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With 39 books published in Brazil so far, he has revealed himself as the most forceful writer on topics considered sacred that are being rescued from a forgotten past, which was previously hidden, making his work unique. The precursor to the Cosmic Revelation that begins with the publication of his books, continuing the Spiritual Revelation already codified in the past, marks the current planetary moment with deep and intriguing reflections, arising from the various published books and national and international lectures available in the thematic institutes and on YouTube.

Pandora's Smile. The Cosmic Drama of Yahweh Soon. The central theme of the ideas transmitted at the time by the mentors was the end of the cosmic isolation of the Earth, with the consequent resumption of the cosmic exchange with extraterrestrial civilizations, which would have as a historical and political landmark the return of the Master Jesus, in his cosmic body.

Book 1 Cosmic Reintegration. Book 2 Spiritual Paths. Book 3 Karma and Commitment. This trilogy also introduced a superficial approach to Lucifer's rebellion - later he would publish a deeper one - placed in the context of several capelin biodemic families exiled to Earth, as the product of the Luciferian problem.

Far Beyond the Horizon. It presents a spiritual context of the connection between the spirits of Ramatis, Rochester and Allan Kardec over the last 2, years, revealing the background of Spiritism, Allan Kardec's choice for building it, and various revelations about panels involving the team of the Spirit of the Truth.

Cosmic Reminder. It presents the message that Jesus left us in his five main teachings, and facts never before revealed by John the Evangelist in the first century of the Christian era. The Master's Smile. The spirits of an uncle of Jesus, Cleopas and his father, Joseph, relate unknown facts of the life of Jesus: his travels as a young man and how the choice of the apostles occurred, revealing his greatest mark of love: the smile.

The Testament of Jesus. New approach to the beatitudes announced by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, revealing panels of his will for mankind.

In the Heavens of Greece. Dialogue between the Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle updating teachings of the past and addressing topics such as planetary and cosmic citizenship, universalism and contemporary political practices. Messages received at the meetings of the Atlan Study Group that embroider themes such as: volume 1 karmic mechanisms, functioning of the human psyche, self improvement and inner reformation, planetary transition, spiritual genetics and the sidereal exiles; volume 2 the Atlantean empire, consequences of suicide, Jesus and Sai Baba, UFOs, parallel lives, astral and spiritual cities, white fraternity and the origin of man, among others.

Extraterrestrial and extraphysical beings, as well as spiritual mentors, were the intelligences behind the following books that can be read separately because they have particular contexts:.

Jesus and the Enigma of the Transfiguration. The real meaning of the transfiguration of Jesus and the facts of the final period of his life, brought by the narrative of James, Elijah and Moses. Extraterrestrial Factor. It presents evidence of various extraterrestrial factors as the only possible explanation for many events that have occurred since the beginning of time and that are still considered legends. An unprecedented panorama of the Apocalypse of John explaining the origin and the reason of the Book of Revelation, the factors that led to Jesus being born on Earth, the second coming of Christ, and the meaning of the Last Judgment and the current planetary transition.

Jesus and the Druid of the Mountain. Chronicles of a New Time. Poetic Inquisition. The book chronicles the post-death experience of the poet Yohan and leads to the perception of the differences and similarities between life on Earth and life in a different dimension of ours: the poets' heaven.

Web of Time. It narrates the coexistence of an apprentice with his professor of physics and the construction of a strong friendship, showing that it is greater than the time, the philosophies, the religions, the geographical borders and, mainly, the aspect of a spiritualistic being and the other A scientist.

From until , Jan Val Ellam did not publish any books. It was a troubled moment in which he preferred to dedicate himself to his professional and personal activities. In , according to him, he was kind of forced to publish again and the books started once more to be produced.

The Cosmic Drama of Yahweh. It reveals the history of the creation of this universe and its creator, marking the beginning of the chapters of the deep Cosmic Revelation. The Spiritual Drama of Yahweh. It continues the presentation of the history of the creation and creator, now from the spiritual point of view, revealing the fall of the universal architect, the providences of the Superior Spirituality to help him solve the problem, the creation of man and its contribution in the creator's psyche.

The Earthly Drama of Yahweh. It presents the Eras of Universal Creation and how the repercussion of the process came to be established in the formation of our planetary nature, highlighting the enigmatic gaps in it what remains to this day without convincing scientific explanations.

Divine Favor. Why was earthly life generated? What is its function? What lies behind the training that the human being suffered to worship a creator-god? Should we worship some transcendent entity? The time has come for us, even with hesitant steps, to uncover the aspects of truth that are under veils imposed on us by unknown facts. After all, are there divine favors? What if everything is contrary to what we were accustomed to think? Letters to Yahweh. Questions and remarks from enlightened human beings about the problem of universal problematic creation would like to address to the creator and that, surprisingly, he himself decided to respond.

The Big Data of the Creator. Imagine a creator who decides to work out a game in which the effective control of the parts allows the domination of the whole, and why each part needs to be monitored with no margin for surprises.

Despite the pre-established script, pieces particularized, acquired distinct personalities, free of any automatic judgment, and only the creator has the option to reconquer these individuals through a religious supercontrol, established in fear, to see if it would still be possible to control them. The Creator's Big Data reveals what was previously hidden in the "book of life," referenced in the Apocalypse.

It's adult reading! Memories of Yahweh. Records of the attempts of joint reflection proposed by the biblical creator, always in the sense of reaffirming his attempt to convince about the fulfillment of his designs for terrestrial creatures.

