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FM Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield. For example: A rifleman in an infantry. Department of the Army. As the battle progresses, IPB is used to continuously evaluate the situation facing the command, driving new iterations of the decision making process and the directing step of the intelligence cycle.

The intelligence estimate forms the basis for the facts and assumptions of the decision making process, driving the other staff estimates and the remaining steps in the decision making process. Doctrine Versus Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. IPB forms the basis for defining the COAs available to the friendly command and drives the wargaming process that selects and refines them.

The battle staff then wargames the best friendly response or preemptive action based on the updated set of IPB predictions. Every commander and staff officer needs to think through the effects the environment has on both threat and friendly operations. IPB products also enable staffs to exploit the modem technology of the ISOS by focusing collection systems that now provide near-real-time NRT information in sufficient accuracy to conduct direct targeting.

However, the MI unit commander will use the IPB process to support his own unique planning requirements. The ISOS is the flexible architecture of procedures, organizations, and equipment that collect, process, store, and disseminate intelligence.

Whenever possible, he plans and arranges direct dissemination of targeting intelligence from the collector to the targeting cell or armh tire support element FSE. Sometimes the battle will progress in a direction unanticipated during the initial IPB and wargaming. Incorporating the results of IPB into COA development ensures that each friendly COA takes advantage of the opportunities the environment and threat situation offer and is valid in terms of what they will allow.

Some of these involve employment of the ISOS assets under his control. The results and products of IPB, conveyed in the intelligence estimate, are essential elements of the decision making process. Refined and updated requirements result from staff wargaming and selection of a particular friendly COA.

IPB is an essential element of the intelligence cycle. This is a listing and discussion of the COAs available to the threat. IPB contributes to complete staff synchronization and the successful completion of several other staff processeswhich are described below. A division staffs IPB can produce IPB not only enables a staff to put steel on target but also helps prioritize and maximize the effects of targeting.

The IPB process is continuous. Step 4 integrates the results of the previous steps into a meaningful conclusion. This assessment of the environment always includes an examination of terrain and weather but may also include discussions of the characteristics of geography armt infrastructure and their effects on friendly and threat operations. They are to develop The enemy is following his own plans and timelines; those determined during staff wargaming are only estimates.

Accordingly, the major IPB effort occurs before and during the first of five steps in the decision making process. Collection management synchronizes the activities of organizations and systems to provide intelligence the commander needs to accomplish his COA and targeting efforts. Intelligence synchronization is more than simply ensuring that collection systems of various sorts are operating 24 hours a day.

As the size of the unit increases, the level of detail required in the IPB effort arny significantly. Applying the IPB process helps the commander arrmy apply and maximize his combat power at critical points in time and space on the battlefield by Defining the significant characteristics of the battlefield environment also aids in identifying gaps in current intelligence holdings and the specific intelligence required to fill them.

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