Load capacity and precision at the highest stage. For over 65 years. The green or red colour simplifies identification even when installed. Threads are reinforced whenever low-strength materials e. The nut thread is wear resistant even in cases of frequent use. True quality appears under extreme conditions.

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Loading ePaper. Klemmtiefe Max. Part No. Beschreibung Artikel-Nr. Hub mm MAX. Druckkraft mit 6,21 bar MAX. FORCE: ca. Gewicht mit Std. C -YOKE ca. Yoke No. Druckkraft mit 6,21 Bar MAX. JAW Weg MAX. Druckkraft mit 6,21Bar MAX. JAW bewegl. Druckkraft bei 6,3 bar MAX. For Model No. Bitte bei Bedarf mitbestellen. ZT B 1. ZT Artikel-Nr. Cutter, Cutter-Shaft, Footpiece and Stabilizer are not furnished with the machine.

If required, specify at time of order. Drehung um 2 Achsen Dual Rotating Art. Should you wish to convert a standard ZT cage to a extended nose model, you will need to order the required nosepiece, the adapter and the appropiate extended shaft separately. Hub MAX. D1 Artikel-Nr.

P1 Artikel-Nr. The unique patented holding system prevents the solid carbide blades from coming out of the holder if it is fractured. The HSS saw blades and the diamond plated blades dish on the bottom so they clear the cut core finish like the hollow ground solid carbide style rings.

The solid carbide rings may be reground several times at the factory making them very economical to use. The HSS saw and diamond plated blades are disposable, offering the convenience of a constant diameter. This cutter offers the strength of an integral shank and blade that has an edge sharpness unattainable with any other material.

This sharpness and the relieved bottom yield part surfaces that require a minimum of preparation before bonding operation. These cutters enable cuts of up to. The availability of several different blades makes this cutter suitable for most core types. All assemblies require a shank, hogger and blade. Part lifting and flagging have also been reduced due to the new tooth and flute design. Existing honeycomb blades will mount on these hoggers.

Larger sizes are available on request. Can even be used in combination with aluminium. No back up required. Feeds and speeds recommendations available.

Drill Size. These drills are drilling more than holes in 10mm material thickness. These drills are drilling more than 2, holes. Can be used in Air-Tool or Milling Machine. Excellent for heavy and medium stock removal of soft sticky material.

Capacity Aluminum 1. Right Angle design for close quarter application 3. Designed for oil hole application 4. Cartridge 1. Push Tube 3. Push Tube 12 Oz. Jar 12 Oz.

B Art. Offset drills for those "hard to get at" areas. Heat treated gears, Hardened and precision ground shafts, make this tool acceptable for the toughest jobs.

Extra thin drills which allow access into tight areas. All steel housings, heat treated gears, hardened and precision ground shafts tackle the toughest of tasks with ease. Drill Cap. When the drill point penetrates enough for the second margin to contact the wall of the hole, the point is stabilized and true cylindrical geometry is established.

Smooth accurate holes are produced and reaming can often be eliminated. Drill Drill Diameter Part-No.


Kernloch m8. Kernloch Tabelle M1 bis M64

Army in the mid to early over the need for tanks with greater firepower and armor. There can be no basis for the T26 tank other than the conception of a tank versus tank duel—which is believed unsound and unnecessary. Another River, Another Town, , J. Some of the division's other tanks were able to cross the bridge, but the T26E3s were too large and heavy to cross the damaged bridge and had to wait five days before getting across the river by barge. Testing and production of the T26E1 proceeded slowly, however, and the T26E1 did not begin full production until November In September—October , a series of discussions occurred over the issue of beginning production of the T26E1, which was advocated by the head of the Armored Force, General.


Loading ePaper. Klemmtiefe Max. Part No. Beschreibung Artikel-Nr. Hub mm MAX. Druckkraft mit 6,21 bar MAX. FORCE: ca.


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