Aprende-se quando se ouve e reflexiona. As disputas verbais exibem rivais insensatos. Aprenda com serenidade. Somente quem sabe ouvir, para aprender, tem recursos para ensinar. E, mesmo nele, existe uma ordem que nos escapa.

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Aprende-se quando se ouve e reflexiona. As disputas verbais exibem rivais insensatos. Aprenda com serenidade. Somente quem sabe ouvir, para aprender, tem recursos para ensinar. E, mesmo nele, existe uma ordem que nos escapa. Que fazer? Naquela tarde, em especial, chovia muito, e eu temia. Olha a chuva, que parece o pranto das nuvens de que a terra seca e sofrida tem necessidade para reverdecer-se e a vida persistir. Nunca mais temi nos tempos futuros.

Aprendi a conviver com as borrascas da Natureza, a fim de bem sofrer as humanas. Sem luz nem aplauso. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. Join Group settings More. Yesterday at PM.

Marco Antonio shared a link. May 30 at AM. Edileuza Ribeiro Rodrigues shared a photo. May 29 at PM. Pegadas Luminosas May 29 at AM. Liz Agente da Paz shared a post. May 28 at PM. Estabeleceu-se o caos na sociedade moderna! Compartilhe com seus amigos e grupos. In all peoples there have always been those who stood out, even among the most primitive, to guide the directions of the groups and defend them in times of danger. Civilizations of the past rested their aspirations and achievements in stimulus of these avant gardes of progress, but all passed and time beat the colossal buildings, reducing them to dust and debris on silent stones, in which the wind has long whispered their songs Jesus came and established love as the safest guideline for the victory of the human being against his passions, his triumphs over the miseries they produced, taught the method to achieve fullness, but was planted on a cross as an enemy of Caesar, in the hoax trial whereby His enemies managed to kill him.

Times came and He was brought back, though drunk in the miseries of the mighty who used Him to crush other peoples and nations, take properties and lives, exhaunding them and murdered them, and poisoned love with their presumption and moral degradation.

In the past, relatively close, idealistic and wise have brought breathtaking philosophies, with ennobled ethics, but found no lives willing to follow them. Finally, materialism disguised its losses and created guidelines for consumption of the values that ennoble, such as family, dignity, common good, progress of all and overcoming bellicous and slavery instincts, being supported by crowds suffering aberrations of cruel, unfair and destructive systems, generating an anarchic mindset, which turned love into sexual impulse and moral weakness.

Chaos have been established in modern society! All outdoor achievements are in check before the pandemic that decimates crowds and threatens to extend indefinitely, although the optimism of some scientists Human conflicts always present at all times dominate unprepared and arrocious governments that impose their interests to the detriment of lives, and every day more serious becomes the situation. Hates that derive from selfishness and cynicism sow continuous wars, putting up with the masses that divide and are left without destiny.

However, the immortal spirits come now and proclaim love as a solution to all problems, and hope hangs in the minds and consciences, building the new world of fullness for all lives. Photo: Jorge Moehlecke May this article lead us to deep reflection. Share with your friends and groups. Peace and Health to all beings of our beloved planet! The God in me greets, in deep gratitude, the God who dwells in you! May 26 at PM.

Divaldo Franco: Encontrando a si mesmo. May 20 at PM. Pegadas Luminosas May 18 at PM. May 16 at AM. Espiritismo Doutrina Consoladora. May 12 at AM. Elizabete Otelac shared a post. May 14 at AM. The Old as the New Testament refer to these testimonies more than once, elucidating that they will deflute from the conduct of people in their carnal course. No one ignores that the universe is maintained by extraordinary cosmophysical laws, whether or not religion.

Order keeps nature within the balance that sometimes presents itself as chaos. And even in it, there is an order that escapes us. Human beings achieve in our anthropological evolution an enviable level in the achievements of science and philosophy, without being accompanied by the same degree of morality. Moral values were left on the sidelines as castrators and outdated. Sensory passions dominate humanity that impedes between the hasselvajadas and the existential void, called a lack of meaning to life.

