Hi guys I got this power supply that is damaged. No history behind it. Power supply has two separate inputs, V and V, could be that somebody connected it to the wrong input. Also the fuse from the DC line that is coming to this part of power supply.

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Version: 2. Make sure of grounding well for the tester before testing in case of damage caused by. Electrostatic induction.

Ther e are good Grounding picture in the right bottom of each. Make sure of grounding well for the relay test set before testing in case of damage. There is the icon to indicating well grounding at. External voltage source or current source is forbidden to be conducted into the output. The voltage circuit can not be short circuit or overload, and the load of the current circuit. When there is overload or short-circui t in the voltage source, the tester will.

When the heavy current output has been c ontinued for a long time and the power. At t hat time, the test will not be continued. If any fault was detected on the tester, pleas e contact the factory or the local agent for. If there is any emergency dur ing the test, please right away exit out the button of amplifier, then shut down t he power supply of the host.

The tester is supposed to bring back to t he package box on condit ion it has not been used. Dear Customers:. Meanwhile, we shall be much. Should any business advice or te chnical support service. Overseas Trade Dept. Technical Support Website E-mail. This manual was written taking Ki the type as the standard and is applicable to other. If the software to be applied is. Pl ease pay close attention to the latest news in our website,.

The mentioned functions and pict ures in this manual will be only as reference and the. Chapter 1 Overview. Chapter 2 Panel Description. Chapter 3 PC Testing. Chapter 4 Description of Testing Operation. Relays Testing. Chapter 5 System Setting. Chapter 6 Appendix. K10 series Microcomputer-based Tester is the new generation of multifunction protection. Off-line: operation without PC. Online: operation with PC. Technical Parameters of Ki:. Voltage generators. Current generators. Generators, general.

DC generators. Voltage ranges. Current ranges. Aux DC Supply. Binary inputs. Compatible Voltage. Binary outputs. Synchronization mode. Harmonic overlap times. Power supply. Nominal input voltage. Nominal frequency. Environmental conditions. Operation temperature. Storage temperature. Humidity range. K10 Series Protection Test Set:. AC Outputs. A Excellent linear amplifier for voltage and current with good reliability. Output waveform is of smooth and true; no high order harmonic that be easily generated by electric switch amplifier.

Current source and voltage source have no current booster and no voltage booster, but direct coupling mode is adopted for the sources which enable the output frequency.

And it meet the requirements of transient state test of protection rela ys, consequently to r ealize the purpose of performing simple simulation tests on various protection relays. True and accurate small electricity waveform, no electromagnetic pollution.

Good amplitude frequency characte ristic and transient response. Use the latest DSP and large scale program mable FPGA of American TI Company plus with high precision because of point wave form simulation, enable K10 series with better transient response and frequency-amplitude characteristic. Having applied digital serial port DA, we further improve output precision of K10 series C. Make real sense of simultaneous output in voltage and current of the tester; amplitude value, phase and frequency are individually and continuously adjustable at random.

D Perfect design on self-protection function. The indicator light for s hort-circuit on the panel is be on and followed. The voltage amplifie r will be normal to work as long as. Whenever overheat with test er due to heavy current out put or overload, thermal. Indicator light for overheat on the panel. The current amplifier will be normal to. Current Open Cir cuit Indication.

Ic will be on. Unique heat dissipation part for ventilation. Four built-in high power fans for ventilation. Thermal shut-down protection is applied to ensure K10 series is of excellent stability.

High shock-resistance. Inner frame of K10 series is of architectural style structur e which as a result of high. That the package box is made of high strength aluminum a lloy further make sure of. On-site Convenience in Aux. DC Voltage Supply. Dc power supply is so ftware-controlled, which is able to power. A Full function for online test and offline test. Capable of testing all types of voltage re lays, current relays, frequency relays, power.

Fault-simu lation enables users to calibrate fixed. And fault-simulation also leads to. And K10 se ries can auto scan the ratio-restraint curve. And K10 series possesses GPS trigger function. Compatible system for online operation.

Windows Style operation interface is friendly and easy-to-use. Tester mainframe. One set. Operating software. GPS cable. One pc. Two pcs. One pack. Power Supply cable. One pcs. Instruction manual.


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Older Macintosh Magnetek power supply ressurection. I need some advice repairing it. I slowly got it to work, first I disconnected all the visually blown and shorted components, until all there was left was a standby power supply. There was a major darkening in the standby area, but it was caused by an overheating resistor which still tests good - 68 ohms. This was caused by dried up capacitors, at first I decided not to recap it, but when I tried it first, the power supply drew 20W thorugh the lamp limiter. Recapping made it much happier but still a bit high at 9W. The resistor gets only warm now.


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Version: 2. Make sure of grounding well for the tester before testing in case of damage caused by. Electrostatic induction. Ther e are good Grounding picture in the right bottom of each. Make sure of grounding well for the relay test set before testing in case of damage.


Not all malicious and suspicious indicators are displayed. Get your own cloud service or the full version to view all details. Loading content, please wait Toggle navigation. Overview Login to Download Sample 1. External Reports VirusTotal. Risk Assessment.


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