This means we work hand in hand to engineer products to exact specifications and requirement as set forth by the manufacturer. Pay Monthly Over Time with. Flywheel; Cable;

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Exedy is a powertrain specialist and tier one supplier to the automotive industry world wide. Exedy is responsible to all 11 OE automotive vehicle manufacturers in Japan. For the conception of powertrain product requirements and needs. In the US Exedy supplies Ford-GM-Chrysler, powertrain needs such as torque converters, wet friction material and standard clutch systems.

Worldwide Exedy has evolved through developing and patenting the core technologies such as friction, vibration and fluid technology. Exedy products have been recognized by vehicle manufacturers all over the world. As a premium brand in Japan, Exedy products are valued so highly that our products are renowned all over the world by car manufactures.

Exedy continues to hold a large share of the OEM market both domestically and internationally. We have developed the most efficient Damper that can absorb vibration from the engine more than ever. Wet friction discs are used as torque transfer and braking devices in several application including automatic transmissions, torque transfer couplings and wet brakes.

Friction material is the core competency of Exedy. Exedy is engaged in the advancement of state-of-the-art wet friction technology. Currently, Exedy offers three friction material families: paper, carbon, and non-woven. Separator plates are used in conjunction with friction discs as the reactionary element. In addition to transmitting the reaction torque, they assist with absorbing heat as a result of speed change. Exedy uses specially-made highquality steel to ensure durability, and have several processes to control surface finish to meet friction requirements.

Clutch Module Assemblies contain all necessary components to complete your required torque transfer. Exedy has the capability to design and manufacture these complex assemblies in order to guarantee friction performance and durability. The super squashed torque converters with high.

Establish the reason for a replacement clutch being required. If this is not due to normal usage, then the root cause of the condition must be established and corrected. These causes may include a slipping clutch, oil contamination, misalignment, faulty or incorrectly adjusted clutch release mechanism, faulty engine or gearbox mountings etc Distributors claiming short delivery or incorrect discount must notify the Company within seven 7 days of delivery or invoice date. Prices are subject to change without notice.

No partnership, joint venture, or other such association will be deemed created by opening an account with the Company. Neither party is the agent of the other, and neither party shall represent itself as an agent, officer or principal of the other for any purpose, including, without limitation, entering into any commitment, agreement or other obligation.

However, the Company cannot, and will not, assume any responsibility for possible errors contained in the publications, which may lead to wrong quotations given to customers. Standard OEM replacement clutch kits are guaranteed for a period of twelve 12 months or 20, miles, which ever occurs first.

Automatic Transmission steels and wet friction products are guaranteed twenty-four 24 months or 50, miles, which ever occurs first. Wet friction products used in performance applications are not covered by any warranty. Claims on wet friction products will not be entertained on any claim level, sight unseen of the product that claims to be faulty. For warranty information on sports and performance standard clutch products, please refer to EXEDY sports clutch catalog. Sports and performance clutch products do not carry a 12 month or 20, mile warranty.

Warranty does not apply if maltreatment, damage caused by collision or incorrect fitting exists. Pressure plate can explode unexpectedly causing serious injury or death to vehicle occupants and bystanders. Clutch cover and bell housing will not protect against exploding pressure plate. Refer to the Application Catalog for correct fitting. Additional claim forms may be obtained by phoning a customer service representative.

Freight must be prepaid. All returns must be pre-approved by EGP, any returns that arrive without pre-approval will be returned to sender. Please contact customer service for an RGA number. Refer to 5a 6e. Freight to be paid by the customer on such returns. Returns will not be accepted after ninety 90 days unless by prior arrangement in writing.

All other customer account terms are 59 days from date of statement. No other terms will apply unless otherwise agreed to, in writing, by both parties. Short payments are not acceptable. The passing of the property goods and parts dispatched from our warehouse is the responsibility of the customer. All goods shipped to and received by the customer will remain the property of the company till payment for the goods are received by the company and paid for in full.

NOTE: Sports and performance kits and products are excluded. No free shipping on sports products Please refer to special conditions if negotiated below. Freight will also be added. There is no minimum order to regular clutch kit and sports kit customers. Insurance is not included in the freight charge.

All costs incurred and insurance, if required, are the responsibility of the purchaser. There is no obligation to comply with these recommendations. Please draw our attention to any errors, omissions and anomalies. Special conditions can be negotiated. Conditions must be agreed to by both parties and printed below this line. KGM44 KGM44 GMK Kit includes flywheel. G VAN 2. Valeo type DMF not included.

Valeo type DMF included. LUK type solid flywheel replacement kit contains solid flywheel and mounting bolts. Must be used as matched set. LUK type solid flywheel replacement, kit contains solid flywheel and mounting bolts. With stripped chassis. Use this kit when solid flywheel is present. Must be sold as matched set.. Diesel, 5 Spd with Indirect Fuel Injection. LUK type solid flywheel is included. This kit must be installed as a matched set. Valeo type solid flywheel included. Valeo type solid flywheel not included.

Turbo Diesel,6 Spd with direct fuel injection. Economy Version Turbo Diesel,6 Spd with direct fuel injection. This kit must be installed as a matched set, HD Version contains Cushion Button disc suited for ft. E 2. Kit does not include flywheel.

Heavy Duty 12" option. With Stripped chassis. Heavy Duty 12" option with rigid disc. How to get it right the first time Failure to observe these instructions when fitting your Daikin Clutch will void any warranty.

Getting it right the first time. It is vital to diagnose the cause of clutch malfunction before clutch replacement, i. Any or all of these problems must be corrected before installing a new clutch. Ensure clutch supplied is correct for the application. Flywheel must be machined as shown below Fig 2. Please note pilot bush noises are more apparent when the engine and transmission systems are cold i.

Before fitting, check the clutch for any shipping damage. Next clean the gear box main drive shaft splines, then check that clutch disc slides freely on the shaft.

Lightly grease the shaft splines with high melting point grease. Always ensure bell housing is degreased and is free of any dust and that fibres from the worn clutch are removed. If the clutch is a large size pull type clutch check the ID of the bearing head for correct spline size before installation.

Check clutch release fork for cracks, check the clutch cable for stretch signs and check the release bearing guide tube for any wear.

Always lightly grease the outside diameter of the tube. This will allow smooth sliding of the bearing carrier.


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