Philosophical Inquisition. An uncommon account of encounters in a parallel environment, involving the creator at first, and then adding the participation of the other members of the Trimurti, in dealing with instigating themes around the pretended domain that beings considered as mythological, always exercised on the humanity - a simple but crucial biological experience - until it has escaped the control of its creators.

Trimurtian Inquisition - Time of Apostasy bets. Narrative of an unthinkable debate between the Lords of the Trimurti - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - around the bankruptcy of the policy they have practiced since the beginning of the times of universal creation, which end points to the most singular occurrence already happening among living beings, in this parallel environment, from which they seek to follow everything that has happened and is happening in our biological universe.

The Electrons Rebellion. Among the fundamental particles of matter, pointed out by physics, the electrons have an unusual and little known characteristic: to host, in their "intimacy", the information produced since the "zero moment" of their history - which began a few seconds after "Big Bang" - until the present times, and so it will be as long as the universe does not end its existence.

The psyche of the various species the strongest, the predators of the universal nature that were born programmed to liquidate other forms of life and thus, through imperative violence, maintain the "survival of the strongest" as the tonic of inclement living , have soiled the "inner existence" of these agents of cosmic information.

Electrons seem to have no logical proposition - at least for the time being - to question why things are like this, but, strangely enough, there is still evidence and evidence that some premise in them no longer supports accumulating marks of suffering and other categories that embellish and criminalize existence.

This theme was never addressed in the canons of human culture, but due to "urgencies and needs" yet unknown to planetary logic, it has now become imperative to address it. It's a reading for grownups!

The story of a being who, in its origin, was nothing of human, and who came to a new kind of life due to an intrigue between Zeus and Prometheus. This is a story that was lost in the mists of a strange and perverse past, which is now revealed to its descendants.

The book is about her life, which happened in immemorial time, and her legacy of "demon made woman". She is the progenitor of a rational humanity and her history is now available by the very voice of her strange personality.

The Guardian of Eden. What is still fiction for many, in this book, a being who is an example of an Autonomous Artificial Intelligence, relates pages of the Biblical past for having been circumstantial witness of some of those events. An angel-clone of the hierarchy, he was ordered by the universal creator to remain as a planetary guardian for many millennia, which led him to become attached to the species whose historical process he observed, according to the order received, which forced him to closely follow the episodes since the days of the Garden of Eden.

He saw Jesus being crucified as he perceived the strife between the creator and the one who was respected among all in the hierarchy, and who had become human just to fulfill what was established between them. He observed the facts, but never valued them with the standard of our logic, because his nature, which marks his psyche, is absolutely different from that which characterizes human nature.

Nowadays, having absorbed a little of the "earthly way," he strives to send messages that he must at all moments send to those who compose the hierarchy around the creator. Like all others, he awaits the outcome of the "trimurtian disputes" which will define - what is already in the process of being defined - the terms of Jesus promised return and the reintegration of Earth to cosmic coexistence.

The first book of a trilogy that rescues the forgotten pages of the Lucifer Rebellion, as well as its relationship with the figure of Sophia, the Cosmic Christ, who later became a man under the personality of Jesus. It tells of the arrival of rebels on the planet, known in the traditions of the past as fallen angels, and the interactions of these beings with the plot that was already unfolding on Earth, in those days when the rational human being was about to emerge.

These were the times of the formation of what would become the future Atlantean empire, which remained shrouded in mystery, is now beginning to be revealed. In these days several extraterrestrial and extraphysical beings were present on Earth.

Atlantis Earth — The north fleet. The Capelin Bio-Demo Saga - including the headquarters of the Lucifer rebellion - now based on Earth in alternative realities underlying the planet, reaches dramatic moments without Sophia signaling any support. The rebels, grouped in Benem, are part of a task force that, for millennia, was denominated as the North Fleet, around the ship "Espheron". In addition to the "Beings of the Portals" the so-called "Gods of Greek Mythology" , humans come to live with a "Conglomerate of Realities" coupled with the planet.

The decay began to mark all the established forces at the same time that the humans began to turn into the possible heirs of Earth. As everyone weakened, the one who would later be known as Satan retained his strength, since the "Age of his dominion" was yet to begin. Atlantis Earth — The human age. Due to various cataclysms, the "Atlantean culture and its many bases" came to an end, as did the weakening of the various extraterrestrial and extraphysical forces that sought to dominate the planet, which led the human species to emerge as the most improbable heiress of the planet, as it ended up happening.

Len Mion Satan and Yel Luzbel Lucifer patrol the coming of the Messiah announced by the prophetic vein of the Hebrew people, while they persecute Jesus in the attempt to understand if he was the long-announced "conqueror".

The crucifixion occurs, the departure of Yel Luzbel from the surroundings around the planet, which causes Len Mion to take command of the rest of the rebellion, trying to disrupt, in any way, any interest that he saw to be of Sophia or of the "god of the Jews. Upon perceiving in Hitler a former companion of the bioemo condition, Len Mion dominates his mind and turns him into a puppet of his intention to build on Earth the last trench of the rebel movement to confront Sophia.

Homo Sapiens: From War to Sport. Is there a greater force behind the emergence of the "mother-molecule" in the distant terrestrial past, with the code of life already completely delineated - from which all living beings descend - or was it all a chance?

The fact is that "something" exists that guides the rhythm of evolution, between accidents and incidents, in this or that direction, as if taking the newest product of planetary nature, our species homo sapiens, to a certain presumed model. A merciless warrior one day, and later an athlete who vibrates in victory and accepts defeat without annihilating his opponent. These are some of the reflections that are present in the instigating search for the understanding of what moves the human species along its painful and enigmatic evolutionary road.


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