutathione and superoxide dismutase levels were reduced. However, treatment with porous Se Si O2 nanospheres markedly alleviated PQ-induced oxidative stress and inflammation. Additionally, the results from histological examinations and wet-to-dry weight ratios of rat lung.

An onset potential of 0. RHE, a saturated photocurrent of Such superior PEC properties were ascribed to the nearly vertically standing two dimensional Mo Se 2 rough surface layer and the sharp interface between Si and Mo Se 2 with small charge transfer resistance.

The balance between the reflectivity of the electrode surface and the absorptivity of Mo Se 2 was also discussed. This study provides a path to the effective and scalable growth of TMDs onto the Si photocathode aiming for high efficiency and stability. These materials are used for optical elements, such as mirrors, lenses and windows, over a wide spectral range from the VUV to the IR.

We discuss the effect of CVD process conditions on the microstructure and properties of these materials, with emphasis on optical performance. In addition, we discuss the effect of chemical composition on the properties of the composite material ZnS x Se 1-x. We first present a general overview of the bulk CVD process and the relationship between process conditions, such as temperature, pressure, reactant gas concentration and growth rate, and the microstructure, morphology and properties of CVD-grown materials.

The diffuse reflectance measurements reveal the band gap of 2. Magnetic behavior and localization of 5f electrons in actinide compounds is studied experimentally by Moessbauer spectroscopy and neutron diffraction. Binary actinide compounds with a NaCl structure are examined and properties of U, Pu and Np monopnictides and monochalcogenides are recalled.

Results of neutron diffraction by NpAs and NpSb are discussed and results of magnetic susceptibility, magnetization, Moessbauer spectroscopy and neutron diffraction measurements on Np Se and NpTe are presented. Magnetic properties of NpRu 2 Si 2 are also presented. Heavy fermion system electronic and magnetic properties are described and theory is discussed. Graphical abstract: Si -doped graphene can be one of efficient green catalysts for conversion of the airborne pollutants.

Non-metal atom-doped graphene is attractive for use as a catalyst in the conversion due to its unique electronic properties, relatively low price and leaving no burden to the environment. To make an attempt on the development of green catalysts for the conversion, ab initio density functional theory is used to investigate the mechanisms of N 2 O reduction by CO on Si - and Se -doped graphenes.

We have calculated the geometries and adsorption energies of reaction species N 2 O, CO, N 2 and CO 2 as well as energy profiles along the reaction pathways. The activation energies of N 2 O decomposition and CO oxidation on both Si - and Se -doped graphenes have been obtained. In the calculations, we found that van der Waals interactions and zero-point energy are two non-negligible factors for the predictions of the activation energies.

Further discussion shows that Si -doped graphene can be one of efficient green catalysts for conversion of the airborne pollutants and Se -doped graphene can be a candidate for oxidizing CO by atomic oxygen. The crystalline structure of Ga Se films prepared was analyzed using X-ray diffraction and the surface morphology of them was characterized by scanning electron microscopy.

It was found that the film quality could be improved by the As-passivation effect. The optical properties of the films were studied by temperature dependent photoluminescence PL measurements. PL spectra obtained with different distributions and intensities favored for resolving the superior material quality of the films produced on the substrate with As-passivation compared to those produced on the substrate without As-passivation.

The former was dominated by the excitonic emissions for the whole temperature range of 20— K examined, while the latter was initially dominated by the defect-related emission at 1.

The structure and phase composition of coatings were investigated by means of X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and Raman spectroscopy. The coatings were characterized in terms of their hardness, elastic modulus, and elastic recovery. To evaluate their electrochemical characteristics, the coatings were tested in 1 N H 2 SO 4 solution. This was attributed. Bondarev, A. Pb Se quantum well mid-infrared vertical external cavity surface emitting laser on Si -substrates.

A modular design allows growing the active region and the bottom Bragg mirror on two different Si -substrates, thus facilitating comparison between different structures. Lasing is observed from 3. Simulations show that threshold powers are limited by Shockley-Read recombination with lifetimes as short as 0. At higher temperatures, an additional threshold power increase occurs probably due to limited carrier diffusion length and carrier leakage, caused by an unfavorable band alignment.

Devi, V. Radhika [M. The vibrational frequencies are calculated for each model. The stable clusters are selected on the basis of positive vibrational frequencies.

Effect of Sb and Si doping on the superconducting properties of Fe Se 0. The irreversibility field, H irr and activation energy, U 0 have also been calculated to study the vortex motion behavior of the samples. A clear cut correlation between H irr and U 0 has been found.

Full Text Available Composition du juryMonsieur. Guc, M. The exciton parameters, dielectric constant and free carriers effective masses are deduced from experimental spectra by calculations in the framework of a model taking into account the spatial dispersion and the presence of a dead-layer. Nanomechanical properties of Ga Se thin films deposited on Si 1 1 1 substrates by pulsed laser deposition. The Ga Se thin films were deposited on Si 1 1 1 substrates deposited at various deposition temperatures using pulsed laser deposition PLD.



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