Manufactured using SM Technology, the instrument provides a complete operator interface, protected by a Lexan membrane that ensures level IP65 faceplate protection. It has 4 keys, two green LED displays, each with 4 digits, 4 red indicating LED's for the 4 logic or relay outputs, and a further 3 LED's that are programmable to indicate the various operational states of the instrument. The main input for the process variable is universal and provides the possibility to connect many types of input sensor: thermocouple, resistance thermometer, thermistor, linear inputs, potentiometer, all with the possibility of custom linearisation that can be defined using the faceplate keys. The type of input is selected from the faceplate keys and no external shunts or adapter are required. It is possible to activate correction of the input using a linear function defined by way of two points on it.

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To lock the instrument, insert the two blocks into the dovetail guides diagonally to one another and tighten with the screws. Cut power to the instrument before accessing internal parts. Do not clean the case with hydrocarbon-based solvents trichloroethylene, gasoline, etc. The use of such solvents will compromise the instrument's mechanical reliability. Use a clean cloth moistened with ethyl alcohol or water to clean external plastic part. Defects deriving from any use not conforming to this manual are excluded from the warranty.

Auxiliary inputs Two remote analog trip setpoints, absolute or relative to local set. Spark suppression on NO contacts. Retransmission V isolation. Retransmission output for input, peak values, remote sets, direct and inverse control output, positive or negative deviation, alarm setpoint, configurable scale minimum and maximum settable from panel keys. Response time 8 msec. The instrument is available with Current Loop baud or RS 4-wire Auto or manual status programmable at power-on.

Ramp can be set for switch from current setpoint to new setpoint. Gradient can be defined for power update calculated from control algorithm.

Digital filter programmable on input signal; digital filter programmable on process variable display. Saving of max peak, min peak, max-min peak value of input signal retrievable by means of panel button and LED signal. Assigned to process variable or to setpoint. Relays energized or de-energized in trip status: selected from panel keys.

Trip can be excluded during power-up phase until input variable exceeds set trip point. Relay trips when variable drops below trip point. Output activation can be timed. Under normal work conditions, displays selected setpoint local or remote.

Power is displayed during normal operation, and can be changed with keys or by remote input in manual mode MAN LED flashing. Graphic display of power as percentage. Graphic display of deviation value as percentage.

When flashing, indicates that power may be varied with Raise and Lower keys. REM signals that remote setpoint absolute or deviation is on. CAL signals calibration control by probes or transmitters. If on, indicates that relay is energized. If button F is not pushed to confirm a setpoint change, it will be saved automatically after 10 seconds.

Use button F to confirm the set value. Keep button F pressed to access the various configuration and calibration phases. The procedure is not cyclical: when the maximum minimum for the field is reached, the function stops even if the key is pressed.

During manual function, the keys let you change the power level. The instrument resumes display of the process variable. Peak memory remains active internally, and can be displayed at any time. In this condition, alarm relay status and the value of the analog input repetition signal are unchanged. These functions are also available by means of configurable external contacts see "Electrical connections" and "Configuration CFG2: d. Attention: high voltage due to residual loads on condensers.

Configure by making jumpers on electronic boards of instrument. Calibration output For input from pressure probe, terminals B21, B22 are available for calibration contacts. Any shielding on the probe connection cable must be connected to terminal A3 -Exc. Minimum and maximum can be corrected from panel keys see calibration of repetition output. Minimum and maximum can be corrected from panel keys see calibration of control output.

Digital communication - Type C. For line lengths greater than 50 meters, and when a line termination impedance is required, solder jumpers X, Y, and Z on the Solder Side of board Make the termination on the instrument farthest away on the serial connection chain.

OUT2 alarm output Relay output on terminals B17 n. Configuration of C. InFo Access the display by keeping the F key pressed.

The InFo message will appear on the display after a few seconds. Release the F key to enter the information display phase: - Press the F key: the display will show the message CodE with the set serial communication code value; - Press the F key: the display will show the message UPdt with the number of the software release used on the instrument; - Press the F key: the display will show the message Prot with the set software protection level; - Press the F key: you will return to the variable display.

A weak integral action corresponds to a high integral time, while a strong integral action corresponds to a low integral time. After the control has settled, bring the value of the controlled variable exactly to the set setpoint at times this is necessary in PD controls. PrSt: reset power in range This contribution is added to the power calculated by the PID control. Per ulteriori informazioni vedere le note di funzionamento.

This contribution is added to the power calculated by the control Parameter to be set if the control type Ctr. Introduction to setting, configuration and calibration procedures: The various steps are accessed by means of button F. Changes are made with the Raise and Lower keys. If no keys are pressed during data display on the main menu, timed return to normal functioning is activated.

Press key F for a few seconds to access configuration steps. The following parameters are selected sequentially by means of key F function.

Displaying and setting local Setpoint Access the setpoint display; you can import it if the protection level permits. Press F to confirm the parameter value and go to the next step. Press F to go to the next step. Displaying ratio factor The ratio factor is displayed only if the control has been defined as type 2 or 3, i.


2301 manual (v7.0 - 80384 a) (1) gefran

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Embed Size px x x x x Panel mounting. Front panel dimensions: 96x96 mm. To lock the instrument, insert the two blocks into the dovetail guidesdiagonally to one another and tighten with the screws. Cut power to the instrument before accessing internal parts.



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