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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Copyright Keep this manual for future needs! Nachdruck verboten! Guarde este manual para posteriores usos. You will see you have acquired a powerful and versatile device.

Unpack your TMH Page 5: Operating Determinations If the device has been exposed to drastic temperature fluctuation e. The arising condensation water might damage your device.

Leave the device switched off until it has reached room temperature. This device falls under protection-class I. The power plug must only be plugged into a protection class I outlet.

Only install the lamp with the device switched off! Unplug from mains before! The lamp must only be changed when wearing appropriate protective clothing protection glasses, protection gloves, helmet with sight, leather apron. Page 9: Lamp Adjustment Lamp adjustment The lampholder is aligned at the factory.

Due to differences between lamps, fine adjustment may improve light performance. Page 10 If the projector shall be lowered from the ceiling or high joists, professional trussing systems have to be used. The projector must never be fixed swinging freely in the room. Caution: Projectors may cause severe injuries when crashing down! If you have doubts concerning the safety of a possible installation, do NOT install the projector! Before rigging make sure that the installation area can hold a minimum point load of 10 times the projector's weight.

Insert the quick-lock fasteners of the first Omega-holder into the respective holes on the bottom of the device. Tighten the quick-lock fasteners fully clockwise. Install the second Omega-holder.

Page Connection With The Mains Connection with the mains Connect the device to the mains with the enclosed power supply cable. If the device will be directly connected with the local power supply network, a disconnection switch with a minimum opening of 3 mm at every pole has to be included in the permanent electrical installation.

Page Replacing The Fuse No. Print page 1 Print document 16 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


EuroLite TMH-155 Moving-Head User Manual



EUROLITE TMH-155 DMX Moving Head


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