This helps in making lessons and seminars being more interactive. You can write on the board with your fingers, the optional electric pen or the provided stylus. The IntelliPen automatically converts the freehand objects to smooth objects. You can scroll by motioning with the flat of your hand, or expand the display by motioning with your fingers.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Read this User's Guide and carefully retain it for future reference. Before using this product, carefully read and fully understand the safety instructions. Store this User's Guide nearby for ease of reference. Table of Contents. Page 3 Also, the company makes no warranty as to the product's suitability, merchantability or fitness for a particular intended use.

All products of Hitachi Software Engineering Co. Users who purchased the aforesaid product s will bear the costs of all required services, repairs, This User's Guide has been created for people who already have a working knowledge of personal computers henceforth referred to as "PC". Please make sure that you understand the contents of this User's Guide and use the software correctly. These symbols and their meanings are as explained below. Do not make any adjustments, repairs, or modifications not given in this User's Guide as doing so may lead to personal injury or damage to the product.

For safety reasons, disconnect the USB cable if the product is not going to be used for an extended period of time. Failure to comply may result in malfunction. Improper work m ay result in death or personal injury due to the product falling during operation. Always use the specified mounting unit Improper assembly may cause the product to fall over.

However, unanticipated circumstances might occur. When operating this product, users themselves must exercise caution as well as follow instructions. Introduction 1. First-time users of StarBoard should read through this chapter. Use by clicking the middle of the symbol with your pen or finger. Refer to page in this User's Guide for details.

Side buttons Mouse Operations assigned to these buttons. Installing the board on to the wall in a way that does not suite the wall material, may result in the board falling off the wall causing injuries or damage to the board. Furthermore, wall installation may not be possible depending on the wall. Failure to comply may cause the board to fall, resulting in personal injury, or may cause damage to this product due to shock of impact. Attach the small sponge lower of height adjustment stay as shown in figure.

Failure to comply may cause the stand to collapse, resulting in personal injury, or may cause damage to this product due to shock of impact from the board falling. Tighten the screws securely. The StarBoard can be positioned at six height levels. English The equipment might not operate correctly if it is connected without the software being installed. Connect the PC, projector and StarBoard according to the following procedure.

How to Use 2. In the same way as the stylus pen, if you touch the board with anything other than your finger or you are too close to the board, it might cause an incorrect operation. Failure to comply may result in damage to the stylus pen or personal injury. Important Keep the stylus pen in the pen holder when not in use. When you release the tip of the electronic pen from the board, the writing is complete. While Windows is in operation, the following mouse operations can be performed using the pen tip button.

Important Conduct sensor adjustments upon first-time operations and whenever the board has been moved. Appendix 3. The StarBoard does not connected to the PC? Other than the above Contact a support center. Replace the batteries. Press "All Adjust. After making adjustments, check that input can be performed normally. To use StarBoard comfortably this function is recommended to use. Do not touch the board surface until auto adjustment completed. This is all of auto sensor adjustment.

During the free warranty service period, if a malfunction occurs during normal use, the malfunction will be corrected without charge, according to the provisions of the warranty. Furthermore, if the customer registration card accompanying the warranty is not returned to our company, the customer information will not be registered; This manual is also suitable for: Starboard fx-trio series.

Print page 1 Print document 49 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


HitachiSoft FXTRIO-77 User Manual



Hitachi StarBoard FX-TRIO-77 - interactive whiteboard - USB Specs



Hitachi Interactive Whiteboard FX-TRIO-77




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