In such a way the mocks were exhausted, that they jumped to aberrations in great violence against living itself, in order to fruield pleasure, which became the existential goal, especially for the mature and young. The anxieties for the news shape them every moment, in addition to the most shocking experiences in total disrespect for the body's resistance and constitutions. It only matters what shocks and what causes satisfactions almost always sadistic. Violented harmony laws that must viger within a transcendent order, they meet mental and emotional anxieties in content similar to their calls.

Authorities and peoples unprepared and accustomed to disorder and their habits did not value it and let themselves contaminate, complicating with their low moral political demands, making it very difficult the behaviors that are already disvairated, by the excess of consciously misguided information or hiding underlling interests of the worst quality.

Some rulers impose isolation while others stimulate dangerous coexistence and horror, such as contempt for information that lead others. Therapies suffer from the interference of totally uninformed but powerful people, and although we have already reached a million cured, we are suffering devastating uncertainties.

What to do? We all know how the infection of this evil occurs: direct contact with the virus. Whatever guidance we receive, let's follow common sense, culture already acquired. So let us keep physical distance from our neighbor, wearing mask, washing ourselves with soap and gel alcohol especially hands and pray to God, the supreme governor of the universe.

Let's keep calm and respect to the next, in the home or outside of it. May 12 at PM. May 9 at PM. Eu fui dominada pelo horror! Que fazer, anjo de Deus? Paz e Bem! Me, little girl, scared, and your safety was the reason for my balance. That afternoon, especially, it was raining a lot, and I feared. The heavens found dark and lightened with lightning in macabre dance, while, laughing, the thunder applauded. I was dominated by horror! You took me in your protective arms and, with a soft smile on your delicate face, you pointed to the storm and said to me, - Little girl, never fear the phenomena that God produces in nature.

Look at the rain, which looks like the cry of the clouds that the dry and suffered land needs to revert and life persists. It's a vigorous storm, but it aims to decrease and clean the nature of the excessive burdens of electricity that shock, produce light and ballet with the laughs of thunder. Watch, it's a great party before our eyes. You kept smiling, and in the face of an explosion that made the house shake, you kept saying: - All this is from God, Our Father, who is taking care of resources for the maintenance of our life.

Let us trust him and respect the colossal forces, knowing that everything is under his sublime control Never feared again in future times. I learned to live with nature's smuggles in order to suffer human beings.

When you returned to Paradise, I was alone. Many times, I've been on the edge of despair and wondered if your journey was also by God scheduled. I slowly realized that yes, and whenever the storms visited me, I resorted to our memories, your teachings, calming down. These evocations were so natural, that I came to feel your soft presence, and in my heart there was always a great security that tells me about your protection.

Today I'm a mother too But I can't help but call you in these difficult times or silence my anxieties to feel the sweet emotion of your presence. Earth is under dangerous threat from a silent and destructive torment. No light or applause. Break up your lives and leave homes in terrible darkness, listening to only the pain that destroy with screaming and miss that can't find comfort.

Unforgettable mommy! The world is in consumption, and I feel small as that day, fearful and terrified, not knowing how to lead me in front of this strange monster that is tormenting everyone. The merciless death walks through the deserted streets of cities, towns, camps, the metropolis and passes several times through my home door threatening. What to do, angel of God?


As Mães de Chico Xavier

A meninice e a juventude de Leonora Piper foram normais sob todos os sentidos. Sempre foi boa aluna. Os pais de Leonora eram profundamente religiosos, membros da Igreja Congregacional. Aos 22 anos casou-se com Wiiliam Piper , de Boston. Ela me encorajou a ir em frente, sei agora que meu menino vive". O cientista da Universidade de Harvard William James foi o primeiro a investigar sistematicamente a mediunidade de Piper e logo se convenceu de que ela realizou atos paranormais. Leonora Piper morreu em sua casa no dia 3 de julho de , por uma broncopneumonia.


Leonora Piper




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