Note: Servicemembers' and Veterans' Group Life Insurance forms are created by the Office of Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance, which administers these programs for the Department of Veterans Affairs, and are made available on this web site as a courtesy to Servicemembers and Veterans. The forms provided on this page, although reviewed by VA, are not VA forms. Many of our forms can be filled out using the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You may fill out the form online or download the form to your hard drive and fill it out from there. Note: When printing out forms that you have filled out online, you must choose "Print As Image" in the print dialog window.

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When you join the military, the government automatically provides coverage known as SGLI and deducts premiums from your pay. But you can elect to decline this coverage and choose a policy through a commercial life insurance company or nonprofit organization. Whether you choose the military's Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance or find your own, it's important to purchase a life insurance policy that will provide financial support in the event of an injury or death. This coverage provides protection against loss due to traumatic injuries and is designed to provide financial assistance to members so their loved ones can be with them during their recovery from their injuries.

If you elect to be insured for less than the maximum amount or to decline coverage entirely, you must complete the Servicemembers Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate.

This certificate -- which serves as a certificate of coverage -- designates one or more beneficiaries to receive payment of the insurance proceeds. However, you cannot purchase more coverage for your spouse than you have for yourself. Payments under this section may be made only if you are insured under SGLI when the traumatic injury is sustained, and when the loss results directly from that traumatic injury and from no other cause.

You will lose SGLI days after you leave the service. Purchasing an individual plan of term insurance can ensure that you have coverage that goes with you when you separate or retire from active duty. Upon your separation from service, you can convert your full-time SGLI coverage to term insurance under the Veterans Group Life Insurance VGLI program or to a permanent insurance plan with a participating commercial insurance company.

SGLI is just the tip of the insurance plan iceberg. There are several other plans designed to protect a service member's family and finances in the event of a traumatic injury or death. Read more on Military. Explore life insurance options with our free tool that compares rates and matches you to the coverage your family needs.

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Reservists may be covered full or part-time by SGLI. Make sure you know when SGLI starts, when it stops and how much it costs All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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