If this is not a new panel then you will need to default the panel programming back to factory default by doing the following:. This requires two keypads as you cannot reset a keypad from itself. To reset the desired keypad you will have to do the following:. You will now set you entry and exit delays for any doors. You will do this in program location Location 24 has six segments.

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Ready light will be on or flashing when all protected zones and sensors are secure. The security system will not arm if the ready light is not on or flashing. Restore power if possible. The armed and exit lights will illuminate. You may now leave the building. Ready light must be on or flashing when all protected zones and sensors are secure.

The bypass light will illuminate if any zone s is bypassed. The light s corresponding to the bypassed zone s will illuminate, alerting the user that a zone s may be unprotected and can be faulted without an alarm. The Quick Arm feature may be used if it is enabled.

This is ideal for a maid or baby sitter code, etc. After entering a valid code the red armed light will go off and the tone will stop. If a valid code is not entered before the end of the entry delay, an alarm will occur. If you wish to bypass one or more zones, this must be done while the system is in the disarmed state.

The following steps are used for bypassing zones:. Repeat 4 for any other zone s that need to be bypassed. The Bypass light will stop flashing upon exiting the Bypass Mode. To manually un-bypass zones, perform the bypassing procedure on a zone that is already bypassed. The corresponding light for that zone will go off when un-bypassed.

If the chime is on, the chime light will be illuminated. If the chime is off, the chime light will be off. Wait a few minutes and repeat step 2 to attempt another reset. If the code pad still beeps after repeated attempts, please contact your installer. Your system may not be programmed for these activation keys see page 1. You should press these keys only in an emergency situation that requires response by emergency personnel. If your system is connected to a monitoring center, an emergency report could be sent to that center.

If your system is connected to a monitoring center, an emergency report could be transmitted to that center.

This must always be two 2 digits. Note: The clock is a 24 hour clock. Example: If programmed, this function will perform a battery test, communicator test, and a siren test. No alarms will be sent, and no reports will be sent unless the communicator test is enabled. No alarms will be sent and no reports will be sent unless a communicator test is performed, at which time a test signal will be sent.

The armed light will flash when there has been an alarm during the previous arm cycle. The zone s that is bypassed will also be illuminated.

Please note that the light will flash during the last 10 seconds of the exit delay as a warning that the time is running out. The user may want to restart the exit delay if the exit light is flashing in order to prevent an alarm. A steady fire light means a fire zone has been faulted. A rapidly flashing fire light means that a fire zone is in a trouble condition.

All non bypassed zones will be delayed and follow the Partial delay time. The power light is on if the primary power is on. The power light will flash if the system has a low battery condition.

Trouble conditions are:. One or more zone lights will illuminate indicating what service s is required. Below is a listing of what each light means in a service condition.

The zone light s will illuminate showing which zone s has a low battery. This only applies to wireless zones. To exit the Service Light Mode — press the [ ] key. Beeps during an exit delay; beeps rapidly for the last 10 seconds of an exit delay; and beeps 1 Second at the end of the exit delay.

Pulses when the armed status changes and a tamper condition is detected. Beeps to indicate Telephone line cut, if selected. Pulses when one or more of the following conditions are detected: zone or box tamper, low battery, ac power fail, or expander trouble. Any user code can be assigned as a master code.

All codes are four digits. If the code is rejected, the sounder will beep 3 times. Assign authority levels to users by following the steps below. Assign user codes before assigning authority levels. An explanation of the lights is listed below. At this point you may enter another user number to assign authority level. Repeat Steps 4 — 6 until you have assigned authority levels to all user numbers. The installed alarm equipment remains the property of ADT.

Additional fees may apply for other service providers. Clear Alarm Memory. Door Chime Feature. Fire Alarm Reset. Reset has now been performed. Function Keys. If your system is programmed for these functions, the following reports can be sent. Test Mode Function. The test will be performed as programmed. Trouble Message. Fire Light A steady fire light means a fire zone has been faulted. Power Light The power light is on if the primary power is on.

Sounds a continuous tone during the entry delay time. Pulses when a day zone is violated while the system is disarmed. Pulses when a fire zone has a trouble condition. Pulses when the armed status changes and the AC power is off. Pulses when the armed status changes and any zone s is bypassed. Pulses when the armed status changes and a low battery is detected.

User Code Change. This returns you to Step 3. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. View Cart Checkout Continue Shopping. The zone light s that is illuminated corresponds to the system fault s below: 1 Over Current Fault. This light will illuminate when there is a failure to communicate between your system and the central station. This light will illuminate when there has been a loss of power and your system clock needs to be reset.


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