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Lynn Ahlgren. Becky Andcrson. Alexa nde r And ersson. Bow er. Travis Brandt, Jeremy Bullens. Jed Carleton. Brett Carlos. Patrick Chen. Darrin Clough. John Davis. Charles Fox, Angela H arri. Paul Hartmann. Stephen johnstone, M ike Jonas, Alcx. Seth Ma on. Steven M ileham. Arthur Nguyen. Benjamin 1. M Ily Po ole,. Brian Bates, Kathry n Bayne. Mike Bi. Catherine Prickett. DavI d. Smith, Liza Str LI t,. Matt Strout, 1Vlark Turner. Joe W hit e. Matt WrightThe writers would like to offe r their mO r sincere thanks to the playtes ters, wh o went above and.

All ri ghts reserved. Introducti o n: ". Foc us. Due li ng i n Rokugan: A TI meline. Iaijut ' u: Revi sed Mec han ic s. The Way. Ph il osop hy. Stone Tower Dojo. First Strike Dojo. Duellst Dojo. New Advilnced School:. I l idn Defender Sus h i. Pal h : Ku n l Duelis t Sh ugc nja. Tetsu bo D uelist Bus hi. Yas uki Su mo i Co urtier.

Pa th:. Ph ilosophy Cra n e In sti tutions. T he Maste r of Wit s. Kaklt c Artisa n Co urti er. Doj i alllester Courtier. New Path:. Asahi lla D uel ist. Shu ge nja. Path : Daldoji. Pa th :. EL IN G:. C HAPT '. Philosophy Drag n Institutions. The Soul of the Dra gon Do jo. Temple of the Tran quil fire Togashi Te sting rounds. Dragon Sensei. Sh iba. Institutions Bu sh i School. Isawa Taryu-jiai Academ y. Dragon Dueling Mechanics. Arti san Dojo. Sen sei. Hoj alS u 's Legacy Bush i. New Mechanics.

Phoenix Dueling Practice s. Kikage Zu mi Madman Monk. Shiba Artisan Courtier. K itsu k l Ga mcste r Courtier. New Pa th :. Isawa Duelist Shugenja. Mirllmo ro Talons Bush i. New Path :. Kala : Eyes of the D ra gon. Shl b a lai j ll tsu Dueli st Gushi. Fore st. New Pilth:. New K;lIa: Spirits and. Shiba Naginata D uelist Gushi.

New Kiho:. New Kata: The Beak Pier es. Strike of l he Dragon Fi re. Kala : The. Phoen ix's H a en. New Kl ho:. Tell' Kilta: Swoop of the Wing. HAPl ER fl v.

Philosoph y. Scorpion Insti tu tions. Lion In. Ba y u shi. Bushi School. Castle Llf the Swift Lion Institutions. Wielder of Ve il s Academy. Golden Spider Dojo. Hemt of the K.

Yogo Shugenja Shinobi Duels:. Open Hand. Lion Dojo.


52419436 Legend of the Five Rings Art of Duel

Lynn Ahlgren. Becky Andcrson. Alexa nde r And ersson. Bow er. Travis Brandt, Jeremy Bullens.


Art of the Duel

Dueling captures many important facets of a samurai's life: skill with a blade, moral and physical courage, personal honor and loyalty to family and clan. It is an experiance which compresses his existence to its essence But dueling is not limited to the warrior ranks alone. Shugenja have used the rites of taryu-jiai to settle matters of honor between them almost since the dawn of the Empire. Courtiers have a myriad of less violent but no less dangerous methods of dealing with rivals for personal and political ends. The Art of the Duel covers the full range of Rokugani dueling practices: iaijutsu dueling.


L5R: Art of the Duel

View Larger Image. Ask Seller a Question. Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group. One on one contests have long been a defining element of Rokugani society. The tradition of magical duels among shugenja is also detailed, along with the strange competitions held among the Nezumi, Naga, and even the creatures of the Shadowlands. Visit Seller's Storefront.


The Art of the Duel


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