New project leaders or managers will find GanttProject very user friendly, as it will not overwhelm them with numerous scheduling techniques and options, the way MS Project does. This cross-platform application is written in Java, and in the sourceforge. It has the widely used capabilities of the commercially available MS Project. Going by the Pareto principle that 80 per cent of the time we use just 20 per cent of the features, GanttProject is just sufficient for both new and seasoned project managers.

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GanttProject is an easy-to-use, open source project management tool. If you like to take a centralized, gantt-based and non-cloud based approach, you may want to check out our full GanttProject review. GanttProject is a desktop application that takes a, you guessed it, Gantt-like approach to managing projects. In this GanttProject review, we will look at it in detail and see how it compares to the many excellent cloud-based project management software offerings.

The best project management software offers online communication tools and allows you to work collaboratively. GanttProject is great for managing distributed projects. GanttProject has a few useful features, though, and projects can be stored on a server if you have a suitable one. It can generate reports and webpages, so there are ways to keep your team up to date with your plans. If you want to try something even simpler, but with more of a sense of fun, read our Asana review.

Asana makes task management entertaining while still being useful. This gives you an overview of how your tasks fit together. You can see which tasks need to be done before others, blockages and dependencies. GanttProject has a resources chart to add people to your project. You can give everyone a role and define custom roles. People in your resources chart can be assigned to tasks. Like the Gantt view, it shows the relationship between tasks, but does so independently of the calendar, so you can rearrange items by dragging and positioning them in a way that makes sense to you.

In addition to offering dependency management, GanttProject shows you the critical path, which is the route that would result in the shortest possible time to complete your project. You can also change the colors of the chart elements and add your own logo.

You can set days off and omit them from your calendar, as well, which can keep things tidy. Unlike most of the best project management tools, GanttProject is desktop software.

That means it lacks features common to cloud-based alternatives. Compared to online platforms, its biggest weakness is the lack of communication options. If you want an application that offers plenty of ways to talk to you teammates, take a look at our Podio review. That said, you can save to a network drive or use a service such as Dropbox to share your project files.

GanttProject has an excellent report generator that creates summaries of your project in many formats, including. The HTML export is a particularly good feature, enabling you to put an overview of your project online easily. GanttProject has a narrow, focused set of features. It gets a decent score here as a result. If you need an application that has more features and integrations, take a look at our Airtable review.

GanttProject is a free application that you download and run yourself. A similar tool is Redmine, which is open source and designed to be run on your own server.

Have a look at our Redmine review for more. Its main view is a Gantt chart with a list of tasks on the left and a calendar that shows when tasks are scheduled for on the right. Adding a task is straightforward and can be done with a button or a couple of menu options. New tasks have their start and end dates set to whatever day is currently at the far left edge of your chart view, which is odd but you get used to it.

On the calendar, you can change the start and end dates for tasks by mousing over their edges and dragging. You can change percent-completed in a similar way and create dependencies by dragging an arrow from one task to another. Not all project management tools give you controllable Gantt charts, but those that do are generally easier to work with than GanttProject. You can read about it in our Smartsheet review. GanttProject gets high marks for ease of use.

Most of its features are easy to figure out. GanttProject is free, but gives you the option to pay if you want to help support it. You can also contribute through testing and bug hunting, working on the source code or translating it into new languages. Because GanttProject typically runs locally, privacy is much less of an issue than it is with cloud-based tools. Project files are not encrypted and look like. If you want to protect your local files, read our how to encrypt your hard drive piece for advice on how to do so.

Cybercrime is less of a concern with desktop tools. It has a support portal, which you can turn to if you need assistance. This one , in particular, is a good place to start. There could be better documentation, but there are good tutorial videos. The tool is simple to figure out, too, which helps it get a good score here. If you want to do everything offline for security or privacy reasons, GanttProject is a great choice. It allows you to manage projects locally and perform task management with subtasks and dependencies.

It has some online features, as well as its useful HTML output option. If you want something with a more modern feel, monday. Read about it in our monday. Thanks for reading. To James Konik. Gantt Project sounded just right for our non-profit society so I downloaded 2. I am not a very experienced computer user so I am pleased it works just as described in your review.

What am I missing? Your advice is desperately needed. Thank you. Wayne Tischer. Sign me up for a free day trial, no credit card required.

I'd rather keep looking. GanttProject Review GanttProject is an easy-to-use, open source project management tool. Visit GanttProject. Weaknesses: Only runs locally Fiddly interface Dated look Few communication features or integrations. Unsurprisingly, GanttProject users will spend a lot of time in its Gantt view. You can also import and export to Microsoft Project, as well as handle. GanttProject Features Overview. Dependency management. Custom backgrounds.

Other customization options. Appearance settings, logo, custom colors. Team size limit. Storage space. Unlimited GB. Open Source free. Accepts cryptocurrency. Mobile OS support. Free Trial. Free Anyway. Two-factor authentication. Plugins available. SOC certification. Live chat. Phone support. Despite being free, there are a few ways to get help in GanttProject. GanttProject Review Easy to use, open source, but not cloud-based.

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This Gantt chart Excel template helps you plan, track, and synchronize the activities of a project. Based on the long-standing Gantt chart model, this project plan template in Excel uses a simple visual representation to show how a project will be managed over time. You can enter start dates, duration, and current status of each task and share with your team to keep task owners accountable. This Excel Gantt chart template can accommodate both large and small projects for both short and longer time periods. This is an accessible template. Address books. All Holidays.


GanttProject Review

You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. GanttProject Web Site. Great Software. Simple and Easy to use. Works in multi-platforms.

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