REBOL can be a very productive language but like all languages you will find it useful for some things but not others. There is a small, but enthusiastic and growing community which has a lot of work to do. REBOL 3 was open sourced. In time I will reorganise aspects of this site to reflect the reality that the open sourced REBOL is the future, while recognising that there will be plenty of REBOL 2 production scripts out there that may still need support.

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Red was created out of the need to get work done, and the tool the author wanted to use, the language of REBOL, had a couple of drawbacks. It was not Open Sourced at that time and it is an interpreted language, what means that it is on average slow compared to a compiled language.

This means that it will be an effective tool to do almost any programming task on every level from the metal to the meta without the aid of other stack tools. Furthermore Red will be able to cross-compile Red source code without using any GCC like toolchain from any platform to any other platform.

And it will do this all from a binary executable that is supposed to stay under 1 MB. The main source for information about Red is the Red language homepage. To learn more about Rebol and Red join the chat on Gitter. Maybe you want to try Red right away? That is possible on the try Rebol and Red site. Got a suggestion? A correction, perhaps? Open an Issue on the Github Repo, or make a pull request yourself! Originally contributed by Arnold van Hofwegen, and updated by 9 contributor s.

Share this page. Select theme: light dark. Ready to learn your first Red? All text before the header will be treated as comment, as long as you avoid using the word "red" starting with a capital "R" in this pre-header text. This is a temporary shortcoming of the used lexer but most of the time you start your script or program with the header itself.

The header of a red script is the capitalized word "red" followed by a whitespace character followed by a block of square brackets []. The block of brackets can be filled with useful information about this script or program: the author's name, the filename, the version, the license, a summary of what the program does or any other files it needs. You just saw the Red version of the "Hello World" program. Red ; does not have yet all those types, but as Red want to be close to Rebol it ; will have a lot of datatypes.

But beware ; names ending with an exclamation sign are allowed. No support for unsigned atm but that will come. Initialize here refers to both declaring a variable and ; assigning a value to it. IF returns ; the resulting value of the block or 'none' if the condition was false.


Learn Rebol - REBOL programming tutorial

REBOL is a uniquely small and productive development tool that can be used to create powerful desktop software, dynamic CGI web site and server applications, rich distributed browser plugin applications, mobile apps, and more. REBOL is ultra compact. It can be downloaded, installed, and put to use on all supported operating systems in less than a minute, even over a slow dialup connection. You can use it as a simple utility program with a familiar interface to common computing activities, on just about any computer, even if you're unfamiliar with the operating system. REBOL includes GUI, network, graphics, sound, database, image manipulation, math, parsing, compression, CGI decoding, secure network services, text editing, and other functions built-in.


Learn REBOL - Tutorials and Examples


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