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PolyPhaser coaxial RF surge protector also known as lightning surge protector, lightning surge arrestor or suppressor ISNX-C2 is in-stock and will ship same-day as purchased. Our radio frequency coaxial surge protector product is commonly used for radio and antenna installations where part or all system equipment is outdoors to protect sensitive equipment and is designed to pass MHz to 1 GHz while suppressing DC surge.

While this radio frequency lightning surge suppressor operates in a range of frequencies from MHz to 1GHz, it is supporting a power handling maximum of Watts.

Our coax surge protection device for RF is manufactured with a N type connection in and a type N out. ISNX-C2 is constructed with a female gender for the input and female for the output. We support our customers with a sense of urgency while providing innovative lightning and surge protection solutions that ensure reliable operation of critical systems for a connected world. Price Table.

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PolyPhaser IS-50NX-C2-ME 125-1000 MHz Flange Mount Coax Protector, N(M) Eq-N(F) Ant



Polyphaser IS-50NX-C2 Coax Lightning Protector 125 MHz-1 GHz


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