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E por que valeria a pena tentar? Entre em contato pelo Whatsapp 11 e retire em nossa porta ou fazemos a entrega. A presente obra foi pensada tendo tais fatos como base.

Lembre-se, se puder fique em casa e, caso precise de algo, entre em contato pelo Whatsapp 11 e retire em nossa porta ou fazemos a entrega. Um livro escrito por Wanderlei de Oliveira. Boa jornada! Adam levava uma vida dos sonhos ao lado da esposa Corinne e dos dois filhos. Quando o estranho o aborda para contar um segredo estarrecedor sobre sua esposa, ele percebe a fragilidade do sonho que construiu: Ter Entre em contato pelos WhatsApp 11 e retire seu pedido em nossa porta ou fazemos a entrega.

Entre em contato pelo whatsapp 11 e retire em nossa porta ou fazemos a entrega. Como produzimos os pensamentos? Por que existem mentes que brilham? Todos somos muito inteligentes? Descubra os poderes da sua mente. Entre em contato conosco pelo Whatsapp 11 e confira mais. E caso precise de algo, lembre-se de entrar em contato conosco pelo WhatsApp: 11 Cada um com problemas diferentes, mas com a mesma origem: Perceval.

Dona de bom-gosto, autoestima e muito vigor. Como superar? Como vencer? Deus nunca nos abandona. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data. In times of isolation, it is very important to understand and work our feeling so that we do not fall into thought that take our feelings to a negative and dark side.

And one way to prevent this from happening is through meditation, a technique used worldwide, and that several studies have proven its benefits. So we indicate as reading the book "Meditation is more than you think" by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Forget everything you've heard to date about meditation and transform your life from the simple reality of a daily and accessible practice for anyone.

Jon Kabat-Zinn is considered "one of the best mindfulness teachers you will ever find" Jack Kornfield. He has taught the tangible benefits of meditation for decades. Today, millions of people around the world adopt a formal practice of meditation full attention as part of their everyday lives.

But what is meditation anyway? And why would it be worth a try? Or nurture even more if you already have practice?

This book will answer those and many other questions. In this work it will be possible to understand concepts such as: - Focus - Full attention - Karma - Dharma - Ethics - Awareness - Existential empty Like it?

Contact Whatsapp 11 and remove at our door or we make delivery. Produtos maravilhosos para alegrar todas as idades. Get to know Cis brand products repost cis. Launch is coming! New book by Divaldo Franco and Joanna de ngelis will be released next month, and you can book yours now! Contact Whatsapp 11 , place your order and remove at our door or we make delivery. The book will be released from June. Empty LIVES is an unprecedented book that comes to help us strengthen faith and hope in these difficult days.

See a little more through the synopsis: Humanity lives, without doubt, an era of progress. More and more technological advances are enabling the exploitation of distant places, once unattainable. There are also new and advanced studies of the human mind, thought, psychological, which can explain some behaviors in our society. However, the human creature is often misused in a misconceptive way of the tools and opportunities enseized by such advances, sinking quickly into frivolous thoughts, disturbances and strong sensations, resulting in empty lives.

Despite all the attitude and aberrations that swarm the Earth, planet of evidence and atonations, human life has the sublime goals of loving and finding existential meaning, which are vigorous reason to live. The present work was thought to have such facts as the basis. There are 30 rich messages of studies and careful reflections, suggesting effective methods for the serious problems of hodiernal days, in order to overcome moral inferiority, as well as spiritual, and conquer fullness.

Pointer is not all the same, and those who value impeccable jobs seek to use the best products. Kum Points are known worldwide for their German quality and tradition.

Remember, if you can stay at home and, if you need anything, contact whatsapp 11 and remove at our door or we make delivery. Love who is most important in your life: yourself! A book written by Wanderlei de Oliveira. In your wanderings through life, you seek to achieve happiness and personal realization. Walk on roads you choose and often on roads they chose for you in order to be prepared for the competitive today.

In this unceasing quest, even without wanting to, you often walk away from the only source of happiness and realization: yourself. This distance occurs regardless of your perception of what is happening, letting you be carried away by circumstances. You are now receiving an invitation: look inside yourself and redeem your own values.

Even if, at first moment, you don't have a full view of who you are. If you have confidence in your potential, you will get closer and closer to your intimate nature. Fall in love with an open heart and meet your reality, for it will put you before everything you've always wanted.

Good journey! Like it? Contact Whatsapp 11 and remove at our door or we deliver. Did you know that Posca is a pen that can be used wherever your creativity goes? A suspense that became a series on Netflix! With few words, a man destroys Adam Price's world. Your identity is unknown. Your motivations are obscure.

But your revelations are painfully undisputed. Adam led a dream life alongside his wife Corinne and his two kids. When the stranger approaches him to tell a staggering secret about his wife, he realizes the fragility of the dream he built: Would it have all been a big lie?

Haunted by doubt, Adam decides to confront Corinne, and the image of perfection he created around her begins to collapse. When investigating history on its own, it ends up engaging in a dark universe full of lies, blackmail and murders.

Intriguing and disturbing, "Don't talk to strangers" is more than a breathtaking suspense. It's a reflection on good and evil, love and hate, right and wrong, secrets, lies and their devastating consequences. Canetas Caran d'ache. Qual sua preferida? So beautiful it's hard to choose just one.

What's your favorite? Contact WhatsApp 11 and remove your order at our door or we deliver. You asked and we answered, now we have the book "Women Who Run Wolves". Wolves were painted with a black brush on fairy tales, and to this day they scare helpless girls. But, not always they were seen as terrible and violent creatures. In ancient Greece and Rome, the animal was the consort of Artemis, the hunter, who affectionately breastfed the heroes.

While investigating the crushing of female instinctive nature, Clarissa discovered the key to modern woman's feeling of powerlessness. Addressing 19 myths, legends and fairy tales, such as the story of Ugly Duckling and Bluebeard, these shows how the instinctive nature of the woman was being domesticated throughout the ages, in a process that punished all those who rebelled The best of the best of the According to the analyst, like virgin forests and wild animals, instincts were devastated and natural feminine cycles forcibly transformed into artificial rhythms to please others.

But her vital energy, according to her, can be restored by "psychic-archaeological" excavations in the ruins of the underground world. To the point where, emerging from the thick layers of cultural conditioning, the brave wolf that lives in each woman appears. Classic of studies on sacred feminism and feminism, the book is the first in a series of Rocco's long sellers to win editing with new graphic project and hardcover. It's simple, contact whatsapp 11 and remove at our door or we deliver.


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